The third and final episode has been released. Pokémon: Hisuian Snow, fans of the Pokémon animated series may want to dive back into similar animated stories featuring lovable protagonists and their creature companions. All versions PokémonAnimation are light-hearted, entertaining, and easy to view. They feature Pokémon trainer protagonists as they navigate their way through each region, catch and train Pokémon, and strive to obtain all eight gym badges.

Many animated series have a similar storyline and format. PokémonThe series features unique monsters and creatures. It also includes a journey of the protagonist through their world, clashes with rivals, and head to head battles against many other opponents. These animated series can be considered interesting enough to capture the attention of Pokémon fans, and they can be watched on numerous streaming services.


12 Zoids Wild

Netflix – Watch Now

Zoids WildThis animated series is the fifth based on Takara TomyToy model kits. It was part of a cross media franchise reboot that included new toys models, a videogame, and a manga series. This happened in 2018.

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Zoids WildThis is the story of Arashi, a boy aspiring to be a Zoid Hunter. Arashi joins forces with the Wild Liger to discover the legend of Great Ancient Treasure Z. He then sets off on an adventure and forms Team Freedom. Zoids WildIt adds a new spin to the monster companion aspects PokémonIt is well-known for its giant Mecha creatures companions. It also gives a storyline regarding a small group of protagonists on a journey to achieve a goal, much like Ash and his friends’ goal of becoming Pokémon masters.

11 Monster Rancher

Hulu & Amazon Watch

Similar to Pokemon, many video game franchises have been adapted into animated series, such as Monster Rancher, which follows the story of Genki, a boy who loves to play video games. Genki is one day zapped in his Monster Rancher videogame, where he meets Holly and her monster companion Suezo.

The newly formed group sets out on an adventure to find a Legendary Cyclone and free the land of a villainous ruler named Moo. Along the way, they meet and become friends with several animal companions. Monster RancherIt does a great work at recreating the same feel. Pokémon,A journey between a protagonist (or their companions) in a world full wacky and interesting creatures.

10 Dinosaur King

Netflix – Watch Now

Dinosaur King is an animated series, based on Sega’s card game. It tells the story of Max and Rex, as well as Zoe. The trio is given the unusual ability to summon dinosaurs from their past by encountering mysterious stones and cards.

After being made aware by Dr. Z, a villain who wants to use dinosaurs for evil, Max, Rex, and Zoe must band together to defeat Dr. Z with their new dinosaur companions and fight for rights to newly discovered cards. Dinosaur KingThis story is a heavy combat-based tale with a lot of creature fighting. There are also engaging fight scenes and head to head battles that are very similar to the. Pokémon series.

9 Mix Master: King Of Cards

Amazon Prime Video

Mix Master: King of CardsThe animated series s takes place in Gamebridge. After opening a portal to the video game Mix Master’s fictional world of Atreia, Hench invade Gamebridge and Ditt is assigned the task of becoming the Mix Master in order to save their town.

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Mix Master: King Of Cards brings over two hundred unique Henches to the series, incorporating many animal and fantasy creature-inspired designs similar to Pokémon. Mix Master: King Of CardsThis idea is extended by Ditt allowing Ditt the ability to mix Hench together to create a stronger species. It has a compelling storyline, many Hench battles, and fun creature designs. Mix Master: King Of CardsThis is a great choice PokémonFans to be considered.

8 Magi-Nation

Amazon Prime Video

There are many fan-favorite anime series about fantasy that exist. Magi-NationCombines the best of these elements with the creature companion mechanics found in Pokémon. Magi-NationTony Jones, a young boy on Earth, is the protagonist. He finds himself summoned to the realm known by the Moonlands. This realm is believed to be the final dreamer, the prophesied hero.

Similar to Pokémon, Magi-Nation carries the same format of capturing and battling Dream Creatures, building teams to take on stronger opponents and interesting creature abilities, making it a great option for fans of Pokémon to enjoy.

7 Beyblade

Crunchyroll: Watch Now

BeybladeAn animated series that was based upon Takao Aoki’s manga series. The series was aired in conjunction with its manga source material to promote the sales of the manga. BeybladeToy line manufactured by Takara Tomy. Beyblade follows the journey of Tyson and his friends Kai, Max, Ray, and Kenny, who strive to be the best Beyblade users in the world.

BeybladeLike PokémonThe game focuses heavily upon combat encounters and features magical creatures called Bit Beasts. These Bit-Beasts can be summoned from physical spin tops to give power boosts and abilities during arena battles. Beyblade uses the elements of combat, growth, and friendship that fans love, and showcases them in a unique format, making it a great contender for PokémonFans will enjoy.

6 Yu-Gi-Oh!

Netflix – Watch Now

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a well-known animated series that is also known for several spin-off series, a popular trading card game, manga, and many video games. Yu-Gi-Oh!This story tells the story of protagonist Yugi Muto, a young boy who enjoys playing Duel Monsters.

Yugi, along with Tea and Joey, embarks on an adventure that sees him battle it out against other game duelists. Similar to Pokemon’s gym badges, Yugi must collect star chips by defeating his opponents to reach the finals. Fans who love PokemonPikachu will be a great friend to’s Pikachu Yu-Gi-Oh!, as it also features one of the cutest anime franchise mascots in the form of Kuriboh.

5 Yo-Kai Watch

Netflix – Watch Now

Yo-Kai WatchThis animated series is based upon the hit videogame franchise of the same title. It is the story of Nate, a young boy who meets Spirit, a mysterious creature. Spirit provides Nate with a Yo-Kai watch, which allows him to see and interact with otherwise invisible monster-like entities known as Yo-Kai, who cause trouble around the city.

Similar to Pokemon, Yo-Kai WatchFans will love the upbeat story with many unique creature designs. It also shares themes with Pokemon, These include friendship and battle. Yo-Kai Watch also focuses on important life lessons in an upbeat tale.


3 Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Amazon Prime Video

Bakugan Battle BrawlersThis animated series is well-known for its fantasy games. It tells the story of Dan and his friends, who designed a game to play from mysterious cards and sphere-like creatures named Bakugan that one day fell from the sky.

To face Vestroia’s threats Dan and his friends must join forces with their Bakugan friends to defeat the evil Masquerade. BakuganThis site features many similar themes. Pokemon, such as friendship, monster battles, and strong rivalries, within a new card-battle format.


1 Digimon Adventure

Hulu – Watch Now

Digimon: Adventure is an animated series focused on a group of children transported to the Digital World by strange Digivices that appeared in front of them at Summer Camp. The group meets Digimon, a group of monsters that are sent to this new world to fight evil and to combat threats to the world.

Digimon: AdventureIt is considered one of the most successful animated series of all time and the biggest competitor to the Pokemon franchise. With engaging battles and captivating monster designs, as well as an evolution mechanic like Pokemon, Digimon is an animated show that viewers will love as an alternative to the usual..

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