As adults love to take to the open road, children love the freedom and fun of riding on a ride-on vehicle. But start your search and you’ll quickly learn just how many products there are to choose from: motorized mini-vehicles, scooters, go-karts, and bumper cars are just a few of the highly coveted items you’ll encounter. It’s enough to make you pump the brakes and stop your shopping in its tracks.

But finding the right ride on toys is worth the effort and investment. “wow”Give the gift of factor. These amazing products offer developmental benefits for kids by enhancing coordination, motor skills and spatial reasoning. These products are an exciting way for kids to get outside, and they encourage independence. Like swing sets, water slides, or picnic games, they’re also perfect for filling those long summer days.

The Best Ride-On Toys

What to Consider

When shopping for a ride-on toy, it’s important to look for one that’s age-appropriate so kids can safely explore their newfound freedom. Size, maneuverability, and speed are all important factors to consider before making a purchase—as are special features like USB ports, working radios, and more.

Many have additional safety features like speed locks, remote controls that can be used by parents, and five-point harnesses to replace standard seatbelts. No matter what type of helmet you choose, a helmet should always be worn.

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How we choose

Having two kids of my own—a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old—I’ve spent quite a bit of personal time researching ride-on toys—and I’ve purchased several for special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Whether manual or motorized, safety has always been of top concern—then for my own kids, and now for yours.

That’s why I began and ended this particular search with a focus on products with stellar safety records, ruling out any options that have ever been recalled for safety complaints. I then created this list of highly-rated ride-on toys, in a wide range of styles, at different price points, and with different ages in mind. Each of the ride-on toys below has been voted a customer favorite, earning them a minimum 4 star average user rating.

Ready, set, go!

You can find more great gifts to give the young transportation enthusiast in the family by checking out our picks of the best remote-controlled cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles!

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