If you are the type of person who becomes fidgety and restless when they are anxious, you may find comfort in the form of an anxiety toy or fidget aide – things that allow you to press, chew, twist, squeeze or stroke.

Although there is no hard evidence to support such behaviors as a way to relieve anxiety, it is believed that repetitive movements can distract the brain and make the person feel calmer and more grounded.

“Anecdotally. we know anxiety and stress relieving toys can be of benefit to many people living with anxiety, stress and/or anxiety-based depression,”A spokesperson for Anxiety UK. “There is currently very little evidence to support their use as an effective formal treatment option, but they appear to provide a helpful distraction for those who use them.”

So, if you think you’d benefit from something to keep your hands – and your mind – busy, browse the anxiety toys below. Talk to your doctor for more information about anxiety treatments.

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Three-Tone Spinner Ring


JJA Magnetic Think Ink Pen


Mindfulness Stress Balls


Banana Moon Clothing Anxiety Relief Hoodie


Ark Kryptobite Chewable Necklace




LUTAKU 925 Sterling silver Anxiety Bracelet



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