Looking for cozy kids’ robes and cozy baby robes? With the kids staying home more than usual these days, you may have noticed that the laundry is piling up—and fast. Don’t even get us started on the towels… so many towels! It’s possible to cut down on laundry costs by buying quality bathrobes.

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Who doesn’t want to be snuggled on the couch streaming Disney+ in a cozy plush robe covered with Disney characters or a unicorn hood? Soft and plush robes for children can be used as a blanket, or as a replacement towel. Kids’ body temperatures naturally drop when they get out of the tub or pool. Wrapping up in a terrycloth robe will keep them warm while keeping our towel count down.

A few key things to consider when shopping for children’s robes are size, closures, and hoods. We love an oversized robe but not so much for our children. It’s important to be sure that the length is right-sized for our kiddos. Sleeves can be rolled, but a robe that’s too long can be a tripping hazard. Many kids’ robes have attached belts (sew or safety pin them to the back of the robe so you don’t lose them every single day) or zippers, which makes this about personal preference. Most robes for babies, toddlers and young children have hoods to add warmth. But older kids might prefer this option.

There are so many options for cozy robes for children, so we searched the market to find great options.

Best Baby Bathrobes

Made with 100% cotton Burt’s BeesIt immediately wraps your baby in warmth, comfort, and care right out of the bathtub. It’s soft and absorbent, making sure your little one gets dry quickly —which is important, especially during wintertime! This robe is available in two colors: gray and yellow duck.

This adorable unisex robeIt is made from plush fleece fabric which keeps Baby warm after bath time. This whimsical baby robe is a favorite among thousands of parents on Amazon, with a rating of 4.8 stars and 8.300 reviews. Sizes range from 0-9 Months.

What’s better than a bathrobe? Easy. A bathrobe with matching booties that comes with a pair of matching boots. This is the ideal bathrobe for any young fashionista who likes to match. Spasilk robeThere are seven different varieties, with different characters, from a whale and a flamingo. These robes are made for babies up to nine months of age. The material is soft and durable. One Amazon reviewer loved the robe so much that she’s making sure every baby she knows has one, saying “This has become my go-to gift for babies.”

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Bamboo, cotton, bear ears… what’s not to love about this Channing & Yates baby robe? This robe comes with an unconditional lifetime replacement warranty. That should be a sign that this company is serious about quality. This robe is available with either beige, blue or pink ears. It also comes in a standard size for younger children. Amazon reviewers stated that the robe fit well as their children grew older, so you might get more wear out of it. “This is perfect-sized for my 10-month-old. The material is thick, soft, and absorbent,”One Amazon reviewer wrote this. “Love this robe, as does my lil.”

Best Toddler Bathrobes

What little kid doesn’t want a dinosaur robe? This Lonta Kids plush dinosaur bathrobeIt is available in two sizes: toddler (medium 3-5 years) and children (large 6-8). This means that if your toddler outgrows it (aka becomes terribly attached to it), you can purchase the next size. It’s a win-win situation for parents! It features pockets and a belt that can be sewn on, so toddlers can just put it on and go. This hooded robe can be worn around the house or after a bath to keep you warm and cozy. You need more than one? The monster and the elephant are equally adorable and each sibling gets to be theirs. “own”.

You will never be able to escape the Baby Shark song. So why not just listen? Get your baby shark! shark robeOf their own. Baby Aspen offers a high-quality, decadent robe for children. The set includes slippers and a robe made from 100% cotton.

Best Kids Bathrobes

You get something when you buy it from Land’s End, you know you’re getting quality. This soft fleece robe is available from sizes 2-20 in ten colors and prints. This robe is suitable for both boys and girls. It has a hood on the back that allows you to dry your hair after a bath. “I got this for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it. Very soft and good coverage. Good thickness. She wears this after showers and at night time before bed while lounging around,”One Amazon reviewer was able to confirm this.

We love the best toddler robes Natemia’s Bamboo Hooded Bathrobe. Bamboo is a natural, hypoallergenic fabric that becomes softer with time. It is also super absorbent and fluffy. This high-quality design is complete with a hood that’s perfect for keeping the little ones warm and cozy after bath time but still allows their arms to be free. This is a great product for toddlers and babies with sensitive skin. “The robe is wonderfully soft yet heavy enough to be super absorbent,”One Amazon customer said. “The waist tie is sewn on so it won’t get lost. We were also impressed with the quality and style of the packaging.”Available in ivory or grey with matching animal ears.

Sometimes kids just want to curl up in a big, soft, fluffy robe with unicorns on. You can’t blame them. This NewPlush robe comes in three different styles — with one being “unicorn” — and might become their favorite nighttime accessory. This flannel robe comes in sizes 4T-12-13. It’s a great option if you plan on having pool parties.

This PopClotre robe is the perfect (and affordable) gift for your little one or a friend’s little one. This robe is made with soft fabric and comes in six other colors. The robe offers a lot of value for money, as one Amazon reviewer stated. “not expecting a whole lot being I was always an ‘expensive’ robe buyer. However, this robe exceeds my expectations with how soft and durable it is!”

Are you looking for a 100% microfiber robeWith lots of cute designs? This robe and slipper set will suit you perfectly. Aside from the classic blue plaid, it’s also available in a space theme, two dinosaur themes, and even an alpaca theme. The super-soft robe is slightly stretchy for extra comfort. One problem you might face? It may be difficult for your kids to accept it. “I bought this just so my son can wear [it] before bedtime. He ended up loving it and now wears it all day while at home,”One Amazon reviewer agreed.

Best Kids Character Robes

This LEGO gift guide is perfect for your child if they love LEGO. LEGO Ninjago dress-up robe. It makes bath and shower time way more fun, and it’s practical, too. Made with plush-feeling material, this robe will make sure your kid stays warm and dry as soon as they’re out of the bathtub. It is available in Lloyd Green or Kai Red.

If your kid is obsessed with all things Disney, then they’ll love this adorable Minnie Mouse robe. Your child will not need any convincing when it comes time to bathe, with Minnie and the polka dots.

Best Tween Robes

If comfort is your primary concern, this is the right place. Turkish Linen robe may top your list. This robe is perfect for pre-teens and is made with super-fine polyester microfiber. They’ve even been designed to feel even softer with each wash — and since they’re machine washable, it’s easy to ensure they’re clean. “The price is perfect and it exceeds quality expectations, pure luxury for my child, he really feels like royalty, it’s hilarious, I love it!”One Amazon reviewer agreed. You can purchase it in sizes from 3-5T to 9-12 year.

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This is a bold and vibrant collection of colors. Leveret children’s robeMakes a statement. This machine-washable kids’ robe is made from 100% cotton and is a huge hit with parents. “My 9yo had been asking for a “real” bathrobe (meaning the kind that feels like a towel rather than a blanket) and this robe is perfect,” said one Amazon reviewer. “It’s not too thin like others I’d found, and holds up well in the wash. He uses it every day after a shower/bath, and sometimes just hangs out in it before I have to remind him to get dressed – it’s THAT comfortable!”Your child can choose from eight solid colors to make this a more personal purchase. It’s available up to size 16, so it’s also perfect for teens and tweens.

Doesn’t this Just Love hooded robeLook comfortable? You’ll be happy to know that it’s just as nice in person. Made from 100% polyester, the robe has a tie closure with front pockets so that your tween can keep their phone and skin care products safe. This robe comes with eight colors, most of which are pastels. This robe is available in sizes 8-14.

This is a book for children between the ages 2 and 16. E.W. Apparel robeThe robe is thick and made with upgraded flannel for warmth. These robes have an attached belt that’s adjustable, which means it’ll fit perfectly and won’t get lost within the wash. This robe is perfect for winter nights. It’s available in 14 patterns and colors, with sizes from 3T to 15-16.

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