A good-looking car is like an elegant woman. She will be admired by everyone who sees her, even in the dark. True car lovers drive the cars they love, or something very close to it. Many people do not realize that they spend a lot of money to get the cars they want. Modern cars have unlimited tuning possibilities. You can transform them to look as beautiful as any true gearhead with the right tools and accessories.

Many people believe that car modifications are expensive. In most cases, it is. It is more expensive to repair or modify certain areas of the car or perform an engine swap. Some drivers simply want their cars to be unique. They don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve this.

This article has been updated with more information about car modifications that can be done in 2022. These modifications can make any car more beloved and loved.

Some features are only cosmetic, which is a good thing. Sometimes, even though you have an excellent car, the factory features might not be sufficient. There are affordable mod kits available in the aftermarket for those who want to add some spice to their vehicle. Buyers can use these kits to express their personalities and individualities – it is about standing out from the crowd. The aftermarket has endless options for modifying any car, thanks to the ever-expanding auto technology.

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The most preferred car modification has to do with performance. People want to have a little more power than the stock car. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do. Performance modifications are costly and require a professional touch.

Most aesthetic modifications can be done yourself. Anyone can read a guide and transform their vehicle to any design they like. Here are some DIY mods that are affordable.

15 Car Wraps

This can be a once-in-a-year modification. It’s not cheap, but it’s still cheaper than getting a new paint job. You see car wraps in advertisements all the time. A well-done custom wrap can transform your beater into a track-day race car. There are many people who ruin beautiful cars with horrible wraps.

The internet is full of DIY video guides on car wrapping. It is best to have someone do the job. It’s easy for those who have faith in their instincts. All you need is patience and open space. The car has a premium feel because of the racing stripes, which are a common choice among car owners. A tired 1990s Celica can easily look like a Porsche Panamera.

14 Spoilers

A spoiler is one of the most effective mods to turn a beater into a track weapon. To reduce drag, the spoiler alters the airflow above and about a car. It uses the air to increase vehicle stability and downforce at high speeds. They reduce the negative effect of air by spoiling it.

While a spoiler isn’t an expensive mod, it is not for aesthetic purposes only. Subaru and Toyota Celica owners know what spoilers can do so they never drive cars with spoilers. Subaru owners love them because they are fast and want stable cars.

13 Interior LED Lighting

This excellent modification can transform a hideous beater into a high-end luxury car. The appearance is the most important thing. There are many options for LED lighting. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.

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LED lighting is not all about looking cool. LED lighting can brighten the interior when the factory lighting is inadequate. LED lighting is a great option for people who love to do things by hand. YouTube offers detailed DIY videos for interior LED lighting installation. Don’t overdo it. It can quickly turn a fairly ordinary car into a poorly lit party.

12 Aftermarket Audio

Music is a powerful brain weapon that can deal with a man’s worries within minutes. With life being constantly changing and everything becoming more stressful, cars need to have good music systems. Many drivers love the option of adding an aftermarket system. Very few cars feature factory audio systems that meet the standards that can be called quality.

It only gets worse if the car is old. While used cars can be great bargains, many come at the expense of missing features such as a sound system. The good news? There are plenty of affordable options in the aftermarket for sound systems. A good sound system should include a subwoofer, amplifier, and head unit.

11 Grille Inserts

Grille Inserts are common with trucks and 4×4 vehicles – talk of the Jeep Wrangler, for example. They are a great mod for drivers who want to make their vehicle look better. It is possible to modify the appearance of a vehicle’s exterior with grille inserts at a fraction of the cost of other vehicle mods.

Unlike Neon lighting, grille inserts are not tacky and don’t attract all unnecessary attention. Grille inserts have become a favorite choice for Jeep owners who don’t wish to compromise the rugged look of their vehicle. Even though ordinary cars can still have grilles inserts, they may not look as impressive as trucks.

10 Vanity Plates

This is the easiest modification anyone can add to their car. It’s easy to put in. It doesn’t take any experience to do. The only problem with vanity plates are their legality, which varies from one State to the next. An article published by NBC News in 2007 revealed that 9.3 million Americans used personalized plates. In 2022, the number could be even higher.

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A vanity plate is the best way to personalize a vehicle’s ID. A vanity plate can only be used with certain words. Some words or phrases are prohibited from vanity plates in Canada and the United States.

9 Fog Lights

Modern cars come in trim levels. Buyers will need to spend more as they climb up the trim ladder to get premium features. Fog lights are one of these premium features. Many automakers offer their base models without basic functions. They are fine as long as the car is moving. You will pay more if you need it.

Adding features like fog lights could cost even up to $2,000 more. This is not a major problem, especially if the car’s brand-new. Problems arise when a used car doesn’t have fog lamps. The good news is that aftermarket fog lights aren’t expensive – they cost between $20 and $60. They are available in Xenon and LED lights, as well as halogen lights. The color can be customized to give it more character and uniqueness.

8 Headlight Upgrades or Restoration

If the automobile is a little tired and several parts, including the headlights, aren’t working correctly, a simple headlight restoration can give some life to the car. This will increase visibility at night, and give the driver the confidence needed to drive at night. Headlight replacements or upgrades are inexpensive and can be done at your local garage, depending on the vehicle model.

However, if visibility isn’t a problem but the owner needs to enhance the vehicle’s appearance, an upgrade or modification can do the job. For Subaru and other sport-oriented cars, aftermarket headlights can do a great job of maintaining a car’s sharp appearance. Replacing the bulb with LED lights can increase the life expectancy of the headlights. LED lights not only give cars a sleek appearance but also save you time and money over the long-term.

7 Custom Hood Ornaments

There’s no limit to how far people can go with custom hood ornaments. It is important to be aware that this mod can pose a risk. Some custom hood ornaments can’t be reversed. It can also cause serious damage to your vehicle if it is done wrongly. It’s easy to do, but can cause costly problems.

A custom hood ornament could be anything. It could be a 3D-printed 3D model of the owner’s facial features or a flying horse. There are many ornaments that people have used to decorate their hoods. Be prepared to see some unusual pieces when you search for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start your search.

6 Window Tints

This is a necessary modification. It does more than protect the car’s exterior, it also preserves the interior from the harmful UV rays. It is important to be familiar with the laws regarding window tints. They differ in different states. By blocking the sun’s UV rays, window tints protect occupants from the scorching heat. It also increases privacy. Window tints keep prying eyes away from what happens inside the car.

Window tints are relatively cheap and easy to install. Even if the job seems or feels difficult, a helping hand can make it look easy. It’s easy to remove, so you can try it out and then undo it if it doesn’t work. It’s not as damaging as some modifications that can have irreversible consequences on your car.

5 Interior Dome Light

Interior dome light is not an old man’s modification of choice. It is mainly found in teenagers’ vehicles – people who are experimenting with life and have a few dollars to facilitate the experiments. Interior dome lights are for those who spend a lot in their vehicles, especially at nights. Dome light could be used by young men and teens to impress girls. It is only useful after dark.

For an adult, the interior lights can be easily replaced if not practical. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and will make the car look better, even at night. For more holistic lighting, the interior dome light should be able to resonate with the LED lighting. These two modifications work together and make the car look even more beautiful.

4 Neon Ground FX

This is an excellent car modification that separates a car from the crowd. The Neonground FX transforms your vehicle into moving disco lights. There are many colors to choose from. YouTube is a great place to see examples of people who have done it before. Some are great, while others are terrible.

It might be dangerous driving with the Neon, but there is nothing wrong with putting them on when the car is stationary. The car may not look very special in its normal state, but the Neon Ground FX can make anyone who sees it think it’s a cool car.

3 Wheel and Fender Lights

The wheel and fender lights should be combined to produce something more magical. It’s a guarantee that your vehicle will be unique, regardless of its age or model. It can be a continuation or the exterior neon accents. You may find the Neon Ground FX a bit too bright.

The wheel and fender lights will shout without making a sound. The modification is easy to do and will look great on any vehicle. The only things you will need are the fender (which can be found online) and the wheels lights. It’s easy to install if you have a competent mechanic. It’s also possible to do it at home if you follow all the instructions.

2 Trunk Liner

This modification is popular with chicks but still applies to both genders. Some people dislike clusters and prefer to be organized to the core. These people will make sure their cars are spotless and everything is in its place.

Big cars come with a lot of room in the trunk. A trunk liner can be a good option for some items that need to be stored. A trunk liner will make sure that the trunk is properly utilized and that things don’t get lost in the trunk. The trunk liner can be customized according to the vehicle’s interior theme and personality.

1 Tire Bling

Gone are the days when tire bling was a fad. Hip-hop artists overdid it and ruined the culture. Guys would go to great lengths adding gold bling to the tires. Hip-Hop artists talk about how they would like to wake up in a Bugatti, add more money to their bank accounts or rob a bank. It is no longer a popular and viable modification, making it valuable.

Adding coats to the tires gives them a glossy appearance. To give the tires a shiny appearance, a dressing is applied. The tire bling can also be used as a protective coating against elements such as water and dust. It is inexpensive to buy and only a few dollars to have it installed by a corner mechanic.

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