Knowing someone who’s a football fan is a blessing, as there are tonnes of gift options related to the sport just waiting to be given. There are so many options, but it can seem like someone is searching the internet for the perfect gift.

When Liverpool are at the top of their game and putting five past Porto, Watford and Manchester United in the space of a month, many fans can feel like it’s their birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Regular presents are still possible, but we know this is not the case every month.

There are incredibly cool beer mats, a Liverpool themed Rubik’s cube for nifty hands, and even a copy of one woman’s hilarious diary dreaming up an imaginary love life with a certain German football manager.

Editors’ Choices

So whether you’re looking for a Christmas present for your dad, a birthday gift for your son or daughter, or maybe even a treat for yourself, here are the 27 best gifts currently available for Liverpool fans.

£10 or under

This Liverpool tankard is great for keeping cold beers and other cold drinks cold after long hours at work. Perfect on matchdays for those who’ve swapped the Kop for the sofa after a long lockdown.

Get it from Amazon for £9.95

What gift can you give the person who has it all? Cadburys Dairy milk choco gift bars in limited edition Arsenal FC gifts make the perfect gift. The classic Cadbury’s purple wrapper has been swapped for a bold red and printed with the backs of shirts, YNWA and the Liverpool logo, so there’s no mistaking who this is for.

Get it from Amazon for £6.00

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned mug. These gifts are perfect for people who love hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

Get it from FOCO for £10.00 (rainbow)

This book is a unique and highly acclaimed gift. Unwrapped, it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipient. This book is based upon a viral tweet. It contains fictional stories about Klopp’s and Klipps married life. Husbands, get off my path.

Get it from Amazon for £7.40

This word search book features 50 brain-teasing puzzles based on Liverpool themes. It will delight curious minds. This book can last for many years. ChildrenThis book will keep you entertained on a long car ride, or rainy day.

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Get it from Amazon for £4.49

This metal Anfield Road street sign is easy to attach to any wall. It will appeal to Liverpool fans. It’s a big step up from a blue-tac cornered poster in maturity and a cool way of showing appreciation for your football club.

Get it from Amazon for £7.15

This official Liverpool wall calendar 2022 is perfect for busy people who love staying organized. Perhaps you know someone who needs extra help with remembering special events. This calendar measures A3 and can be hung on any wall. Each month includes high-quality photographs of the best players. There are also a few other freebies. “busy”Stickers that can help you organize special occasions

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

Melissa Reddy captured the feeling that thirty years of pain was transformed into joy over the course of a long-running season. Jurgen Klopp did it all this way.

Get it from Amazon for £8.19

The newest trend in fidget toymakingThere is a ringleader. pop-its. Pop-it’s recreate the super-satisfying feeling of popping bubble wrap. The dimples push the opposite side back to start over. They’re great for kidsThese Push-Itz are perfect for those who need extra focus. They feature the iconic Liverpool logo printed on them. This one is sure fire hit with your kids.

Get them from FOCO for £10.00

£25.00 or under

This Liverpool FC BRXLZ Logo kit is a great present for people who love unique merchandise. Children and adults will both have fun assembling the brick pieces to create a pixelated version. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a small and simple design – it’s still made up of 781 pieces!

Get it from FOCO for £25.00

This logic puzzle is a favourite of Liverpool football fans and is suitable for children 7 years old and older. This challenge will keep them engaged and help them to develop problem-solving skills.

Get it from Amazon for £14.19

These custom Liverpool beer mats were created by Boot and Ball’s twin brothers. Fans can display their favourite Liverpool moments and players on traditional beer mats that feature retro graphics. They look great and should be framed, not just coasters.

Get them from Amazon for £14.95

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This collection of top-notch and in-depth articles first published in The Athletic documents Liverpool’s long-awaited Premier League title in beautifully written style. This book is a wonderful gift for sports writers who value excellence.

Get it from Amazon for £12.15

Do you know someone who doesn’t like touching buttons on elevators or entering their pin in ATMs? These are some the most coolest things you can do. “no-touch”The keyrings do all of the heavy lifting. They can be used at traffic lights without the need to hold the hand gel. They’re covered in Liverpool branding, though you just might want to keep one for yourself.

Get them from FOCO for £15.00

The official Liverpool aluminium water bottles make it easy to be eco-conscious. We are all trying to reduce single-use plastic as a society. This is possible with a reusable water bottle. This metal bottle keeps your water cool throughout the day. It has a convenient handle so you can take it to work or the gym.

Get it from JD Sports for £15.00

These ceramic stoneware eggcups are great for a hearty breakfast on match days. These ceramic stoneware eggcups have been dipped in traditional Liverpool yellow and red. They make a great gift for any age because they have a cool, paint-splattered finish.

Get them from FOCO for £12.00

Footballs are notoriously difficult to wrap up, though that doesn’t stop them from being an eternally popular gift to give. The Nike Strike ball is available in classic Liverpool red and Liverpool Crimson colours and has grooves that allow it to glide through the air like an angel.

Get it from Nike for £24.95

These Mercurial Lite shinguards, which are limited editions, will make any Liverpool fan happy. These shinguards have dense foam that cushions against impact. They have perforated airflow holes, which makes them less sticky and sweaty. The sleeves are snug fitting and can be used for keeping the shin pads in place.

Get them from Nike for £24.95

Jurgen Klopp enthusiasts will treasure this badge set. It includes his cap and beard as well as his glasses. It also includes a German flag bearing his name and the Liverpool Crest.

Get them from FOCO for £20.00

These slippers are made of suede and lined in fleece. They make the perfect gift for Liverpool fans who love to relax while watching football. These moccasin slippers will be perfect for cold mornings.

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Get them from FOCO for £22.00

If you’d like to buy a Liverpool fan a piece of clothing, a football scarf is a great, one-size-fits-all accessory. Perfect for holding up proud during You’ll Never Walk Alone and keeping warm on chilly match days whether watched at home with a cup of tea, at the pub with a pint or finally back at the football ground with a pie.

Get it from JD Sports for £15.00

No budget

This BRXLZ miniature Anfield will keep Liverpool fans old as well as new entertained for hours while they put together the puzzle pieces. There are approximately 4650 pieces included which when put together, create a lovely and quirky Liverpool memento.

Get it from FOCO for £60.00

Family game night will take on a new level as players race around the Monopoly board to try and invest in superstars from both the men’s and women’s game such as Casey Stoney, Sadio Mane and Kenny Daglish.

Get it from Amazon for £28.99

‘Tis the season to rock a Christmas jumper celebrating when Liverpool were long-awaited Premier League Champions.

Get it from FOCO for £50.00

This A3 sized book is filled with full-colour newspaper pages heralding Liverpool’These are the most memorable moments from over 100 years. It is a thoughtful gift that can easily be personalized by adding a nice label to each page. The makers of this book confirm there are no articles inside from The S*n.

Get it from Amazon for £29.74

Play your part in the post-Queen’s-Gambit checkerboard fashion trendThis is the third Nike shirt. The shirt’s ribbed appearance and perfect inverted Liverpool colourway make it extremely wearable on the pitch.

Get it from Nike for £69.95

Do you want to run a dog park or walk the dogs on a cold December morning. It’s possible. This puffer jacket from Nike Strike feels unbelievably warm.

Get it from Nike for £189.95

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