Countless Britons will raise a glass to the Queen after she has been laid to rest on Monday, but how many will set theirs down on a coaster bearing Her Majesty’s image purchased especially for the occasion? Online sellers are optimistic that shoppers will buy commemorative knick-knacks, even though there is no official merchandise to mark Elizabeth II’s death.

There are hundreds of listings online for T-shirts, jewellery, keyrings, and mugs commemorating Queen Elizabeth II. Fans of the new King, who can’t wait for official channels start selling Charles III memorabilia in the meantime, will also find a variety of trinkets or decorations celebrating the accession of this new monarch.

Amazon suggests that lighting its Queen Elizabeth Memorial scented candle brand will make for “a lovely way to pay your respects to Her Majesty”. The £16 candle, made with 100 per cent natural soy wax, is scented with white rose – “known to be the Queen’s favourite scent”The seller promises the seller that they will.

Amazon sells a scented candle commemorating Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: Raw and Fine/Amazon).

For £4.99, motorists who wish to advertise their affection for the late Queen on the road can deck out their vehicles with a memorial bumper sticker featuring a popular watercolour of the late monarch holding hands with Paddington Bear and the refrain “Thank you for your service ma’am”.

The seller also points out that the stickers can be attached to luggage, skateboards, and laptops.

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This car sticker can also attach to laptops or skateboards (Photo: HUNM/Amazon).

Those eager to celebrate Charles assuming the throne can stock up on Union flags, bunting, T-shirts and keyrings before the new King’s coronation, the date of which is yet to be announced.

Etsy seller, a red-white-and-blue cushion proclaiming its message “God Save the King” presents a neat opportunity to spruce up your sofa, though it might be considered distasteful to display it before the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Fans of the new King way wish to spruce up their sofa with this patriotic cushion (Photo: Etsy/BritishMadeStyle)

Many of the trinkets and keepsakes available were already on sale prior to the Queen’s death. Vendors with stock from earlier celebrations were able to quickly update their listings to reflect Elizabeth II’s passing.

Similar to the above, items that were previously listed as “Prince Charles” merchandise, such as a £26 felt Christmas tree decoration crafted in the Royal’s likeness, have quickly had their descriptions changed to reflect the new King’s elevated status.

Royalists who tune in to the new King’s speech this Christmas can decorate their tree in his honour (Photo: SilkRoadBazaarShop/Etsy)

These products do not have the Royal seal of approval, but you will be hard-pressed to find official memorabilia for the occasion.

With the country observing a period of national mourning – and King Charles expressing his wish that the period be observed until seven days after the funeral – the Royal Collection Trust, purveyors of official Royal merchandise, has temporarily shut up shop.

Since last Thursday’s Queen’s funeral, all its bricks-and mortar locations and its online store have been shut down.

When asked what type of memorabilia the trust was planning to release to commemorate Elizabeth II’s life and the proclamation of Charles III, it replied that it didn’t have anything to announce.

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A T-shirt with a jazzed up Charles ready for the forthcoming coronation could be yours for £17.50 (Photo: King Charles God Save the King/ Amazon)

The Royal Mint, expected to unveil a collection commemorative coins, declined to share any details. Royal Mail, responsible for bringing new stamps to the new monarch, is also keeping a code of silence.

Pay tribute to the new King and keep the keys to your castle safe with a key ring costing a couple of pounds (Photo: GlitzandGlambyTam/Etsy)

Large retailers to whom patriotic Britons might immediately turn if they need commemorative mugs or biscuit tins have been equally tight-lipped.

Some, such as John Lewis, have no plans to produce any merchandise – though the business is planning a special issue of Waitrose magazine to pay tribute to the Queen – while others are playing it by ear.

Raise a glass to the Queen – and set it down on this £4 coaster bearing her image (Photo: SmartyPants/Amazon)

One insider at a supermarket chain said that because of the logistics involved in closing the store at short notice due to the bank holiday, the business did not have the capacity to order commemorative stock.

They also admitted to keeping quiet for now for fear of becoming lightning-rods for criticism by appearing to capitalise on the monarch’s death.

King Charles bunting is already on sale – one seller is charging customer £7 for 15 triangles (Photo: MyBoo/Amazon)

Many people do not have such reservations. Such is the public appetite to own a piece of history, there are hundreds of listings for newspapers published on 9 September reporting on the Queen’s death.

Copies i are being advertised for as much as £19, while a collection of nine national newspapers is priced at £250.


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