Fidget toys are useful gadgets for both children and adults, especially for those with ADHD or anxiety. These disorders can make it difficult to concentrate. A fidget toy can help people with these disorders focus better. It can distract their minds or hands from more important things, which can lead to poor concentration. Although research on the effectiveness of these fidget toys has been limited, some studies have shown that they can help. You can make your own fidget toys.

What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys encourage hand movement and help with anxiety, boredom, stress, and other related feelings. These toys come in many sizes and shapes. They are believed to be able to relieve anxiety by keeping your brain and hands busy with a mindless task.

After a boom in popularity a few decades ago, fidget spinners have become one of the most loved fidget toys. These small toys were easy to hold, especially for children, and could be spun around when they felt anxious.

There aren’t many studies yet on the effects of fidget toys on anxiety. But, there are more. scientists They are now studying the relationship between them. This link was discovered by researchers at UC Santa Cruz (UC Davis MIND Institute) in 2020. preliminary researchIt was suggested that children with ADHD could benefit from fidgeting.

Another studyThe 2018 study also examined fidget spinners but it didn’t examine their effects on anxiety. Instead, it looked at whether they could improve fine motor skills. Researchers found that these skills improved, but that the improvement was greater in ADHD test subjects.

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5 easy DIY fidget toy ideas

While you can buy fidget toy in stores, they are very easy to make at your home using only basic craft supplies. This is usually inexpensive and can be modified depending on what you have and what your needs are.

Below are some quick DIYs that you can do to make your own fidget toy, as well as a few links where you can find similar items online. Here’s how you can make DIY fidget toys.

Stress ball

Stress balls are something you’ve seen on TV and in stores. But it’s simple to make your own. It takes only a few minutes to put together.

What you’ll want:

Use the funnel to scoop about a cup of flour into a balloon. Continue until it is full. Tie the balloon’s top. That’s it! You have a stress ball ready to go. You can also add beads and beans to the balloon if you need more texture.

Zipper bracelet

Zipper bracelets can double as an accessory and a toy. This is basically turning a zipper into an adjustable bracelet that can be zipped up or down repeatedly without ever coming off your wrist.

What you’ll want:

  • Zipper
  • Fastener
  • Needle and thread

This bracelet can be assembled in a variety of ways. You don’t need sewing skills or any sewing tools. Simply tie the zipper around your wrist and tie the ends. Before you cut any excess zipper pull, make sure it is on your wrist. This makes it more difficult to remove the bracelet.

You can attach a clasp to the ends of the zipper using a needle and thread. You can even make a bracelet with elastic if you have a sewing machine.

Dice cube

You may already have all the necessary supplies for a dice cube. This toy is small and only requires two materials. You can keep your hands busy manipulating the dice into many different configurations.

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What you’ll want:

This is what you should do. tutorialSimply use small pieces to tape the dice together to form an infinity cube. You can also remove the tape if you don’t need the dice anymore (perhaps you took them from a game board), and retape the dice later.

Beaded keyrings

These keyrings can be worn as rings and are easy to make for children to play with. This is another fun toy that requires only two materials.

What you’ll want:

You can slide one or two pony beads onto your keyring (you may have to use an instrument to pry open the mainring) so they are all the way on. That’s it!

These can be worn on a finger to give your fingers something to do when you’re feeling restless. There are many options for adults who want a more sophisticated version of this. EtsyFidget rings are available for anxiety relief and to stop you from picking at your fingers.

Necklaces made from chemable

These necklaces can also be made for adults or children, depending on their needs. These necklaces can be a sensory aid for those who rely upon their mouths during times of anxiety or sensory overload.

What you’ll want:

  • Wooden beads and nuts
  • Fabrics with thicker fibers, such as fleece
  • Needle
  • Thread

These fidget toys can be made in a variety of ways. To make a tube, you can use a 3 inch wide piece of fabric and make a necklace. Fold it in half and turn it inside out. Flip it over and insert a nut or large wooden beads. To ensure the bead stays in its place, tie the fabric in a knot on each side. Tie a few more knots on each side. You can then tie the ends together to create the necklace. It should be long enough that it can be slipped over the head of a child to take it off.

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Adults can make their own necklaces with a chewable dangle, or purchase one already made. Etsy.

Are fidget toy only for anxiety?

Fidget toys can also be used for a variety of reasons. Fidget toys are often used by children with anxiety and ADHD. However, they can also be useful for adults who suffer from these conditions. Teachers can have these toys on hand in the classroom. Fidget and stim toys can also be helpful for autistic people.

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. Any questions you might have regarding a medical condition or your health objectives should be directed to a qualified physician.

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