FIDGET bracelets, spinners, and pop-able key rings are hot on apps like TikTok right now and can be purchased at bargain prices

You can grab one of these viral-craze toys for as low as 50p, and then spend hours occupied with your fingers.


The fidget toys start at 50p

The toys are not only for children. Many companies have established sites to allow you to purchase the fidget gadgets specifically for sensory experiences.

Many sellers explain that the toys can help you focus and reduce stress and anxiety by increasing blood circulation throughout your hands, arms, and fingers.

Some toys are also designed to reduce tension and fidgeting, which can affect your mind and body.

This is part of the reason they’ve become viral on TikTok as their satisfying movements are captivating viewers.

Compare prices and do your research before purchasing.

If you’re looking for the best fidget toys for kids, we’ve narrowed it down to six top picks. These toys are sure to keep your children entertained for a long period of time.

Zip fidget bracelet

  • From: Multi-sensoryworld Price: 50p – buy now
You can wear this fidget toy as an accessory


This fidget toy can be worn as an accessory

These zip bracelets are among the most affordable fidget toys that we’ve found. They also come in a variety of colours on Multi-sensoryworld.

They can be discreetly used as a way to satisfy fidgety impulses. They can also be worn by teens and adults.

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Baker Ross has a wide selection of a pack of six of the bracelets for £2.95Multi-sensoryworld’s deal actually makes each bracelet 1p less than the one you get.

Fidget ring

  • From: Multi-sensoryworld Price: £3.50 – buy now
The fidget rings are compact so you can take them with you anywhere


The compact design of the fidget rings allows you to carry them anywhere.

Multi-sensoryworld is also selling these rings for £3.50 each, the online store says the portable rings can help children and adults with ADHD, ADD and OCD to relieve stress or anxiety at any time and any place.

They are also extremely durable, as the stainless-steel split rings and chain links will not corrode.

Amazon offers a variety of products so you might be able get a lower deal. the fidget accessory for only £2.56You can find it on the internet.

Fidget spinner

  • From: The Works Price: £3 – buy now
Fidget spinners were the craze of 2017 but they're still as popular as ever


Fidget spinners were the craze in 2017, but they’re still very popular.

The Works offers four different color options for the fidget spinner, so you can build a whole collection.

The store is also offering a two for £5 deal on the gadgets so while they are £3 on their own you could get the fidget spinners for £2.50 each in the deal – saving you 50p on each spinner.

Amazon the popular spinner toy can cost around £7.

Delivery from The Works is going to cost you another £3 unless you head in-store, so if you’re a Prime member with free delivery access you’ll have to weigh up which of the two will take you over budget with the extra costs.

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Magic cube

  • From: The Works Price: £3 – buy now
The replica of the original Rubiks cube is £7 cheaper to buy from The Works


The replica of the original Rubiks cube is £7 cheaper to buy from The Works

The Works Magic Cube is basically a knockoff of the Rubiks Cube we all love but for a fraction the price.

At Tesco the original 80s icon is on sale for £10 so you could save £7 opting for The Works’ version.

It still works in the same way and is a pleasant distraction while you try to solve the block puzzle.

Even if you have mastered the cube, and correctly sorted the colours, you can still spin them to enjoy the satisfying movement when the pieces lock together.

Push popper keychain

  • From: TinknStink Price: £1.79 – buy now
This toy is one of the most popular on TikTok right now


This toy is one the most in-demand on TikTok right currently

These push-popper key-rings are flexible and soft, and they perform a little like popping bubble wrap.

Their silicone design means that the area you push inverts itself. You can flip it over and repeat the process.

TinknStink toys come in a variety colors, but you can also get a version. from The Entertainer for £4.

The extra £2.21 that you would pay for these comes with them being a bigger size, which is great if you want more stimulant to play with but the toy doesn’t have the portable draw of the key-rings.

Tangle toy

  • From: Smyths Price: £2.99 – buy now
Turn it, twist it, roll it and shape it


Turn it, twist and roll it to shape it

The Tangle Fidget Toy can be used as a puzzle, game, and fidget toy in one.

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You can twist and turn the curved pieces to make desktop toys or wearable accessories. Each section can be removed and reassembled in many ways.

Smyths’ toy comes in a metallic color, but you can also buy a similar purple version. an extra 56p from Amazon.

Smyths launched a clearance sale on Lego sets this week where some of the toys had 75% off and prices started from as low as £5.

For more on toys, especially for kids, Aldi’s baby sale is back with prices starting from £1.80.

And if you’re after a splash about in the back garden as a way of satisfying your touch senses, then we have a list of paddling pools with prices starting from £4.

Space astronauts use fidget spinners

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