IN PARTNERSHIP: Engaging your child’s creative side is an incredibly important part of the nurturing and growing process, however, it doesn’t have to take an entire day of your time.

Sparking the imagination of little ones’, LEGO® DUPLO® Bricks are the ideal play pieces to stimulate your child’s mind creatively, whilst also having fun.

Playtime can be chaotic and messy. However, encouraging your child not to get in the way of their potential is key to unlocking it. It helps them to develop their core socio-emotional and physical skills as well as their creative and cognitive skills. It is important to help your child thrive by encouraging them to play.

The large bricks in LEGO DUPLO sets help to prepare them for the future.

Engage in creative conversations and laughter with your little one 

Children naturally develop an imaginative way of thinking by making creative conversations part their daily lives. It doesn’t take much to spark creative conversations, such as playing word association games in your car or writing a simple story before you go to bed. Prompts like “Where would you go if you were a bird?” can allow your child’s imagination to run wild.

Let them lead 

It is important to let your children make decisions every once in a while. You could start by taking your child to the park for a half-hour and letting them take the lead on a walk at their own pace. You can also tell them that they will create a plan and encourage them talk about all the amazing activities they could do once they get there.

Encourage positive conversation through asking questions

Establish a routine that you both follow each night before going to bed. This will allow you to talk about the good points of the day. This will help your child reflect on their day and also help you understand what they like doing. If you don’t always have a lot of time, this is a quick way to engage your child’s creative mind.

Allow them to have fun and be free

For children’s development, it is vital to allow them to have fun in an unstructured environment. Instead of giving your child instructions on how to build, you could let them play with bricks. Ask them questions and be specific.

It’s okay to make creative mistakes 

Children learn creativity through experimentation. Although some of their creations may seem strange, they might have learned something new. For example, how a brush moves on the page. Playtime is about having fun while also teaching children.

Don’t worry about the mess 

Yes, messiness can be good sometimes, plastic sheets and lots of space can allow your child to be free and get messy to their heart’s content. Your child will feel safe enough to try any idea and build confidence in their creativity. And If you’re lucky, you might be able to convince them that tidying up is a fun game too.

LEGO DUPLO bricks, which are twice as big as regular LEGO bricks, make it easy for curious minds and small hands to use. They also have twice the height, width, and length. This makes them more manageable for younger builders between 1.5 and 5 years old.

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As your child grows, they can move onto traditional LEGO bricks, but don’t worry the LEGO DUPLO bricks are completely compatible, meaning your child can continue to use them in their more advanced building endeavours.

The Hero Buys

LEGO DUPLO can be purchased at all the good toy retailers, including Toys R Us, ELCOnline stores like &plus include First Cry, Noon, Amazon, Mumzworld. Of course, we have our own. LEGO® certified stores.

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