What are the top remote control cars?

Remote control cars are also known as radio control cars or RC cars. They’re called cars even though most of them are built to resemble trucks or off-road racing vehicles. All remote control vehicles are built to a scale that is expressed as a ratio. The smaller the car, the larger the ratio. A 1:10 ratio means that every inch of the toy car equals 10 inches of the real car it is modeled on.  

Car types

The industry is divided remote control cars into two categories called toy grade and hobby grade. Generally speaking, toy grade cars cost less because their materials, quality of assembly and performance are well below those of hobby grade RC cars.

Some remote control cars, meanwhile, are powered differently. They’re called nitro cars.

Toy grade remote control cars 

This car is designed for fun, so you can just turn it on and go. This category is for younger children.

Toy grade pros

  • Cost: Toy grade cars are designed to be affordable for the price-competitive market. They are cheaper to replace than hobby cars if they fail.

  • It is easy to use Toy cars only have a few simple controls.

Toy grade cons

  • Transmitter range: Toy grade transmitters work over short distances.

  • Components: Toy cars are manufactured using lower-quality materials to cut costs.

  • Speed: Toy cars may compete against one another, but not with hobby grade cars.

  • Motors: Toy cars are equipped with brushed motors that convert electricity into mechanical forces that turn the tires. They create a lot of heat and friction, and eventually wear out.

  • Suspension: Toy grade cars are equipped with wheels and axles that attach directly to the frames. They bounce off the ground and have no shock absorbers.

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Hobby grade remote control cars

These cars are designed to race and have advanced technology and complex features. This category appeals to people who like to build things and tinker with them, too.

Hobby grade pros

  • Performance: Hobby grade cars outperform toys in every way.

  • Components: Hobby grade parts and materials are high-quality combinations of lighter weight and better performance.

  • Batteries: High top speeds are possible with lightweight, powerful lithium-based batteries.

  • Motors: Brushless motors for hobby cars use magnets to generate electricity. Brushless motors don’t generate friction, so they produce less heat. They also provide better performance.

  • Suspension: Hobby cars have sophisticated suspensions and shock absorbers that can handle bumps and rough terrain without losing control.

  • Transmitter range: Hobby transmitters work over longer distances.

Hobby grade cons

  • Cost: You will pay more for greater speed and maneuverability.  

  • Durability:Hobby cars are made for racing so they can crash a lot and require regular maintenance.

Nitro remote control cars

These cars are powered using internal combustion engines that burn nitromethane.

Nitro pros

  • Realism: The engine noise is loud and, along with the smell of burning fuel, makes the racing seem more real.

  • Hands-on experience: Enthusiasts love tinkering with cars and enjoy building and maintaining them.

Nitro cons

  • Fuel: NitromethaneThis fuel is very expensive.

  • Fire danger:Highly flammable, Nitromethane

  • Exhaust fumes: The air is polluted with carbon monoxide

  • Restrictions:Some tracks don’t allow nitro cars due to their noise.

The best remote control cars for toys

Best Rastar 1:24 Remote Control Lamborghini Huracan

Rastar 1:24 Remote Control Lamborghini Huracan

This officially licensed car is more realistic and detailed than it is fast. It has a range of 82 feet and a top speed at 4 mph. It can be operated on AA batteries.

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Sold by Amazon

Best Jada Fast & Furious Chase Twin Pack

Jada “Fast & Furious” Chase Twin Pack

The chase is on with Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T and the Dodge Charger Hellcat Police Car, authentically detailed down to the door handles. Each car comes equipped with its own remote control and is powered by lithium-ion batteries rechargeable via USB cables.

Sold by Amazon

Best X-spasso Toy Grade 1-14 Scale Off-Road RC Monster Truck

X-spasso Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Off-Road RC Monster Truck

The car can go 13 mph and climb 45 degrees. The controller is shaped like an pistol and has a range up to 148 feet. You can play for up to 20 minutes each with the two rechargeable batteries.

Sold by Amazon

Best Prextex 2-Pack Cartoon Remote Control Police and Race Car

Prextex 2-Pack Cartoon Remote Control Police and Race Car

The police car and race car each come with their own driver and remote control that looks like a steering wheel. Children 2 and up love the way the race car engine revs and honks while the police car flashes their lights and sounds its siren.

Sold by Amazon

The best hobby grade remote control cars

Best Deerc Brushless Four-Wheel Drive 1:18 Scale Monster Truck

Deerc Brushless Four-Wheel Drive 1:18 Scale Monster Truck

The brushless motor powers this car to 37 mph as it takes all terrains in stride with its four-wheel drive and independent suspension. It includes two lithium polymer batteries as well as a remote control with a range up to 328 feet.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hosim Brushless 1:16 Scale Four-Wheel Drive Off-road

Hosim Brushless 1:16 Scale Four-Wheel Drive Off-road  

The main body and tires are waterproof, and the independent suspension provides traction in all weather conditions. It has a 40-minute running time and a responsive controller with a range 262 feet.

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Sold by Amazon

Best Laegendary 1-10 Scale 4x4 Off-Road Hobby Grade RC Truck

Laegendary 1:10 Scale 4×4 Off-Road Hobby Grade RC Truck

This 1:10 scale all-terrain vehicle gets a 30 mph top speed and 40-minute run time from its brushed motor powered by two lithium polymer batteries. Two USB chargers are included, along with a fireproof battery bag, a user manual, and two USB chargers.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bezgar Hobby Grade 1:16 Scale Off-Road Truck

Bezgar Hobby Grade 1:16 Scale Off-Road Truck

The remote controller has a 250-foot range, steering wheel, trigger throttle and reverse and trim buttons. This truck’s brushed motor is powered by two lithium-ion batteries that power the vehicle and illuminate the headlights.

Sold by Amazon

Best nitro remote control car

Best Traxxas Revo 1_10 Scale 4WD Nitro-Powered Monster Truck

Traxxas Revo 1:10 Scale 4WD Nitro-Powered Monster Truck

This powerful racing engine is equipped with a push button starter and delivers torque all four wheels to cover any terrain at speeds as high as 45 mph. The stability system is able to steer straight on slippery surfaces without any spinning or fishtailing.

Sold by Amazon


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