I sought out an expert to help me understand the potential audience for such a project. My little brother was a huge fan of my project. “Beyblade”He was a young man. When he heard the news about a live-action feature film featuring his toys, he had these words to say:

“Bro, I f***ing loved Beyblades. S***, I’d buy some right now if it was still poppin’.”

It is important to note that my brother originally texted the word. “poopin’,”But he quickly corrected himself. I suggested that he do this. “Beyblade” movie being in development points to the idea that it may indeed still be poppin’ — or about to be poppin’ in the future — he added, “Now you got me hyped, bro. I would dump some money into Beyblades man. I got adult money now.”

Paramount wants you to go out and get some adult money.

The “Beyblade”Film has yet to be released.

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