Animal Crossing features the most adorable characters of any videogame. This is because the game is so much fun to play every day. It is not uncommon to see fans collecting their favorite characters either as a hobby, or out of love.

A Reddit user named Zzz-GoblinzzZ shared a post in which they featured their beloved Club Mochi Mochi characters, Animal Crossing. The community members were thrilled to see this and began commenting on it, showing their love for the characters and the game.


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Animal Crossing fans react to Club Mocchi Mocchi collection

They uploaded the photo to the Zzz-GoblinzzZ post saying, “I’ve been collecting the Club Mocchi Mocchi Pillows… and I find the way Celeste looks at me is unnerving. As if she’s staring into my very soul.” This caption was about the photo they posted to the Animal Crossing subreddit.

Fans were excited to see this and began flooding the comments with many opinions about the collection. One fan commented that Flick (Animal Crossing’s character) looks bored because there are no bugs in the room. Another fan stated that Flick would look bored if there were. ‘Celeste’If she had more sparkle in her eyes, she would look even better.

Goblin was asked by other fans about their collection. Goblin replied, “Yes there is! There is all together: Tom Nook, Isabelle, Celeste, Blathers, KK Slider, Flickr, Gulliver, Timmy/Tommy, and then a couple little non character Animal Crossing Pillows!” Others have shared similar pillows with their cats and said they love them as soft pillows.

What is Club Mocchi Mocchi, you ask?


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Mochi is a soft dessert made from dough, and is served in Japan and other south Asian countries. These plush pillows or toys were named after Mochi. The pillows are soft and sometimes round like Mochi (Doughlike), so they are very popular.

These pillows are usually expensive. aroundYou can buy special pillows and plushies for as low as $25 to $200, or up to $100 to $200. Many people recommend these pillows for therapy, as they are believed to help relieve stress and ease anxiety.


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