Your child may be a genius. Maybe they are looking for the shining light by opening drawers or taking apart toys. It’s time to let them explore their natural genius with tech toys.

Tech toys are not just toys that will waste your child’s time. In a world of technology and electronics, tech toys can be a great way for your kids to have some fun and also develop aspects of their brain that will be useful in solving future problems.

The best tech toys allow your kids to have fun and learn while developing their brains for future generations. Your child’s age doesn’t matter, as there are great tech games for kids as young as 3.

It can be overwhelming to shop for toys that are suitable for your child, especially considering all the other tasks you have. On your behalf, we checked out the best tech games and toys to expand your kid’s STEM knowledge. If you’re afraid of exposure to blue light, many of the toys on this list don’t have screens.

Find out the top educational tech toys available.

Magna Tiles 32-piece is one of our favorite educational tech toys. You can use it to combine 48 solid-colored magnetic building stones in many different ways to create amazing masterpieces. These shapes include door frames and door frames as well as hole-punched triangles.

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The tiles are magnetic so your child can connect them to make whatever they like. These tiles will help your child develop motor skills by helping them match, connect, and create.

The tiles are versatile too. You can have your child create simple flat objects or 3-dimensional structures. No matter what their preference, the MAGNATILES building sets will be happy to oblige.

The minimum age to purchase the MAGNATILES Set is 3 years. If your child is three years old and older, this toy should be considered.

If your child isn’t shy with a camera, you can take photos of them and their creations to share on social media. Use #magnatiles to tag your kid’s creations and they might be featured.

These building tiles have no restrictions or rules. The only limit is the imagination. This set is limitless because of how creative and free-thinking kids can be.

Young children can build basic objects, such as cubes or houses. Older children can create large houses and vaults as well as cars. This set can be used to create a lot of things for kids.

Magna-Tiles can also be used to bring family time into your home. Magna-Tiles Classic 32-Piece set allows you to look at different objects in your home and surroundings.

Key Features

  • 3d Magnetic Diverse Tile Set
  • Creativity
  • Stem-approved
  • Durable

  • It is simple to use
  • Creates imagination and creativity
  • Enjoy endless and fun building opportunities
  • Develops cognitive, social, and play skills

  • Not for children younger than 3 years

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Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set

Many parents and guardians worry that their children will spend too much time on the computer. However, children love screens. This can be achieved by controlling what children do in front of screens.

PlayShifu’s TACTO LASER can transform screen time into endless learning and fun. It will not be a passive session in which your child absorbs the information on screen.

This tablet-based boardgame is an educational toy. It helps your child develop their logical reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities. It will also help improve their cognition, hand-eye coordination, and memory. This board game is the perfect toy for kids who don’t need much space but want to help them grow intellectually.

The app offers a variety brain-teasing and story-based logic game options. There are four games available, each offering hundreds of challenges. Each level introduces new challenges. Screen time can be addictive. But this is not the addiction you want for your children. Their brains will be reenergized after completing a session and they will be ready to apply the problem-solving skills they have learned to real life.

One more thing: You don’t need an internet connection or to make purchases within the app. You only need to do a once-off setup so your child can start learning and have fun at the same time.

You can play strategy games with your family together when you are together.

Key Features

  • Interactive board game for tablets based on the Physics of Light!
  • Brain-teasing and story-based logic game
  • Without internet, there is no in-app payment.
  • It works with a variety of tablets, including iPads, Android tabs and Amazon Fire.

  • Type:Tablet
  • Age range5-10 Years
  • Power Source: Rechargeable batteries
  • What’s Included:2 frames and 4 pieces
  • Brand:PlayShifu

  • Interactive and interactive
  • More than 200 science-based stories
  • Strategy games for the whole family
  • Encourages students in STEM learning

  • User must bring separate tablet/smartphone

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PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toys – Tacto Laser

Ball towers are great for toddlers because they help develop hand-eye coordination skills. They are also a great way to bring together toddlers and parents for some fun activities. They are therefore on our top-rated list of educational toys.

The Bestech Ball Tower for Toddlers features all the great features we love. It comes in a beautiful package and has an additional gift box. This is the perfect gift for toddlers.

Toddlers love to move objects. They love to chase and grab objects, then drop them to see the roll. The ball tower lets you use toddlers’ fun activities as an educational tool. It’s so simple you might think there is nothing going on. We assure you that many things are happening here.

Your toddler will learn how to pick up the balls and load them into the tower. They are learning problem-solving skills. They also get to participate in some fun activities.

If you need a break from your daily tasks, sit down with your child on the ground and have them drop the balls into the towers. You’ll have a lot more fun and relieve stress.

This toy is intended for children, but it can be used anywhere. These toys can be used outdoors on a sunny summer morning. You can also use them to keep your toddler entertained while you make an important phone call.

Key Features

  • 6 Tiers of Ball Tower, for 2, 3, 4, and 5 Year Old Boys, Girls, and Toddlers
  • Includes six balls
  • The final tier is sealed, and can hold the balls if dropped to the lowest level.
  • Beautiful gift box included, perfect for toddler gifts

  • Type:Kit
  • Age range24 months to 5 Years
  • Power Source: Rechargeable batteries
  • What’s Included:6 Tiers of Ball Tower, 6 balls
  • Brand: Beestech

  • Educational development toys are excellent for toddlers’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Great for adult-toddler bonding
  • Easy to set-up
  • You can set it up anywhere

  • You might want to supervise your toddler in order to make sure they are using the internet safely.

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Beestech Ball Tower for Toddlers

This NASA-inspired, educational toy set is sure to inspire your children’s curiosity about the vast possibilities of outer space.

This LEGO Mars Research Shuttle playset features a shape shuttle, rover and solar panels. It also includes a storage drone, storage drone and helidrone. It also includes a screener that will spark their curiosity about what they might find if they visited Mars. This toy will inspire creativity in your child. You might be helping to inspire another Neil Armstrong.

The shuttle interprets early space exploration vehicles. The real NASA space shuttle was used for 135 missions to space exploration and building of the International Space Station. Give your kids a front-seat view of what a space explanation looks like before this shuttle rockets out of the market’s orbit.

They can pretend they are astronauts and fly into space to orbit Mars. They can collect geodes from the ground and return to their drone with it.

The set has many other great features to help your child express their creativity. These include tilting panels that show how astronauts generate extra energy in outer space, and the grappling arms that are used to retrieve geodes and lift them into the rocket drone.

The shape shuttle also has a landing area. The shuttle bay can be opened and the rocket drone can enter. They can then examine the results in the research laboratory. The helidrone’s scanner is handy for reading the symbols written on the tile.

The set includes excellent instructions for building, which will help children rotate and visualize their creations. The instructions include color-rich illustrations. The Lego Life app is also available for most modern devices.

Key Features

  • 2 LEGO City Mars astronaut minifigures plus a storage drone and helidrone
  • Research shuttle with Mars Rover, Helidrone and Storage drone. Also, Mars scenery construction.
  • 273 pieces –Astronaut construction toy
  • Compatible with all LEGO bricks and toys

  • Type:Kit
  • Age Range5 years and over
  • Power SourceNot required
  • What’s Included: LEGO Building Elements
  • Brand: LEGO

  • It is easy to construct
  • Teach children how to put pieces together
  • Insoles encourage children to think about space exploration
  • Encourages children to be technologically inclined

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LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

The National Geographic Super gross Chemistry Set is ideal for kids who are interested in chemistry and biology. This science set is full of fun experiments. The full lab includes everything kids need to explore the worlds of chemical reactions, learn about polymers and experience non-Newtonian fluids. When they’re up to the challenge, they can discover the incredible nature of our bodies.

This lab kit is great for kids. They can make creepy eyeballs, explore how the brain works, make pee and farting slimes, burst blood cells and make their aww-worthy test tubes vomit. They can also boil boogers and make snot bubbles.

The basic chemistry kit includes everything your child will need to conduct 15 horrifying experiments. The second guide teaches chemists how to perform 30 additional experiments with items found in their home.

If your kid is STEM inclined but doesn’t enjoy engineering or coding, then this Science lab kit is what they need to role play a natural life science. There are many activities they can do throughout the day.

Your child will enjoy science activities as well as learning about science. They can participate in ph, human anatomy, chemical reactions and polymer science. The instructions are simple enough to follow by kids so they can do their experiments.

The guide provides insight into the scientific nature and instructions of the experiment.

Key Features

  • All you need for 15 very gross experiments.
  • Each step is illustrated with kid-friendly instructions
  • Inside is a bonus booklet with 30 easy experiments
  • Set of hands-on STEM activities for girls and boys.

  • Type:Kit
  • Age range8 years and over
  • Power SourceNot required
  • What’s Included:Everything you need for 15 science chemistry experiments
  • Brand: National Geographic

  • Provinces provide scientific insights into experiments
  • Inspires imagination and curiosity in science world
  • It is easy to use for most children
  • National Geographic’s exceptional service backs you

  • Adult supervision required

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Space exploration is hot for all the right reasons. It’s a smart idea to get your kids interested in space exploration as soon and as often as possible.

This solar space fleet includes a kit for making a DIY robot to help your kids explore robotics and build their space fleet. You can either join them in building the space station or watch them work with their friends to create their vehicles and robot dog.

As your children play with the materials, you might discover that they are interested in engineering and space exploration. Their problem-solving abilities and engineering inclinations will be enhanced by building the fleet.

This space-themed toy does more than just introduce children to space. It can also be used to launch other scientific topics. The dual power sources (battery/solar) can be used to launch discussions about energy utilization and the various energy conversions that are available.

It can spark creativity and engineering in your children. The setups are complex enough to keep your child’s attention, but not so difficult that they can’t solve them on their own. Younger children may occasionally ask for help, but older children will have great fun assembling it themselves.

Manufacturers also include detailed instructions with step-by-step building directions and a detailed installation guide. The manual can help you quickly resolve any assembly issues that your children might encounter.

This solar space fleet, like the other toys on the list, teaches children to focus on tasks and achieve results. Children should be able to assemble the robots correctly. Children must also be able to use problem-solving skills in order to connect the accessories.

It’s a great tech toy, which stimulates their interest and inspires them to create and build things.

Key Features

  • 6-in-1 complete solar space exploration fleet
  • Solar or rechargeable batteries are required to power the device.
  • High quality ABS material.
  • Learning & Educational Toy

  • Type:Kit
  • Age range8 years and over
  • Power Source:Rechargeable and solar batteries
  • What’s Included: Space fleet building materials
  • Brand: AESGOGO

  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for young kids
  • Great choice for gifts for children.
  • Two power options

  • Batteries are not included in the package

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AESGOGO 6-in-1 Science kits DIY Educational Building Space Toy

It takes a different approach to introduce your child to coding. It must be easy and practical. After they have learned fundamental engineering and coding you can start to throw in the abstracts.

The Mech-5 is a great tech toy that will spark your child’s interest in coding. The Mech-5 is an entry-level robot that can code. Your kids should be able grasp it after a few fun attempts. It introduces young children both to the principles of coding, and mechanical engineering.

Once they have assembled the robot they can automate it’s movement by clicking the control buttons on its codon wheel. This simple approach teaches kids how mechanical engineering works. As they get older, children might become curious about how the robot works online. This could spark a long exploration of robotics and mechanical engineering.

The Mech-5 robot is a basic STEM coding robot. It can perform basic movements, such as moving forward and backward. It can turn 360 degrees. It can lift, throw, kick, throw and draw.

These simple and complex movements depend on your child snapping the right button and adding buttons to their codding wheel. As they make the robot perform different tasks, this toy can help your child develop problem-solving skills.

Imagine your child or a friend displaying an engineering-minded streak. This toy is a great way to get them started on the path to becoming exceptional future engineers.

Parents who do not have any programming skills need not be concerned about getting this toy for their keys. The movements are simple and straightforward, with all the necessary instructions to solve any problem your child might face. The toy is fun and challenging enough to grab attention.

Key Features

  • Unique Mechanical Coding robot.
  • Designed to inspire young programmers and mechanics engineers
  • Robots can lift, kick, throw, draw, and so much more
  • This course is geared toward future engineers aged 10+.

  • Type:Kit
  • Age range10 years or more
  • Power Source Rechargeable batteries
  • What’s Included:Electronic circuit boards that work
  • Brand: Snap Circuits

  • Building without frustration
  • Great for teamwork and communication
  • No tools or soldering are required
  • Inspires interest in engineering

  • Batteries are not included with the package

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Snap Circuits Teach Technology Mech 5 Mechanical Coding Robot

Educational tech toys are colorful and fun ways to expose your children to the many possibilities in STEM-related fields. This toy is the Zingywise STEM Building Toy Set. It features premium plastic materials that kids can play with to help develop their creativity and cognition.

These pieces grab attention and can keep kids entertained for hours of endless creativity and fun. They can have fun building different models. 7 models are included in the box, plus an additional model for those who wish to improve their building skills. This toy will spark your child’s engineering creativity.

The package comes with a reusable storage box, so you don’t have to worry about storing the pieces after each playing section. The plastic container is strong, and the safety lock prevents parts from falling out.

You also get a double-sided mat to play on. This can be used to set up the toys for the kids if they want to. It helps to define the playing area, makes cleaning up more accessible and faster, and ensures you don’t lose any pieces.

This toy is also easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth or water if it is soiled. It is a product of BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ health when it comes to this durable, fun kit.

All parts can be bent and will quickly return back to their original form once your children stop bending them. They also have round corners. You don’t have worry about broken pieces causing injury to your children’s hands.

Key Features

  • Mega 171pc set
  • 7 Model Cars to Build
  • All pieces are stored in a sturdy plastic container with a handle for safe storage
  • Material with shatter-resistant properties has smooth edges

  • Type:Kit
  • Age range7 years or more
  • Power SourceNot required
  • What’s Included:171 colorful parts, including spare parts.
  • Brand: Zingywise

  • Easy to clean
  • Safe, flexible, and bendable parts
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Encourage teamwork

  • Children 6 years old and younger require adult supervision

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STEM Building Toys For 7-12 Years Old

Lucky Doug Metal Building Toys Model Train offers enough challenge to stimulate your children’s problem solving skills and innate engineering talent. It also provides enough fun. It is designed with great ease and includes logical instructions that will help you build your train.

Lucky Doug Metal Building Toys Model Train will keep your kids happy, busy, and learning.

The Train size is 3.5 “H x 16″L x 2″W and is made from very study materials. The construction is strong and can withstand hours of rough play without bending. For a hassle-free assembly, the package includes all the necessary instructions, wrenches and screwdrivers.

It is a sound approach to grounding your kid’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.

Metal is used to make the materials. Metal is generally stronger than plastic. Even the nuts, bolts, wrench, and screwdriver are of metal, so you don’t have to worry about the tools wearing out.

It is a large train. Its dimensions are 3.5” high, 16″ long, and 2″ wide. You can proudly display your train to your kids. It’s also great for adults who love to have model trains in their homes. It is great for collecting, souvenirs, gifts, and even as a collectible. The children will be the ones who benefit the most. This toy can be given to children and they will soon get the train moving. Honk!

Key Features

  • Metal Make
  • Models of Large Size
  • Clear, easy to follow instructions with diagrams
  • Interpretation of the steam locomotive Scottish Flying Scotsman

  • Type:Kit
  • Age Range8 years and over
  • Power SourceNot required
  • What’s Included:340 parts and parts, including spare parts.
  • Brand: Lucky Doug

  • STEM education inspires children
  • A suitable gift for children
  • Kids can play mechanic and repairman with their parents.
  • Study material and smooth edges

  • Not suitable for toddlers

Buy This Product

Lucky Doug STEM Building Projects Model Train set

Sometimes, parent-child sessions are the best way to stimulate your child’s intellectual abilities. This can be done with physical materials, interaction with the child, and pointing out beautiful pictures.

You can also include beautiful sounds and exciting colors as they are great ways of testing the kid’s comprehension.

Vtech makes it possible with their touch and teach elephant storybook. This isn’t just a bedtime book. It’s a full-color interactive book. It teaches your children the fundamental elements of numbers, alphabets and shapes.

This storybook is a combination of fun and learning. We had to add this one to our list. It has over 150 songs and sounds. The audio features are supported by 16 interactive storybook pages. The learning sessions can also be enhanced with light-up buttons.

The interactive board includes buttons that you can tap to make the stories come to life and create more interactions. You can also use animal buttons to learn more about animals, piano sounds, numbers, and other topics.

To test what your child has learned about the elephant, click the question mark button on his hat. This is a fun and easy way to test your child’s comprehension skills.

Want to delve deeper? Encourage your child to play with the roller ball. They will be able to make lots of fun sounds in return.

Key Features

  • 16 interactive storybook pages. Explore letters, shapes, and other details with colorful pictures.
  • 150 songs, melodies and sounds
  • Eight buttons with numbers and animals
  • Four light-up buttons

  • Type: Toy Book
  • Age range12 months – 3 year
  • Power Source: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • What’s Included:VTech Touch & Teach Elephant, Amazon Exclusive Purple
  • Brand: VTech

  • Interactive pages
  • Light-Up Buttons
  • Choose from Story, Letter, and Music modes
  • Question master

  • The orange color could be slightly off-putting

Buy This Product

VTech Touch & Teach Elephant, Purple (Amazon Exclusive).

Many educational tech toys will allow your kids to learn while having a lot of fun. However, if you’re reading this, then you’re looking for the best educational tech toys for you or the kids you love. The following factors will help you make the right choice. These factors include your child’s educational level, inclination, and safety.

Education level and inclination

There are many age recommendations for educational toys for children of all ages, including toddlers, teens, and adolescents.

While the age recommendations can be used as a guideline, we recommend that you also pay attention to your child’s unique characteristics. A LEGO set that is designed for children aged eight and over might be suitable for a six-year old. However, toys that are not appropriate for their age might be a problem for some children.

Another factor to consider is your child’s educational inclination. Your child might have difficulty with toys that are designed for his age, but he will do well with biology kits for older children. Before buying a toy, you should consider the level and inclination of your children.

You can always introduce toys that are not in your child’s interest. If your child seems uninterested, don’t be offended. Talking to your child and watching them is a better way to get to know them.


It is reasonable to assume that every toy is safe for the recommended age. This is false. Certain toys can cause harm to your child. These risks depend on the materials used and how the manufacturer designed each toy.

While you may be able to take some chances with adolescents, as long as you supervise them, it is best not to take chances with babies or toddlers. Make sure that toys are not dangerous. You want toys that are not sharp, can’t be swallowed and won’t break if they fall out of your child’s hands. You should also be careful with toys that have movable parts.

Last but not least, be sure to read any manufacturer warnings, instructions and recommendations. If the manufacturer suggests that you provide adult supervision, make sure someone is there to supervise your child as they pay for the toy.

Other factors include your budget, level of physical activity, creativity and mental stimulus, privacy, parental control, and learning experience and objectives—this article listed tech toys based on different needs and age ranges. You can compare them and choose the one that suits your preferences.

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