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It can be difficult to buy for 8-year olds. They aren’t quite tween, they aren’t quite little kids and they have a strong sense of what they like and what they don’t like. It’s easy to give them a toy that they’ll be excited about for a hot minute, but finding toys they’ll loveIt’s still a challenge long after the wrapping paper is recycled.

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We got insights from toy experts The Toy Guy’sChris Byrne ToyPortfolio co-founder Stephanie Oppenheim and Toy InsiderMaddie Michalik, senior editor; they all agreed that 8-year olds like gifts that give them independence and can help them explore their unique interests.

We looked far and wide and did lots of testing to find the absolute best. toys For 8-year-olds kids.

1. A super-growing lab for the budding geologist

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab - 8 Vibrant Colored Crystals To Grow with Light-Up Display Stand & Guidebook - Includes 5 Real Gemstone Specimens Including Amethyst & Quartz

This crystal-growing kit produces eight colorful, fast-growing crystals that can be used for an exciting STEM activity. Once the crystal-growing is completed, they can be placed on a light-up display stand that can double as a big kid night light and a proud display of their work. Five real (and quite large) crystal samples are included in the kit.

Amazon offers the National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab for only $39.99

2. For the TikToker: Let’s Glow Studio

LetsGlow Studio - DIY Arts and Crafts Video Creator Kit, Includes 16 Color LED Light, Remote Control and Accessories - Create Videos to Share with Family and Friends

This kit makes TikTok videos glow with black-light. This kit is loads of fun and gives kidsThey will find everything they need for expressing their inner costume- and prop-designer. It comes with cool stencils and special black-light stickers, fabric strips and accessories to give kidsThey have everything they need for setting the scene. After the crafting is complete, simply dim the lights, clip the accompanying 16-color LED glow light to your phone and they’re ready to go!

Get Let’s Glow Studio at Amazon for $29.99

3. For serious gamers: A Nintendo Switch

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Nintendo Switch

With a huge library of top games, including Minecraft, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Pokémon and more, Nintendo has some of the most kid-friendly video games around, many of which are actually Expert-recommended (so you don’t need to feel too guilty when your kids are stuck on screen time). The Nintendo Switch is the best way to play those games! This gamer must-have is a hybrid console that can be used as both a portable gaming device and as a home console. This 8-year old’s top choice due to its incredible battery life and wide selection of games.

4. A constellation globe is for the curious cartographer

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of The World with Stand - 3in1 World Globe, Constellation Globe Night Light, and Globe Lamp with Built-in LED, Easy to Read Texts, and Non-Tip Base, 13.5 Inch Tall

This isn’t any ordinary globe. If you have a kid who is curious about the world, they’ll love this. This award-winning globe not only features all that you’d expect (continents, oceans, major rivers and political borders), it also comes with a cool card game filled with fun facts that you can use to learn even more about the world and cultures around us. It then transforms into a nightlight and constellation map, which is really cool.

Amazon’s 12-inch Illuminated Globe and Card Game are only $48.95

5. For a kid who’s a DIY-er: A cool jewelry dish that’s TikTok-approved

Hapinest DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Arts and Crafts Kit Gifts for Girls Kids Ages 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old

Polymer clay is a creative and fun craft medium that is growing in popularity. TikTokYou can go beyond. A non-toxic, fast-drying clay, it’s a great crafting medium for kidsThey are ready to up their claywork after they have had enough of Play-Doh. This DIY polymer clay dish is a great entry point to this type of clay-crafting. It teaches cool skills such as shaping, marbling, and finishing. They have a useful nicknack tray that they can keep or give away.

Amazon has the DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Kit for $19.99

6. A 2-wheeled scooter is the best choice for kids on the go.

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter for Kids, LED Light-up Scooter, Adjustable Handlebar, Rear Brake, Lightweight Design

If they’re ready to level up in their scooter game, the Jetson Jupiter is the The best 2-wheeled scooterWe tried everything. It’s a classic, metal-framed 2-wheeled scooter but, with over 100 LED lights on both the body and the wheels, it’s just the scooter to impress the neighborhood. It’s also lightweight and easy to fold, making it an immensely portable option for all of their wheeled adventures.

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Amazon offers the Jetson Jupiter kick scooter for $29.99

7. Puro Headphones for the one who likes you to be heard:

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones – Safer Headphones for Kids – Studio-Grade Audio Quality & Noise Isolation – Lime Green

Age 8 is right about when they want to start tuning you out, so it’s a good time to find some high-quality, volume-limiting headphones. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids’ Headphones have taken Top marksDuring our testing. They are loved by the whole family for their sound quality, stylish design, durability, and great price. I’ve been known to steal our son’s pair, so we can personally vouch that this top-notch pair will take them well into their tween years and beyond.

Get the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids’ Headphones at Amazon for $99

8. A Wonderbly personalized, hand-written book for the child who is truly extraordinary

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: You Are Extraordinary

This self-belief journal from Wonderbly is filled with self-esteem-building, confidence-boosting and worry-shrinking activities. This journal comes with pages of growth mindset activities and can be personalized to reflect all that you love about your child. Wonderbly books are designed to foster self-confidence and resilience. We like this one for its reflective and introspective activities.

​​Wonderbly’s You Are Extraordinary journal is only $34.95

9. For the child who loves their parents friends: A bracelet-making set

Loopdedoo – DIY Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit – Make Bracelets in Minutes – Award-Winning Craft Kit – Fun DIY Jewelry Kit

They were cool when they were. kids and friendship bracelets are in style. This award-winning toy gives the classic, school-yard trading bracelet a new twist—literally. It’s a compact storage case and innovative, battery-free crafting machine all in one that takes typical embroidery floss and allows crafters to loop it, twist it and braid it into new and exciting designs and patterns in minutes. Children can make headbands, bracelets, and charms.

Amazon offers the Loopdedoo braceletmaker for $29.99

10. An Amazon Fire HD 8 for the child who loves to screen:

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Fire HD 8 Kids edition

We’ve tested a lot of kids’ tabletsReviewed has voted the Amazon Fire HD 8 as the best tablet for two years in a row. It has the best parental controls in its class, setup is almost immediate and it comes loaded with enough pre-installed apps and videos that it’ll be quite some time before they’re begging for you to buy them more. What’s more, each Fire tablet comes with one year of Amazon Kids+Access to over 13,000 apps, games and videos, as well as books, from PBS Kids, Disney, and more, is available at.

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids tablet on sale for $139

Snap Circuits is the circuit master.

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Snap Circuits Power

Snap Circuits are great for some electrifying fun. These electronic kits are about creative problem solving. This kit contains: kids use circuit structures to create movement, lights and sound, with a focus on individual innovation. There are so many. Snap Circuit setsThere are many to choose from, but this award-winning set also includes a light-up robotic and can even teach Morse Code.

Amazon offers the Hand2Mind Snap Circuits Powerset for $38.24

11. GraviTrax is for the child who wants to improve their marble running:

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: GraviTrax

Marble runs just got cooler! GraviTrax, a rail-based, next generation marble run, is now available. It uses thin rails and a multiheight stacking system to transform each build into a cool, space-age-looking STEM lesson. The tower pieces in this big-kid building kit come in varying heights to be stacked in any order or configuration, to give loads of options and flexibility in each build. Once they are completed, GraviTrax expansion sets give you even more options to increase the complexity of the tracks.

Amazon’s GraviTrax Starter Set Marble run for $59.95

12. A master detective toolkit for the budding detective

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Master Detective Tookit

This award-winning detective toolkit can help you gather evidence, solve crimes and decode messages to find the answers to your burning questions about whodunnit. This science kit includes 26 experiments and all the necessary forensic information. The 48-page manual will be a great help. kids’ observational skills, all while having edge-of-their-seat fun.

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Amazon has the Thames & Kosmos Master Investigator Toolkit for $49.95

13. For the competitive kid: Burrito throwing

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Throw Throw Burrito

Beware of flying Mexican food! From the makers Exploding Kittens, if you’ve ever wondered what a card game would be like if it was combined with dodgeball, we have your answer with Throw Throw Burrito. This game is no exception. All Exploding Kittens games are full of humor. It makes for a fun, competitive game night with the family or friends. friends. If you have a competitive kid, it’s going to be tough to stay too serious when the goal of the game is to not get hit by a flying, squishy and smiling burrito.

Amazon offers Throw Throw Burrito for $24.99

14. For the Mario Maker: Lego Super Mario

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Lego Super Mario Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle expansion set

Legos are always popular. Super Mario is always very popular. These Lego sets featuring Super Mario are a great combination of two things. kids love, and they are like the video game come to life. This innovative Lego lineThe two iconic toysTogether, we can create the most interactive Lego set. Working with the Lego Super Mario app, which comes with games, challenges, building tips and ideas, these sets really level-up game playing—both on the screen and off. Important to note: All expansion sets require either the Super MarioOr LuigiLego starter sets for work.

15. For the armchair astronaut: A VR Set

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Professor Maxwell's VR Universe

The interactive learning with this Virtual Reality set is truly awe-inspiring. This Toy of The Year winner takes kids into outer space with Professor Maxwell as their guide. Kids will explore and learn about the science behind our solar system, galaxy and universe as well as our place in space, when each page comes alive with the included augmented reality goggles.

Get Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe at Amazon for $54.99

16. A set of adjustable JoJo Siwa rollerskates for the person who loves to roll

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Adjustable JoJo Siwa roller skates

These skates are adjustable to allow for unexpected growth spurts. The toes can be moved forward by pushing the button. This makes them suitable for skaters up to their teens. They have a dual brake system for easy stopping and soft urethane tires that make them great for indoor and outdoor skating.

Get the Circle Society JoJo Siwa Skates at Kohl’s for $53.99

17. A crystal soap-making kit for the creative craftsman

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Crystal Ombré Soap Kit

Kids can craft and customize their own soap with this cool kit that’s sure to make a splash. We love KiwiCoand all their STEAM-inspired kits. They are so good at integrating art with complex scientific concepts at an easy level kids can comprehend. This kit comes with everything they need to craft and customize colorful, crystal-inspired ombré geodes that are actually beautiful, usable soaps.

Get Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe at Amazon for $54.99

18. For the kid who needs some self-love: An empowerment flower

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Empower Flower

This self-love flower is all about expressing your child’s unique personality with customizable affirmations. Michalik highly recommends this gift as an introspective craft that can be hung and enjoyed, to remind your kiddo of all the wonderful things that make them unique.

Amazon has the Craft-Tastic Empower All about Me Empower Flower for $16.99

19. Snap Ships are for the person who loves to build.

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: SnapShips

For the space-loving kid: Snap Ships are building kits that really understand how kidsplay. These kits not only create impressively cool space crafts but, once built, the toysSecurely lock in place to withstand any intergalactic conflict your child may imagine.

Amazon offers the Gladius Snap Ships building kit for $25.57

20 For the one who wants to drone: An affordable drone that’s kid-friendly

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Kid-friendly drone

If you’re like us, your child has been begging for a drone. This option is well-priced and gets rave reviews for being durable, easy to use, and easy to learn. It comes with two power stations, and it lights up with LED lights for an experience that lasts well past sunset.

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Get the Hasakee Remote Control Kids’ Drone at Amazon for $41.99

21. Tamagotchi Pix for the kid looking for a throwback toys:

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Tamagotchi Pix

Tamagochi are back and they are more interactive and social than ever! Tamagotchi Pix is the next generation of your virtual pet—it still needs to be cared for and fed, just like the trendsetting toy from the 90s. This time around, however, you can find Tamagotchi friends and have characters go on playdates, to help keep your character happy and engaged.

Amazon offers the Tamagotchi Pix starting at $39.48

22. A hydraulic hand is for the child who wants to become a cyborg.

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Hydraulic cyborg hand

This cool, hydraulic-powered toy was named the STEAM Toy Of The year by The Toy Association. It not only lets your child feel like they’re a cyborg, this kit is loads of fun and will help kidsLearn about hydraulics, robotics, and more. They will learn how to put together the hand piece by piece. The fun will continue with experiments and picking up different objects of various shapes and sizes.

Amazon has the Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hydraulic hand kit for $28.28

23. A paper kit for the future botanist: The paper butterfly science kit

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Paper Butterfly Science Kit

​​If you’re looking for a STEAM-inspired toy this holiday season, this is definitely one that combines art with elements of science. Kids create a beautiful, nature-inspired butterfly display with this fun color-wicking art project that teaches about both physics and nature, while they’re having fun.

Amazon offers the Crayola paper butterfly science kit for $22.99

24. Pixicade is for the child who dreams of designing games:

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Pixicade

Do your kidsWould you like to make your own videogame? Are you wishing they could do something more? Everyone’s dream will come true with one of the coolest toys we’ve seen this year: Pixicade. Pixicade transforms your drawings into a videogame you can play. This is a remake of popular 8-bit games from 1980s. kidsto make their art interactive and play-based so they can share it with others friends.

Get Pixicade Game Maker at Amazon starting at $24.99

25. A cool comic for the budding reader (or the child you wish would read more)

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Zoo Patrol Squad

This zany and gripping new three-book series follows the Zoo Patrol Squad as they crack criminal cases. Colorful, smart and completely hilarious, these graphic novels were written expressly for young readers. These gorgeously illustrated books were both written and illustrated by Disney, Dreamworks and Marvel alum Brett Bean, and are filled with wacky animals, wild adventures and madcap mysteries. No matter how reluctant a reader you may have, this can’t-put-it down series is sure to grab their attention and their imagination.

If your child has already smashed through the Dogmanseries (or you are tired of fart jokes). kidsThis book series is funny, entertaining, and smart. You will love it!

26. For the child who wants to learn code: Coding charms

Best gifts and toys for 8-year-olds: Coding Charms

Coding is such an interesting concept kidsLearn and Teach kidsProblem-solving and critical thinking are important skills, but not all children want to learn Scratch code. This book offers screen-free learning. kids through all the steps of coding, including algorithms, encryption, puzzling, sequencing, variables, puzzle and binary. This illustrated guide will walk you through each step. kidsBy using the functions and planning of programming to create fuse beads charms that they later wear, show, or give away friends.

Amazon has the Coding Charms Activity Book for $15.73

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