The excitement of Christmas truly begins when kids open the first doors on their advent calendar. (Getty Images)

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Children love to wake up in December excitedly anticipating opening the next door on the advent calendar. This is the highlight of their pre-Christmas fun.

Once, children were captivated by small pictures to reveal or daily chocolates. advent calendarsThe toys have come a long ways, much to the relief of dentists, and there are now a multitude of options with miniature toys that you can discover on each of those 24 days before Christmas.

Parents are left with the difficult decision of which one of the many advent calendars for toy toys to purchase.

To make your shopping a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best advent calendars for children – from Lego to fidget poppers, stationery to stories – there is something here to delight children of every age.

The best 2021 advent calendars for children in the UK

Best for Lego lovers

Lego Friends Advent Calendar 2021

Lego Friends Advent Calendar 2021

Currently, the bestselling toy advent calendar on Amazon UK This new release contains 24 mini-dolls and mini-builds that are out of stock at Lego’s website. It includes a Christmas tree and a postbox to Santa for letters. This is a great way for little Lego enthusiasts to create festive scenes. This product is suitable for children 6+ years old.

Ideal for children who are unable to stand still

Fidget Advent Calendar 2021

Fidget Advent Calendar 2021

Fidget poppers are the newest playground craze that isn’t slowing down. Fidget poppers are great stress relievers and you may find yourself fiddling as much with them as your children. This could be a good thing for Christmas preparation! This product is suitable for children 3+ years old.

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Best for wannabe heroes

Lego Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar 2021 (Lego)

Lego Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar 2021 – Lego

This is the first time ever Marvel themed Lego advent calendarIt is already delighting customers. Those who couldn’t wait until December have already left reviews praising the miniature-figures’ detail. This product is suitable for children 7+ years old.

This is the best option for kids who want to have their own toys shop

Playmobil Advent Calendar

Playmobil Advent Calendar

Like Lego, Playmobil launches new advent calendars Each year, it is not one their new releases that makes it onto our list. This set, – which is filled with characters and toys to create a mini Christmas toy shop complete with Santa’s Grotto – has stood the test of time and remains one of Amazon’s best-selling toy advent calendars two years after it was launched, with more than 11,000 customer reviews rating it on average 4.8 out of 5 stars. This set is suitable for children 4+ years old.

Best to send in the mail

The Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar (Roger la Borde)

The Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar (Roger la Borde).

If you plan to send an advent calendar by mail to your loved ones, this will make a wonderful surprise. It comes flat packed and includes everything you need for a festive 3D house. Each day, there is a new element that you can pop out and place to build a magical night before christmas scene. This is suitable for children 3+ years old.

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Best for Baby Yoda lovers

Lego Star Wars advent calendar

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Currently, the bestselling calendar on John LewisThis festive countdown includes buildable features Star WarsToys from The Mandalorian Season 2: Minifigures of The Mandalorian and the Child (otherwise called Grogu or Baby Yoda) dressed in festive costumes and buildable vehicles. Star Wars fans will recognise, such as The Razor Crest, TIE Fighter and the Child’s hoverpram. These products are suitable for children 6+.

Best for gamers

Minecraft advent calendar

Advent calendar for Minecraft

A gaming calendar What’s not to like about goodies that encourage children to spend some time away from the screen? Your child’s pencil case will be filled by Minecraft goodies by Christmas, from notebooks and pens to stickers and charms to badges. This product is suitable for children aged 3+

Best for quiet evening activities

Gruffalo Advent Calendar

Gruffalo Advent Calendar

We recommend getting help if your children are having difficulty getting to bed during Christmas excitement. this calendarBased on Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s bestselling picture books. You can relax with one of the 24 mini activities, song, and rhyme books if you wait until the evening before you open the day’s doors. This will allow you to do some coloring, drawing, or singing. These activities are suitable for children aged 3+.

Best for a first Christmas

First Christmas (Max Made Me Do It)

First Christmas (Max Made Me Do It)

This keepsake calendar allows parents record a memory from their baby’s first December. It can be anything, such as their first Christmas party or their first time trying a Brussels sprout. This will bring joy to their home over the years. This keepsake calendar is suitable for babies from birth.

The best stationery products for stationery lovers

Smiggle Advent calendar

Advent calendar from Smiggle

Smiggle’s fun stationery is loved by many children (even Harper Beckham). This calendar contains 25 amazing gifts for little stationery-lovers, including a rainbow pencil and stacking highlighters. There’s also the chance of finding one of 30 winning gifts. “lucky tickets”The holder will be entitled to a Smiggle shopping spree. The prize will be donated to a school chosen by the first ten winners. This is suitable for children 6+ years old.

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Best for car-loving kids

Thomas & Friends advent calendar (Amazon)

Thomas & Friends advent calendar (Amazon)

There is no filler this calendarEvery day conductors can be delighted to find a new engine. The box even flips open and reveals a track. This engine is suitable for children 3+ years old.

Best for starting or continuing a tradition

Hanging Fabric Fill Your Own Advent Calendar (Lakeland)

Hanging Fabric Make Your Own Advent Calendar (Lakeland).

Part of the excitement of Christmas comes from the familiar – unpacking much-loved decorations year after year always gets the family reminiscing about times gone by. Make a tradition of Christmas for your loved ones. this fabric calendar With the pictured pockets, you can fill them with new treats every December.

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