Oakmont police are looking for the owner of an old Pontiac Firebird model and how it got into Allegheny River.

Ian Simmers, 13 years old from Verona, discovered the submerged sports car upside down Tuesday afternoon.

Ian claimed that he was on the river with his stepdad and saw a tire 500 yards from the Oakmont Yacht club. The discovery of a vehicle with its roof covered in mud led to the discovery.

“It was definitely different than we would expect,”Ian said. They informed emergency responders where they were kayaking.

Oakmont Police Chief Michael Ford said officers responded to the river shortly after 3 p.m. and a search was underway with the help of Oakmont firefighters and Blawnox Volunteer Fire Company’s River Rescue team.

Rescue crews searched for the river on jet skis or other watercraft launched from California Avenue’s borough boat ramp.

The car was located within one hour.

Responders had to call in Monroeville fire department’s dive team to coordinate its recovery.

Many yacht club members stopped at the overlook to check it out. They said that they had not seen anything like it for more than a dozen decades.

Two Twilight Towing trucks were used by rescue teams to flip the car upside down and then towing it to shore.

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Crews cut down several trees, and a portion a steel fencing to move it up a hillside of the Edgewater housing development.

Ian had also reported finding another vehicle approximately 200 yards from where the first vehicle was found.

Ford however stated that only a pair of chairs could be found by dive teams in that area.

Ford commended Ford and all emergency responders.

“He did a very good job,”Ford said. “He interacted with us. All these gentlemen are out there on their own time.”

There were no injuries reported and there were no bodies.

“Thank God we called,”Ian stated that rescue teams continued to work on the car. “We didn’t know what to expect.”

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