Are blocky games Minecraft-likes time? Although I don’t recall seeing many blocky games that channel Mojang’s charmed survival adventure, Outerverse is an impressive take on Minecraft’s blocky shoulders. It draws inspiration from Valheim’s boss elements, as well the world automation of Satisfactory, Factorio, and Satisfactory.

This sounds odd, but it is actually quite simple in the hands. Tbjbu2 developed this design Outerverse(opens in a new tab)It’s kind of like Minecraft in space. Instead of a flat, endless world, you spawn on a cubic, explorable world. You can build on, mine through and farm on it before creating a spaceship to explore other planets in your galaxy. I tried it out to see how it worked and was impressed by its speed and ability to get you started on your automation adventure. 

You are encouraged and encouraged to mine, create machines, and eventually improve both your character and your range to the point where you can find and defeat six different bosses scattered throughout the universe. These Titans are Valheim’s style. They’re all quite different in body and abilities. To make sure you’re ready for battle, you need to find their counters. 

(Image credit to Freedom Games)

The machines play a major role, taking over much if not all of the tasks associated with survival. They can do everything from the box, but they can also be programmed by players (when you start a world, you have the option of playing’manually. This will disable all automation, logic, wires, and machines so that you can control everything and make it behave the way you want. 

Outerverse is generous from what I saw. The game encourages the player to thrive, not survive, with its automation focus, making it easier for you to find mines and have machines do your bidding. It is not clear how it scales but it was a relief to build my first’machine’, which was a cave finder. It did a lot of the mining. The line went from the seven blocks structure down into the ground, even though it passed through a small lake on the way to open space underground. Outerverse wants you to get to all the good stuff as quickly as possible.

(Image credit to Freedom Games)

It’s a combination of Valheim, Factorio and Minecraft. However, it’s lighter than each. Although the explanation of the automation is a bit overwhelming, there are helpful pictures such as LEGO guides which explain how things work. The visuals aren’t as engaging or expressive as Minecraft’s. Sand is pink, iron ore is pink, and so are some of the animals and enemies I met. Outerverse is a small, but effective take on a large genre. It takes the best bits of each game and molds them into something new. 

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