Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance gets the HasLab Vehicle Treatment

Officially, the toy market is so large that a 6-inch-scale vehicle to collect collector-targeted figures is too expensive for big-box retailers. It must be crowdfunded to the tune $350. (This is why there aren’t so many Fast and Furious toys.) That’s just the reality now, but at least it also allows for added value features like flickering LEDs and bonus figures. The latest vehicle to receive the HasLab treatment? The Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance. Robbie Reyes was the hot rider in live-action. Agents of SHIELD, and while this toy is based on the comics version, it’s pretty close to the TV incarnation as well.

Ghost Rider‘s Engine of Vengeance includes alternate flaming wheels and engine, as well as additional flame parts to transform it from ordinary car to hell ride. The trunk opens, the back seat fits one figure, and two can sit upfront. LEDs light up the flame effects, and the included Ghost Rider figure wields a real metal chain. If the campaign hits 9,000 backers by Sept 23 — it’s at just over 3,300 as of this writing — a human Robbie Reyes figure also gets thrown in.

Other stretch goals are likely to be added. Similar to the G.I. Joe HISS Tank, it’ll probably come with four figures before everything’s said and done. This makes the price tag slightly more manageable, at $100 for four $25-figure figures and $250 for the car.

The funding closes appropriately at the end on Halloween, October 31. For more information, take a look at the gallery below. Will you contribute to this project? Please comment.

Recommendation for purchase: Ghost Rider Epic Collection: Hell On Wheels

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