Harry Potter Scarlett Byrne Hefner, actress has presented her twins to the world. Instagram.

Scarlett, the House Slytherin’s Pansy, was the role of Pansy Parkinson in the final movies of the wizarding films. She confirmed that she and Cooper Hefner, son of the late Hugh, were expecting twins in November 2012.

In a post announcing the twins’ arrival today (March 29), Scarlett shared a number of snaps of her and Cooper in the Californian hospital where the twins were born – and it’s safe to say that Scarlett and Cooper look besotted with their new arrivals.

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“My heart grew twice as much this weekend as Cooper and I welcomed our daughters, Marigold Adele Hefner and Blossom Pearl Hefner into the world,”The caption was added by the star.

“Our home is full of love with our three daughters and we couldn’t be happier.”

“Scarlett and I are overjoyed to share that we welcomed Marigold Adele Hefner and Blossom Pearl Hefner into the world on Saturday, March 26th,”Cooper was added in his own post.

“Today, we are settling back in at home. How blessed we are to be gifted with their life. How lucky we are to be given this love.”

Scarlett and Cooper are parents to Betsy Rose Hefner (a young girl who was born in 2020).

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As you would expect, Scarlett’s many followers soon filled the comments section with warm wishes.

“So proud of you Scarlett! Those girls are so lucky to have you,”One comment was read. Another was added: “HUGE CONGRATS, YOU LOVELY HUMANS!!!! what lucky kids.”

“Omg!!! Congrats love. So happy for you guys,”Another follower wrote.

“Congratulations!!! So happy for you all!!! Beautiful healthy family!!!”Another one added.

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Other places on the Potter Emma Watson, Hermione Granger’s assistant, explained in an earlier post why Emma is having trouble keeping in touch with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Daniel Radcliffe, (Harry).

“As a three, we really try and stay off electronics so that doesn’t help for a massive amount of back and forth. We aren’t on a group chat but we speak individually. Rupert sends me pictures of [his daughter] Wednesday and I die. Dan and I generally try and calm each other’s nerves,”She said.

Imagine if she were to gaze upon Marigold or Blossom!

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