Tom Felton was the famous Slytherin schoolboy Draco malfoy in The Known As Tom Felton Harry Potter film franchise.

The cast of the smash movies reunited earlier in the year. Harry Potter 20th anniversary: Return to HogwartsFelton has now stated that he would like to work again with his Wizarding World costar Daniel Radcliffe.

Chatting only with Digital SpyBritish actor, Radcliffe joked that he would play alongside him again if they reversed their roles.

Warner Bros.

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“We all talk about doing something again in all different ways,” Felton confessed.

“Daniel and I have often joked about the idea of when we do work together again, he’ll be the villain and I’ll be the hero.”

The actor said that there are no plans to collaborate with Radcliffe.

daniel radcliffe as harry potter, deathly hallows

Warner Bros.

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Felton is currently involved in a theatre production called 2:22 A Ghost Story.

He’s sharing the stage alongside Doctor WhoMandip Gill, actress, plays his wife in the thriller play.

Felton commented on his partnership with Gill and said: “There is definitely a cross-pollination of fans that love both Potter and The Doctor.

“I believe the fans are a very close group of people who support one another and go to all these different events.

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“I am hoping that this is a good excuse to bring them to the theatre, especially the ones who haven’t been to the theatre before.”

Felton made it clear that he was passionate about tension-building and expressed his enthusiasm: “I’ve never had more fun in the theatre!”

“It’s been great and I just buzz. I feed off the audience nervously jumping out of their seats or their laughter. It’s a new experience for me, so I’m really enjoying this,”He added.

2:22 A Ghost StoryThe Criterion Theatre in London, from now until September 4th

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