Pop It is a brand you may be familiar with if you have children or TikTok. Yes, the brand name ends in an exclamation point. I hope you enjoy zesty punctuation!!

The toy is a endless amount of bubble wrap wrapped in a tray. Flip one side and the other will pop out. There are many knockoffs available in a variety of shapes, including Unicorn, Rainbow, and Dereliction Of Daily Duties. It will return to you, even if you throw it around the room. You can’t! Stop! Popping!

These were discovered by me while on vacation with my children. I was a mess by the end of the trip and was slipping out of control. When we returned to home, our “friends”He had also sent us a set of books in the mail. Haha! Hah! Ha!

It’s the toy for summer, the new fidget spinning device, slap bracelet and Rubik’s Cube. They are simple yet powerful. Some experts believe that sensory toys can be used to calm and focus.

Mickey Howard, Dunedin, Florida, learned about them after her grandchildren, aged 17 and 11, visited from St. Louis. One is autistic and the other has posttraumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity, anxiety, and sensory issues.

Her granddaughter gravitated towards a display of bubble toys at the Florida Aquarium. The girl believed they would soothe her, much like rubbing her two-way sequin pillows did. She carried her green turtle popper everywhere she went, from the car to dinner to bed. “get sleepy.”

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“I think they’re a brilliant little invention,”Howard said.

How did we get to perpetual popping? Listen to the Power Kid Podcast to hear Phil Albritton interview David Capon, president at FoxMind Games. I will summarize.

It began with Theo and Ora Costa Coster, a married couple that invented many games such as Guess Who?Theo, a Holocaust survivor who was also a classmate of Anne Frank, ended up in Tel Aviv where he met Ora. Ora had a vision of a bubble-filled dream one night after her sister died from breast cancer. She told Theo that it was time to create a bubble toy.

This was 1975. They tried to sell it for 30 years. FoxMind purchased it in 2009 and began making iterations. The company and Buffalo Toys, its partner, signed an exclusive deal with Target in the name Pop It! They also produced forms of the game for Go PoP! Following?

TikTok. The toymakers began approaching influencers. Pandemic boredom and viral videos helped to propel the toymakers. “we started to see all hell break loose,”Capon stated this on the podcast. “It was really a nuclear reaction.”

You can go on TikTok right now and search #popit. The footage exists at the sweet spot of entertainment and comfort, mixing in a bit of ASMR — that’s autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a whole other internet detour if you have six hours to spare. People use marbles to make patterns by sticking them in the holes. In the divots, they have been making candy bars.

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The company is trying to fight the rip-offs caused by this frenzy. Capon explained that it is important to understand the origin story in order to make ethical buying decisions. I felt terrible staring at the Baby Yoda popper at my desk. It was most definitely a knockoff.

How did I deal? Of course, I popped. I think the best thing about this toy is its ability to let you feel what you want. You can also play with other people. An earlier version of the game, Last One Lost, allows two players to pop as many bubbles as possible in a single row. The last one to pop loses.

It’s much more satisfying to replay that awkward thing you said at the post-vaccine party. It feels productive. It feels therapeutic. It’s like…

Stephanie Hayes, a columnist with the Tampa Bay Times is Florida. Follow her @stephhayeswrites, @stephhayes Twitter, or @stephrhayes Instagram.

Photo credit: rkitPixabay

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