Although it is only September, now is a good time for holiday shopping. It’s better to start shopping early because of supply chain problems and inflation hitting the toys aisles.  To give you some help, I have compiled a list. “Top”Holiday toys for 2022. Some toys are Disney-themed, while others are not. We at Pirates and Princesses strive to make the experience as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible for our customers.

These options were based on various lists, parent discussions, trends in the toy aisle and observations I’ve made.

Let’s take a look!

Magic Mixes

These are very much in fashion right now. They are extremely popular and most toy blogs have them.

Magic Mixies Cauldron – $74.99

  • Experience real magic – just mix your potion and make your pet! Who will you magically create?!
  • Includes all magic ingredients you need and a special Wand to mix a potion and make a cute furry friend…be amazed as your Magic Mixie appears through the mist!
  • Follow the spell by adding the magical ingredients to your Cauldron one step at a time, waiting for the green light and tapping 3 times…when the potion is finished watch as REAL MIST begins to rise from the Cauldron
  • So adorable and so interactive, your Magic Mixie reacts to your touch and responds to your wand – they love to perform spells with you and may even grant you a wish!

They are available in pink or blue.

Amazon has it on sale for -$48.99

Walmart – $59.00

A Crystal Ball will be released in October, but pre-orders can be made.

Magic Mixies Small Reveal Cauldron – $9.99

  • Your magic wand unlocks your Mixlings magic powers! Will you find the wand that activates your Enchanters, Morphers and Fliers’ Gem? Or will you find a Pippette wand to unleash your Vanishers power. There’s also a Glow In the Dark wand to find that unlocks your Spellsters magic!
  • Your magic wand unlocks your Mixlings magic powers! Will you find the wand that activates your Enchanters, Morphers and Fliers’ Gem? Or will you find a Pippette wand to unleash your Vanishers power. There’s also a Glow In the Dark wand to find that unlocks your Spellsters magic!
  • What magical power does your Mixling possess? Are they Enchanters with enchanting eyes? A Flier with magical appearing wings. A Morphling with the ability to change their shape A Vanisher who can turn invisible or a Spellster that can light up the night?
  • Repeat the magic Cauldron reveal to make the Mixlings come back again and again!
  • Use your Cauldron for storing your trinkets or Mixlings!
  • There are 40+ Mixlings that you can discover and create in Series 1. All World of Magic Mixies Mixlings are available for purchase!

You can also buy refill kits. AmazonAnd Walmart.

Imaginext Buzz Lightyear

Imaginext offers some Buzz Lightyear-inspired toys this year!

Amazon has an exclusive Buzz Lightyear Robot Playset – $58.99

  • Kids ages 3-8 years can recreate the action of Disney·Pixar Toy Story robot that’s a spaceship, launch pad, and playset!
  • Place Buzz figure in the spaceship’s cockpit and turn the Power Pad to open the wings. Then launch manually!
  • Right arm is a projectile launcher that has open ports for loading and firing.
  • Left arm: A claw to pick up villains, and drop them in jail with the left foot
  • Included are a Buzz Lightyear figure, a space alien figure, a removable spaceship and 3 projectiles
  • Kids ages 3-8 years can recreate the action of Disney·Pixar Toy Story robot that’s a spaceship, launch pad, and playset!
  • Place Buzz figure in the spaceship’s cockpit and turn the Power Pad to open the wings. Then launch manually!
  • Right arm is a projectile launcher that has open ports for loading and firing.
  • Left arm: A claw to pick up villains, and drop them in jail with the left foot
  • Included are a Buzz Lightyear figure, a space alien figure, a removable spaceship and 3 projectiles

Walmart Has an Exclusive Battle Zurg – $16.88

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Imaginext Battle Blast Zurg Figure Set feat. Disney and Pixar Lightyear (Walmart Exclusive)

  • Age Range: 3-8 years
  • Kids can recreate the outer-space action of Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear with this 7-inch-tall Zurg and Buzz Lightyear (Space Ranger Alpha) figure set
  • Press the button to launch a projectile from Battle Blast Zurg’s arm
  • Buzz Lightyear figure is 3 inches tall and features movable arms, legs and legs for real action

Both stores also sell Imaginext Buzz Lightyear merchandise.

Rainbow High

These dolls are loved by my daughter. LOL Dolls are popular, but Rainbow High might be more popular this year.

Walmart offers some exclusive costumed dolls up for Pre-order (October 11) Here.

Amazon also has a wide selection. Some of the prices are lower than Walmart.


I’ve got a feeling Bluey is going to be big this year.

Amazon Exclusive Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse & Toy Box, 2.5-3 inch Figures – $99.99

Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures Playset

  • Go On The Ultimate Caravan Adventure With Bluey’S Family And Friends In Bluey’S Ultimate Caravan Adventures Playset
  • Flip and fold the Caravan to reveal a bedroom, kitchen and dining room for your Bluey Figures to enjoy
  • Bluey’S Caravan Adventure Playset Includes The Heeler 4Wd Family Vehicle. Grab It and Hit The Highway
  • Bluey’S Caravan Adventure Playset Comes With 12 Fun Accessory Pieces Including Three 2.5″ Bluey Figures


Legos are always popular. You can’t go wrong with theseAnd sets like Minecraft, Star Wars, Marvel and NintendoThey are always a hit!

Here are a few that you might be interested in.

LEGO Disney Encanto 43202- $47.99

  •  Disney The Madrigal House (43202) set. The adventure begins with opening the box.
  • Discover who lives inside! This 587-piece set has 3 levels, a spinning temperature vane, flipping mattress and waving shutters. It also includes a unique sticker sheet and plenty of accessories that can be used to tell endless stories.
  • Featuring Disney’s Abuela and Mirabel mini-doll figures, an Antonio micro-doll figure, plus Chispi and butterfly LEGO figures, this colorful, 3-level set is made for creative fun
  • There is endless imagination. The casa measures over 10 inches. (26 cm) high, 8 in. (20 cm) Wide, 4 in. This set is perfect for extended play time and looks great displayed.

LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Castle 43205 – $99.95

  • What’s in the box? – This 698-piece set features an opening, lockable castle with 4 levels, 5 bedrooms, a celebration cake, an animal playground and a key, plus accessories to spark endless adventures
  • Iconic characters – Featuring Disney’s Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana mini-doll figures, plus 5 LEGO animal figures, this set is designed for endless imaginative adventures
  • Details to spark play – This set is designed for extended play sessions. The castle is 14 inches in height. (36 cm) high, 21 in. (53 cm wide and 3.5 inches high (9 cm) deep, and looks great displayed

LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189 – $34.99

  • Iconic features – Includes the cave explorer, 3 skeletons and 3 biomes: a dripstone cave with a rock-fall function; a lush cave with bushes, clay and torches; and a dungeon with a skeleton spawner
  • Many ways to play – Kids can build, explore, battle and operate fun features as they embark on endless Minecraft adventures, then rebuild the set for even more creative play.
  • Reconfigurable fun – Measuring over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 7.5 in. (19 cm) Wide, 5.5 inches. This versatile set is packed full of play possibilities.

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village 21188 – $129.99

  • Minecraft characters – Includes a llama herder, llama knight, savannah villager, blacksmith villager, pillager, vindicator, llama, baby llama and a baby sheep
  • The llama home is ideal for imaginative role-play in a variety room. There are 6 buildings that can be placed almost anywhere and animals to take care of.
  • Measures 12 inches. (31 cm) high, 12 in. (30 cm) wide, 11.5 in. This reconfigurable set has a wide range of play possibilities. It measures 30 cm in width and 11.5 inches deep.


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There are many Minecraft sets to choose from! They are very popular!

LEGO Star Wars 2022 Advent Calendar 75340 -$44.99

  • 8 LEGO Star Wars characters – C-3PO and R2-D2 in festive outfits, Darth Vader in a summer outfit, plus Luke Skywalker, a Clone Trooper Commander, Snowtrooper, Battle Droid and a Gonk Droid
  • 10 mini build vehicles – Republic Gunship, Droid Trifighter, ARC-170 Starfighter, Bad Batch Shuttle, Luke’s Landspeeder, T-16 Skyhopper, V-35 Landspeeder, B-wing, TIE Interceptor and Hoth AT-ST
  • 6 other mini builds – Moisture vaporator, a beach scene, ammo rack, Hoth defense turret, Hoth laser and a Wampa cave

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of The Galaxy 2022 Advent Calendar 76231 – $44.99

  • 24 daily treats – Behind each door of the LEGO Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar (76231) is a gift to inspire creative building and imaginative play
  • Iconic characters – Includes Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and Mantis minifigures and more to combine with mini builds and accessories
  • Mini build models – Buildable play experiences include a drone, the Guardians’ spaceship, a snowman in Thanos’s armor and lots more

Paw Patrol 

Paw Patrol is a great option for holiday shopping. Paw Patrol is a favorite of both boys as well as girls, much like Bluey or LEGO.

This year, Paw Patrol Big Pups Truck Stop Headquartersis going to be a winner!

  • OVER 3” FEET WIDE: Raise the control room, to transform the HQ playset into rescue mode, to create room for all 6 pups and their Big Rig Trucks, then use the launcher to race off and save the day!
  • CHASE ACTION FIGURE and TOY TRACK: Chase in his Big Truck uniform. Put Chase in the driver’s seat, head to the launcher, then push the button in the command center to blast into action!
  • LIGHTS and SOUNDS: Push the PAW Patrol badge up on the roof to activate the lights. You can also relive your favorite scenes from the show while you’re there!

This one retails for $99.99. However, Amazon and Walmart both have it for sale.


Cocomelon is sure to be huge.

The Boo Boo JJ Doll is sure to be a huge hit. I found two versions at different price points.

The basic Boo Boo JJ Doll at Walmart – $34.97

The Deluxe Boo Boo JJ Doll (Amazon Exclusive) -$44.99

Nerf is another perennial favourite!

The biggest Nerf item for this year will likely be a gelfire blaster. I don’t envy a parent cleaning it up.

Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster & 10,000 Gelfire Rounds – $79

  • 10,000 NERF PRO-GELFIRE DEHYDRATED RUNDS: Add water for soft super absorbent polymer projectiles. They fire at a high speed and explode when they hit the target. They do not require pick-up
  • NERF PRO GELFIRE FULLY AUTOMATIC MYTHIC BLAST: Has full-auto and semi-auto modes, high capacity 800-round quick-swaphopper, and removable rechargeable batteries with easy slide-in and slide-out.
  • FIRES UP TO 10 ROUNDS PER SECOND*: Select full auto or semi auto mode and fires up to 10 rounds per second for extreme rate of fire and maximum battle overload in outdoor games

Nintendo Switch OLED -$349.99

It’s basically the same system with a better and larger screen. It’s likely going to sell out quickly this year.

  • 7-inch OLED screen – Enjoy vivid colors and crisp contrast with a screen that makes colors pop
  • Wired LAN port – Use the dock’s LAN port when playing in TV mode for a wired internet connection
  • 64 GB internal storage – Save games to your system with 64 GB of internal storage
  • Enhanced audio – Enjoy enhanced sound from the system’s onboard speakers when playing in Handheld and Tabletop modes.

White Joycon

Neon Blue and Neon Red

Splatoon Edition

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Little People Barbie Dream House – $49.97

It’s like pre-Barbie for little kids.

  • Interactive Barbie DreamHouse pretend playset is for toddlers and preschoolers ages 18-months to 5 years
  • 4 play points activate fun light and 45+ songs and sounds
  • Move the elevator between all three floors.
  • Send a figure zooming down a spiral slide from the top floor to the light-up pool
  • Playset includes 2 Little People figures as well as 5 play pieces. These are all sized to be grasped and moved by small hands, strengthening fine motor skills.

You can also get a car and other figures.

Jurassic World Dominion Super Colossal Giganotosaurus Action Figure with Eating Feature – $41.97

Jurassic World and dinosaur toys are expected to be big holiday gifts. The Jurassic World Giganotosaurus seems like one that is getting a lot of attention.

  • Kids can take out all their animal instincts with this Giganotosaurus that comes in a mighty size – more than 3 FEET LONG -and can gobble up mini figures whole! Mini figures available separately and are subject to availability
  • To release the prey that was eaten by the carnivorous dinosaur, unlatch the stomach and you can start over
  • Tell tall tales! This huge figure has a marbleized finish with authentic sculpting, texture, and colors that will allow fans to easily recognize it from Jurassic World Dominion.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse

Gabby’s Dollhouse items are very popular and this holiday the dollhouse will likely be a hit.

  • OVER 2 FEET TALL: With its cat-inspired shape and colorful details, Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse looks just like the one from the show. It’s the ultimate setting for your exciting pretend play adventures!
  • ELEVATOR and DELIVERY TOWER: Explore 7 different rooms on 4 floors! Drop off deliveries at the tower, ride on the Cat-A-Vator from each floor to discover hidden surprises, and more!
  • 15 PIECES: Gabby and Pandy Paws are your friends! Also, there are 2 dollhouse deliveries, 3 accessories, and 8 furniture pieces. This includes a slide, a sofa, and a table that flips from breakfast through dinner.
  • 8 SOUNDS and Phrases: Press the button at the dollhouse to hear music, sounds, phrases, and the theme song. This exciting toy for kids requires 3 AAA batteries (not supplied).

Monster High Dolls

Monster High dolls will be back in October, and I think they will be very popular with younger viewers.

These dolls are available for you to see HERE. These ones are worth your attention.

These are only suggestions. Children are all different and won’t all enjoy the same toys! No matter what, I recommend getting started as soon as you can to avoid supply chain issues or toy shortages. Most of us don’t want to pay 3X+ the price on eBay later.

What do you think? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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