Peg Roberts with her grandchildren, Dalton and Reese, and Emma Roberts look at a line of toys at the future location of a Culver’s. Residents have embraced the prospect of Oregon’s first Culver’s and have been adding to this line of cars for a few weeks. Construction is expected to start in September.

Residents were delighted to hear late last year that Oregon would get its first Culver’s restaurant.

So when a miniature Culver’s restaurant replica showed up at the site of future restaurant last month, people decided to get in line — sort of.

Oregon Culvers

Keegan Reilly, 7, and his brother, Evan, 5, explore a growing caravan of cars, dolls and other creatures behind a model of the future Culver’s franchise on Oregon’s southeast side.

Residents began to line up behind the miniature restaurant, lining up toy trucks, dump trucks, and other vehicles. A sign that said, “We’re waiting.”Scooby Doo’s mystery machine is there, along Barbie, the Incredible Hulk, and aliens from outerspace. 

The initial line consisted of five cars. Then Chewbacca and G.I. Joe, their friends, and Chewbacca showed up. People kept bringing more cars. The line and the mini-restaurant were moved once so that the property owner could mow. It’s now at the actual location of the new restaurant at 1075 Park St., Oregon’s southeast.

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Oregon’s mini Culver’s has its very own Facebook page. Construction of the actual restaurant will begin in late September. It is expected that it will take about six to eight months.

Craig Culver is the owner of this restaurant, and it’s not a franchise. The restaurant owner is experimenting with new concepts, such as kiosks that allow staff to take orders outside of the traditional drive-thru setting.

Oregon Culvers

Residents of Oregon have embraced the prospect of a new Culver’s restaurant by contributing to a growing display of model cars lining up at a model of the franchise.

By Thursday, about 300 vehicles waited in line at the site on Park Street on the village’s southeast side.

According to a community Facebook page for Oregon, Culver’s owner Craig Culver even stopped by to leave a car and admire the line forming at the mini-restaurant.

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