BluelinkThe connected car service offered in South Korea by Hyundai automaker is known as Hyundai Connected Car Service. Nearly all available electricBluelink is available for both gasoline Hyundais and diesel Hyundais. It allows drivers to maximize the potential of a connected car. Connected cars are now an integral part in the automotive industry. They enable users to access music and make calls, navigate, control certain functions remotely, and more. Other than listening to one’s music, there are other benefits. favorite playlist using Apple CarplayAndroid Auto allows drivers to remotely update their software via the car’s ability connect with a local hotspot. The technology has made mobility more enjoyable and it’s now a contest to see who offers the best connected service.


With many beautiful models being released since its inception, Hyundai has accumulated a lot of experience in the automotive sector. It is also a leader in the electric vehicle market. the Ioniq 5An SUV with a futuristic design, good range and decent range. It’s not surprising that it was named the 2022 World Car of the Year. It is a common practice for automakers to electrify existing models, as shown in the case of Chevrolet’s Silverado EVFord’s Mustang Mach-E, and the Ioniq 5 were built from scratch.

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In the past, cars were designed to allow users to move from one place to another. Cars can now be equipped with multiple technologies that make them feel more like computers. Hyundai’sConnected car service is designed for drivers to enjoy the following: find the best routes with charging stations; control their household appliances such as boilers and air-conditioners; receive over-the-air software upgrades; enjoy a premium voice command system; and more. They can do it using the Hyundai mobile appA smartwatch, smartwatch or connected home device, such as Amazon Alexa, can be used. Bluelink’s unique feature is Remote Start with Climate. This allows drivers the ability to start the engine or the cooling function for their cabin. This feature is only available for Hyundai models with the Push Button Start function. The cars should also come with either an automatic or dual-clutch transmission. Locking and unlocking the doorsBluelink also makes it possible.

Drivers can instantly diagnose the vehicle’s health from the screen of their infotainment. If the tests find a problem, drivers can schedule maintenance by using the Service Link button at the rearview. The Destination Search function allows drivers to choose their preferred destinations via voice commands or the app. Bluelink allows drivers to see where their car was parked by opening the app. It will leave a blue pin to mark the spot. Additional offerings include Automatic Roadside Assistance (AKA), Panic Notification, Stolen Car Recovery, and others.

Bluelink is free for three years for Hyundai models 2021 and newer. Anyone who has a Hyundai model that dates back to 2013 is eligible to enroll. Bluelink but won’t get free access. You can enroll through the owner’s portal. All you need is the vehicle identification number as well as a credit/debit card.

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Source: Hyundai USA

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