World’s most interactive spinner gives parties a new spin, offers help when making decisions, and allows users to simply relax

The world’s most interactive fidget spinner has been launched today on Kickstarter, at < >The device is more than a fidget spinner, and is appealing to backers. The device can spin in multiple directions, glows and allows the user relaxation. It even helps with decision-making and turns it into something simple and enjoyable.

Conventional spinners only rotate in one direction. Users can spin ICHOXER three times and feel stress and anxiety disappear. “You can even let your finger go with it, experiencing a use-anywhere instant relaxation experience that only such an interactive spinner can offer,”Leon from the ICHOXER campaign said this. The device spins and produces a special mechanical sound. “da-da”Sound that can help users relax or even meditate

ICHOXER’s innovative feature is the combination of the digital dial and the main dial with multiple options. This makes any decision-making process, no matter how complex or light, surprisingly simple. This fidget spinner makes it easy for anyone to make decisions, such as choosing what to eat or getting workout guidance. “In fact, ICHOXER comes with multiple blank strips for the dial that you can personalize,”The crowdfunder details.

ICHOXER also features a fluorescent function. The box comes equipped with fluorescent lights, and a violet light to illuminate the device. “It looks amazing, and it’s a spectacular effect,”Leon spoke about the relaxing effects of this special glowing glow. ICHOXER Fidget Spinners are safe for children to use and are also strong and durable.

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Kickstarter: The ICHOXER Fidget Spinner Campaign

The campaign seeks to raise $3,000 to finance large-scale production of this fidget. It will be available early and at a special price for backers who support it.

About Use

SOVMACN developed the ICHOXER Fidget Spinner. This brand is owned and operated Shenzhen OVMAN Technology Co. We have 15 years of industry design experience and product launching success stories. We also have a well-established supply chain resource and experience. We are creating special gadgets that customers can use to create and share content on social media.

For more information, please visit:> or contact Leon on [email protected]

Media Contact
Name of the company: Ovmacn.Inc
Contact Person Leo zhu
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 13825262098
Country: United States

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