LEGO is proud to offer toys for all ages. DUPLO is for the very little ones, and regular LEGO is for the rest. “big kids.”What about the in-between phase? When your child’s motor skills aren’t ready for those tiny bricks? Here’s where it all begins LEGO’s 4 and up sets — featuring bigger bricks and fewer pieces — can really come in handy.

DUPLO is best suited for children aged 1 1/2 to 3 years. DUPLO is a popular choice for 4-year-olds. However, many may not be able to stop playing with it for long enough to get bored. This is why parents should look out for LEGO sets with big red or white bricks. “4+”On the packaging

These sets are made up of slightly larger building elements and have fewer blocks. For example, the Cinderella Castle for 6 to 12-year-olds The 585-piece set includes 4+ Cinderella Castle Celebration pieces, while the 168-piece set contains only 168 pieces.

This is a great idea. Little builders can sometimes find it frustrating to switch between DUPLO and regular LEGO sets. It’s just a lot There are many pieces to take care of. A smaller set is more manageable and doesn’t overwhelm children. It increases the likelihood that a child can successfully place the pieces and decreases the risk of them throwing a few rainbow bricks around in a rage.

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Romper was able to see some of the newer 4+ LEGO sets at the New York Toy Fair. It’s a nice mix between character-themed sets and standard play themes like bulldozers and trucks.

The Cinderella’s Castle Celebration set, which features turrets and a princess and their animal friends, as well a tiny tea set, is super cute.

I love the Construction Bulldozer set. It even comes with a little wrecking ball. You know what’s more fun than building with LEGO? Destruction. This kit is sure for little masters of destruction.

Maybe your 4-year old is a keen surfer and would love the Friends Juice Truck. It includes a blender, pineapple for said blender, as well as a surfboard for when it’s time to take a break.

Maybe your little one is influenced by an older sibling and longs to be a Ninjago player like his big brother. Kai’s Fire Dragon set may be the answer. It still features the Ninjago boys, but it is only 81 pieces. This makes it much easier to play.

Maybe your child doesn’t like characters or juicing. Maybe your child just loves… the color Blue. This Classic Creative Blue starter set is a great option. They can make a blue whale, blue robot, or blue train with the 52 pieces. It costs only $4.99

You can also find other 4+ options. Trollz Lonesome Flats Raft AdventureAnd this Menace of Mysterio set.

It’s so much fun that popular sets such as Minions, Disney, Marvel, and others can be easily accessible to younger children who are just starting to build bricks. We hope these sets will encourage more building and less LEGO bricks stuck under the sofa or in the vacuum.

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