A selection from the new LEGO City sets for 2019 have been found for the first time – available to buy at a Canadian retailer.

Some of the 2019 developments are actually quite surprising. LEGOMastermind Toys Canada customers have already been able to purchase sets. The chain has eight new sets. LEGO CitySets that show an eclectic mix of subjects for the long-running theme of life. These images were collected by the Brick FanWho found them on? Reddit.

60212 Barbecue Burn Out
60213 Dock Side Fire
60216 Downtown Fire Brigade
60218 Desert Rally Racer
60220 Garbage Truck
60221 Diving Yacht
60222 Snow Groomer
60223 Harvester Transport

While 60212 Barbecue Burn OutIt may be the norm for LEGO City, 60213 Dock Side FireThis is a unique approach for a fire fighting set. A new aspect to the set is the burning shell of a building including, with a crane accompanying it to illustrate that it is still under construction – so no LEGOMinifigure citizens may have been injured.

60222 Snow GroomerThis is a completely different type of vehicle CityThis shows how diverse the climate is.

Brick Fanatics continues to be supported by your purchase LEGOSets starting at shop.LEGO.com AmazonUse our affiliate links.

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