LEGO is celebrating 2020 with a number of new City sets. The Brothers Brick has a sneak peak! Today we’re looking at one of the smallest, 60255 Stunt TeamThis set contains 62 pieces. It includes 2 minifigures, 2 vehicles, and a stunt ramp. This set will be made available in North America and the UK on December 26th, 2019. ($9.99 USD | $13.99 CAD | £8.99 UK)

The box and instructions

The packaging for this set doesn’t deviate from the standard City formatting we’ve come to expect. The front of this box features the two vehicles in action and racing arena art. The back is the same as the front, except that an insert shows the motorcycle in greater detail.

The box contains two parts bags and an instruction booklet. I expected a sticker sheet, and was thrilled to find out that there wasn’t one. The printed parts of all the decorated parts can be found here.

LEGO CITY 60255 - Box contents

The build

The bags have a good mix of fun and useful parts for a small city set. There’s a certain amount of repetition once you get past the glamorous things like the motorcycle bits, but there’s a good array of useful elements for when you decide to take the set apart and make something else with it.

LEGO CITY 60255 - Loose parts

The builds are very simple, which is quite normal for such a small set. The standard design of the motorcycle is composed of the base, fairing and wheels. A handlebar piece is also included. This is the first instance of this design. fairingIt was released in dark green. The printed decoration is also unique. I like the design.

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LEGO CITY 60255 - Motorcycle side

The ATV is a bit more complicated, but it is still very easy to build. The 1×2 “Vita Rush”Cheese slope is a new section, and this is the first attempt. those wheelsHave been in this color. In 2019, the Vita Rush brand was featured in LEGO City. 60218 – Desert Rally Racer. Maybe we’re looking at some sort of Octan subsidiary!

LEGO CITY 60255 - Vehicle build

The ramp is also pretty simple, but makes good use of curved slopes to bridge the gap between the baseplate and whatever surface you’re playing on. A row of 1×1 plates with shaftsEach is topped with a fuel jet and serves as a gas jet. flameIn transparent orange

LEGO CITY 60255 -Ramp build

The final model

Once you’ve assembled the ramp and vehicles, you’re done with construction and ready to play. This set does lean pretty heavily on imagination to expand the scene beyond the ramp, but at least there aren’t any stud-shooters included just to say they had a play feature.

LEGO CITY 60255 - Action!


This set features two very clever racer figures. The Vita Rush driver wears a dark blue racing helmet that’s appeared a few times previously. The new faceprint on the motorcycle rider is standard black, as well as the helmet.

LEGO CITY 60255 - Minis

The figures have back printing on the torsos. It would have been nice to see alternate facial expressions and dual-molding of printing on the legs. However, the figures are quite solid as is. The motorcycle rider would be pretty easy to mix into any City setting, although you’d need to add your own hairpiece. Maybe this character is more comfortable being bald. Who am I?

Conclusion and Recommendations

I love this little City set. Two decent vehicles, two good looking minifigures, and a bonus ramp; there’s a lot packed into this tiny package. The ramp is worth the price. “Stunt Team”It adds a lot of fun to the experience. The motorcycle is probably the real stand-out of the set, and I have a feeling we’ll see it in many fan City displays for years to come. It’ll be interesting to see if the color/deco combination stays exclusive to this set.
The builder in me also appreciates the row of flames from the ramp build – those little parts have a lot of potential in other MOC builds. And it’s worth mentioning again that LEGO didn’t go with a sticker sheet for the Vita Rush logo or motorcycle details. My thumbs up for printed parts is always big.
This feels like a good deal at $9.99 US. If you’re a City enthusiast, you might even consider picking up a couple of them…particularly if you’re a motorcycle-loving City enthusiast.

Stunt Team will be available at the LEGO Shop Online $9.99 USD | $13.99 CAD | £8.99 UKIt will be available beginning December 26th in the UK, and January 1st North America. It is also available through third-party vendors Amazon eBay.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick a copy of this set early for review. TBB will not be covered or given positive reviews if they are provided with products to review.

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