One more display-oriented set will be included in the Harry Potter summer 2022 wave. 76406 Hungarian Horntail Dragon. This is the third of a series of large-scale, flapping, winged creature builds based on the Harry Potter theme. Those models were smaller, closer to 1:14 or 1:2. The scale of this build is smaller than the first two. Here’s our review of the set, which contains 671 pieces and 1 minifigure, and is available now for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99.

This set is based on a license that The LEGO Group has with Warner Brothers films, and not J.K. Rowling. Rowling’s transphobic views do not reflect The Brothers Brick’s values. those of The LEGO Group. Rowling’s magical world, which allowed people to see themselves in a different way, was a huge blessing for many, even those Rowling now degrades. TBB affirms each individual LEGO fan’s choice to claim a piece of the world for themselves, or to reject it entirely.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set to review. TBB is not guaranteed coverage or positive reviews by providing products for review.

The contents

The instructions, five numbered bags and a small sticker sheet are all contained in the box. Two cloth wing pieces are also included. They are protected by a plastic sleeve that contains a card.

These parts include a decent assortment of reddish browns, dark tans, and some other notable elements.

  • Technic 1L axle with tow ball – a first appearance in dark tan!
  • Technic axle connector in dark tan – you get 6, and was previously quite rare
  • Cattle horns in tan – these have only appeared in the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set and the Mola RamMinifigure from 2009 before
  • White Technic half pins – these returned in 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, but before that  had not been seen since 2005, and could be quite expensive on the secondary market.
  • Candles in dark tan – there are a huge number of these in the Colosseum, but otherwise it’s still quite rare.
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The build

The overall build is very similar to Hedwig and Fawkes – a base holding an angled stand, with a central core containing the gearing for the wing motion. Each base is finished and decorated in a different manner depending on the subject. The body fills in around this core and wing mechanism. The Hungarian Horntail base is finished in a rocky area, similar to the place Harry must retrieve the golden egg. It’s appropriate, but it does look a bit less polished than the smoother finishes for Hedwig and Fawkes. The transparent rod can be used to pose Harry fleeing.

The wing mechanism is smooth, but again, if you’ve built one of the other flying creatures, it won’t be new. The combination of gears, knobs gears, and liftarms produces a fluid motion that is almost flapping.

After the core is done, the rest of the build consists of layering plates and details on – and spikes, lots of spikes – for the legs and tail, and assembling the skeletal frame of the wings. It’s a bit disappointing that the eyes are stickers, instead of being brick-built details, or at the very least printed elements.

The back is great, but side views are limited by the lack of posing the legs. From the front, including at an angle, or from the back, it’s a pretty good-looking beast.

And what about the motion? There’s a pretty good downstroke and you can imagine the Whoosh struggling to stand as the Horntail takes to the air in front of you, and the terror of those weirdly flat eyes… oops.

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The minifigure

The only minifigure that was actually available for this set was Harry Potter wearing a Triwizard Tournament costume. This is the second Harry Potter version in his dragon fighting gear. Both have printed legs. They both have double-sided heads with contrast expressions. Which torso you prefer is a matter of personal taste in our opinion; they’re both good.

This is the only model with printed or dual-molded arms. However, it has both. This figure is a Triwizard Harry masterpiece. The incredible detail is breathtaking.

Conclusion and recommendation

This set is a mix of both. This set is a mix of the two before. “flying sculpture” sets, it’s $10 more for fewer than 100 additional pieces, and the sculpture itself is not as successful a model of the subject. Compare to the previous Hungarian Horntail, it’s a Much nicer model, but it’s also twice as expensive and you only get one minifigure instead of four. But that one minifigure, while very nice, is $50 for 671 pieces. That’s a great deal, especially for a licensed collection! So what’s our recommendation? This one could be a great addition to your collection if the other two kinetic sculptures are already in your possession. You might be drawn in by the Horntail dragon. If you’re a minifigure completionist, you’ll want to get this version of Harry. And if you’re looking for dark tan and reddish brown parts, this might be the parts pack for you. Otherwise, it’s probably a pass – or at least wait for a sale.

76406 Hungarian Horntail DragonIncludes 671 pieces and one minifigure. It is now available at the LEGO Shop and worldwide US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99Amazon. It may also be available at third-party vendors eBay.

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The LEGO Group provided a review copy of the set to The Brothers Brick. TBB is not guaranteed coverage or positive reviews by providing products for review.

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