Attention all Harry Potter– and Lego-lovers alike: Lego just announced it’ll be releasing a brand new themed set — its largest HP set to date — that you and your kids are going to put directly onto your holiday wishlists. Hogwarts Castle is back, and it’s better than ever (compared to the first castle set) with 6,020 pieces and four minifigures. There are also 27 microfigures. Hagrid, the Whomping Will, five boats, and Hagrid’s Hut, the Whomping Wil, as well as Hagrid’s hut. The castle is filled with rooms and corridors from throughout series including Dolores Umbridge’s pink workplace and Snape’s Potions class.

This version will include Ron Weasley. This is likely inspired by the millions upon millions of complaints about the discontinued Hogwarts Lego Lego set. This set is more expensive than the others due to its many features, and the fact that it has more pieces than the other sets. You’ll need to spend about $400 to add Hogwarts castle to your collection.

Check out all the photos that we have so far from the set, which will be available Sept. 1. on the Lego websiteAlso available in Lego stores (Aug. VIP Lego members).

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