The Lego Group unveiled a brand new design. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express collector’s edition set and it’s rich with detail from the franchise’s most memorable film moments.

The elaborate set measures 118cm in length and is made up of 5,129 pieces. It also includes the steam engine.

The Lego Group is launching a competition to celebrate this release. It will allow three families to board a real-life Hogwarts Express. This competition includes a movie showing and a luxury stay inside a bespoke carriage.

But while the set will only be available to purchase from the end of August 2022 on the Lego website, the competition opens today – and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Find out how to purchase the latest Lego Harry PotterContinue reading to find out more about lego set and how you can enter the competition to remain on the real Hogwarts Express.

Lego ‘Harry Potter’: Hogwarts Express collector’s edition: £429.99, – available 31 August 2022


  • Price: £429.99
  • Model number: #76405
  • Dimensions: L118cm, H26.8cm, W20.8cm
  • Number of pieces 5,129
  • Ages: 18+

Few trains are as iconic as the Hogwarts Express. The Lego set is a great way to celebrate it. It features the scarlet red steam engine, as well as a turning lever that activates driving wheels, a coal car, and a passenger vehicle with three bricks that each light up.

If saving for display purposes only, you’ll be pleased to know it sits on a track-display-base which can be attached to a replica of platform nine and three quarters at different points along the three carriages. If you’re looking to recreate some of the most famous scenes from the movie, play is possible. The Philosopher’s Stone,Prisoner of Azkaban, AndThe Half-Blood Prince If you are more interested in the goal of the day, the included 20 minifigures can surely bring a smile to your face.

This impressive set doesn’t come cheap though, and is priced at £429.99. But you’ve got some time to pop to Gringott’s bank as the set will only be available to buy from 31 August 2022.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more affordable recreation of the Hogwarts Express – and one that’s more child-friendly – then set #75955 is a good choice. Another recreation of the magical locomotive, it’s recommended for children ages 8-14 and is available to purchase now (£79.99,

Available 31 August 2022

How to enter the Lego Hogwarts Express contest

In celebration of the Hogwarts Express set’s launch, the Lego Group is offering fans the opportunity to win the chance to play, build and stay on a real Lego Hogwarts Express train.

Families are invited to participate in the one-night experience that includes Lego playing. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set (£429.99,, a movie screening and a luxury stay in a bespoke carriage. It’s the perfect package for fans of Lego and Harry Potter.

The competition is open for families with up to two adults and two children and will be open until September 4, at 11:59 PM BST. The competition is open to anyone aged 18 and over, with eligible children between 7 and 16. You can find all terms and conditions on the Lego website.

The prize includes:

  • Stay on the Lego Hogwarts Express train from Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
  • Breakfast and dinner at the Great Station Hall
  • Overnight stay at the Hogwarts Express Common Room Carriage
  • Harry Potter movie screening
  • Return travel to Yorkshire in order to join the train
  • There are many Legos Harry PotterSets to play and…
  • The new Lego Harry PotterHogwarts Express to Take Home

Enter the competition now

Do you feel nostalgic? You feel nostalgic? Lego sets for adults

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