A brand new LEGO Star WarsDisney Plus animated special has been released titled LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation. After celebrating Life Day in 2020 and getting scared by some terrifying tales last year, our main characters are now trying to relax and have some fun aboard (cue in Disney’s shameless plug of their expensive hotel) the Halcyon starcruiser.


Finn is afraid of losing his friends and tries to maximize their time together, but quickly realizes they are not all on one boat. Rey prefers to lay by the pool and relax, while Poe is eager to participate in all the activities available. The group disperses quickly and Finn, while searching for them, is visited three Force ghosts who attempt to teach him three important lessons. They are Anakin, Obi-Wan and Leia and each share a story about a vacation they took back in the day.


The experience was a great pleasure. LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special That was released a few years ago. It was lighthearted fun, which I always appreciate. Star Wars doesn’t take itself too seriously, something LEGO is obviously great at. Terrifying Tales, however, wasn’t as memorable to me, and I am afraid this one is the one that worked the least for me, especially in the beginning. Obi-Wan’s story was not good at all, and even though I don’t mind when LEGO pokes some fun at our characters and exaggerates their personality (something that they did to great effect here with the Emperor, I think), I was not a fan of what they did with Obi-Wan. The flashback character is not the same as the one in the movies or the latest Disney Plus series. This annoyed me a lot. Although I tried to remember that these specials were not meant to be taken seriously at all, the LEGO humor is something I enjoy and it was very frustrating in this section of the movie.

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Another segment is about the Emperor and Darth Vader. This was a segment that I enjoyed a lot, oddly enough. I enjoyed the humor, as well as the characters between them. Maybe it’s because I’m already used to what they do with these two characters in the LEGO specials, and this was the perfect continuation of that, but I thoroughly enjoyed how the Emperor’s influence over his apprentice, and Vader’s almost total submission to his master.


Last but not least, General Leia Organa tells us a story about Ben Solo. Although the story was quite compelling, I enjoyed the Solo family dynamics and the father-son interactions that Han and Ben had. I know these are exaggerations and not to be taken seriously (they are probably not even canon, though I am not sure if a decision has been made either way), but I’ll take what I can get.


LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation


To wrap up, I should also mention that these LEGO® figures are available for purchase. Star WarsSpecials continue to explore Finn’s potential as a Jedi. Rey trained Finn in The Holiday Special, here it is made abundantly clear that if he were not a Jedi, he wouldn’t be getting visits by Force ghosts. I don’t know if Lucasfilm will ever explore this story thread in live-action, but the fact that at least they are acknowledging it even in a dumb Disney Plus special is certainly promising for now.


If you’re looking for the next great, here are some suggestions. Star Warspiece of content, I strongly recommend waiting for Andor. Check out if you are looking for lighthearted entertainment to make your day go more quickly. Summer Vacation.


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LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation


LEGO Star Wars Summer VacationDisney Plus now has it. David Shayne is the writer. Ken Cunningham is also the executive producer. It also features the voices “Weird Al”Yankovic plays Vic Vankoh, and Yvette Nicole Brown plays Colvett Valeria. Thomas Lennon plays Wick Cooper. Paul F. Tompkins plays Rad. Dee Bradley Baker plays Boba Fett. Ashly Burch plays Sidero. Trevor Devall portrays Emperor Palpatine. Trevor Devall portrays C-3PO. Trevor Devall portrays Emperor Palpatine. Trevor Devall portrays C-3PO. Trevor Devall portrays Emperor. Allie Tran as Rose.


If you haven’t seen it yet, you may consider checking out this clip that was released just before the premiere on Disney Plus:



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