New Delhi: Sustainability is now an integral part our everyday lives. Being sustainable is more than a benefit. It’s an essential business factor. Toy manufacturers are now looking to implement innovative sustainable strategies to meet the growing demand for products that protect the environment.

Sustainability is about understanding and reducing the impact of the materials used to make the products we use. It also includes the disposal of any packaging that has been discarded and the final destination. The rapidly growing toy industry has been influenced by sustainable toys and games made from high quality plastic or wire sourced from responsible sources or recycled material.

Today’s parents recognize the value of teaching their children to be eco-conscious, and are looking for ways to instill that love for our planet. They will learn to care for our planet by being introduced to sustainable toys.

A shocking ninety per cent of children’s toys are filled with plastic toys. If you want to be a responsible parent, you need to shift to durable toys that are safe for children. Vick Rana, Red Ridge Global Limited Group Chairman, shares organic toys that can provide your child with many benefits:

Dough: Dough is gluten-free and made from rice flour and clay from mud or sand. It also contains parts made from 100% recycled material. Containers made from food grade virgin plastic. Dissolvable plastic packaging wraps are used. Soy ink is used for printing and packing. You can have hours of fun with natural play dough. Other benefits include fine motor skills development, creativity, hand-eye coordination enhancement, and better social skills.

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Recycled pencils: These pencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers and do not require the cutting of new trees to make new paper. They can be used to replace wooden counterparts. It is estimated that around 8 million trees are chopped down each year to make 2 billion pencils. These pencils are the saviours of the environment. Salvaged pencils are often made from recycled newspapers that have been converted into mulch. This mulch holds the graphite and is baked for drying. These water-soluble capsules contain seeds of herbs and vegetables. They make the pencils more plantable and help to balance the carbon footprint. The old paper that is thrown away is reprocessed and turned into pencils.

Steel/metal scooters/vehicles – These toys are made from recycled zinc, plastic and 1% non-recycled steel. They usually come in zero-plastic packaging that is made from paper or wood fibre. These toys are designed to raise environmental consciousness in children and help them steer the future towards a sustainable future.

Wooden puzzles – Perhaps the best advantage of a wooden jigsaw is its durability. Each puzzle piece is stronger and more rigid because it is made from wood. They are not as susceptible to damage and tatty edges like cardboard pieces.

The cutting-edge laser technology used in its creation ensures that the puzzle pieces are perfectly matched. These puzzles are made from wood, which is a more durable material and can be laser cut to perfection. This adds an extra level of complexity, such as the details on the whimsical shapes that make them live.

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These toys are not the only sustainable toys. They include chess made from uncut, spare, or even broken stones or marbles, chess boards like Gilli danda and carom boards, Gilli dadana, Cloth puppets as well as woven/ sewn fabric ball, swings from tires or bamboo bats, and other table games such as Gilli danda and Gilli danda.

“Awareness of how to make sustainable choices while investing in toys has been growing. Although these green toys do benefit from being recyclable and bio-degradable, it is still vital for consumers to check if the product is from a certified sustainable source or not. It is important to do a thorough check of the ingredients or component materials labelled on the toys. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has instructed that all-electric and non-electric toys bear the ISI mark, and toys that are sole without an ISI mark are not permitted to be traded in the country. Hence while buying toys, it is important to check for toxicity, safety, and standard materials through the BIS mark for both electronic and non-electronic toys,”Vick Rana.

It can be difficult to keep tabs on all that happens in the kid’s world right now. However, this is a great time for sustainability because there are many options and accessibility. The industry is certain that toys will be made from environmentally-friendly materials, use less packaging materials and can be recycled.

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