McCandless Police have arrested a Richland man for abuse of a body. He was accused of driving around Pittsburgh in a vehicle that contained the body McCandless women, who died from an overdose and left the vehicle outside her apartment without telling anyone.

Patrick W. McCurry, 43 was also charged on Aug. 16 for driving with a suspended/revoked license. He is scheduled to appear before District Judge William Wagner on Sept. 28.

McCandless Police responded to the Harmony Drive home of Nicole L. Dull (41), on June 21. Her body was found in her Nissan Murano. According to a police affidavit, police saw Dull’s body reclined in the passenger seat. The sunroof was left open, and the vehicle was unlocked.

Dull’s daughter Gia Galutzi identified her mother’s body and said she had last spoken with her the night prior.

McCurry stated to police that he had driven Dull in his Nissan to William Flynn Highway on June 20, according court records. According to court records McCurry said that Dull went to get drugs, and then returned to the house. Later, he realized that she may have overdosed.

McCurry stated that he gave Narcan to Dull. Dull had previously told McCurry that she kept Narcan in her purse. He helped her into the Nissan and drove her home.

McCandless police stated in an affidavit supporting McCurry’s charges that traffic cameras around Pittsburgh showed McCurry driving, and Dull in the exact same position where she was found dead on June 21.

Police say that McCurry didn’t go right to Dull’s apartment, but drove with her body around the city.

McCurry claimed that he believed Dull was dead when they arrived at her house, but that he was too afraid to check to make sure she was still breathing. According to the police affidavit.

According to police, McCurry left her body in the car parked outside her home. McCurry stated to police that he did nothing to notify anyone that her body was in her car. According to the affidavit, he also did not knock on her home.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office on Aug. 9 ruled that Dull died of fentanyl toxicity, and her death was ruled an accident.

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