Project24 is the codename of the next Maserati super sports car. Looking at the rendered images, it appears that the concept car still hasn’t been manufactured. The company claims that it “inherits the specifications of the Maserati MC20″It will be more sophisticated. To put it into context, it will use the same V6 Nettuno engine as the MC20, but Project24 will include turbochargers to boost the power to 740 horsepower — this is 119 horsepower more than that of the MC20. 

Maserati’s next limited vehicle will also be lighter than 2,755 lbs. This means that it will be lighter and have a higher power-to-weight ratio than its predecessor, the MC20. It weighs in at around 3,300 pounds. It will also have a carbon ceramic brake system and a better suspension. Project24 will also use a six speed sequential gearbox, instead of the eight speed dual-clutch transmission found on the MC20. It does include a rear-wheel drive, just like the MC20.

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