LEGO has made a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set before, but this new Collector’s Edition LEGO 76405 Hogwarts Express set is better than the others. 71043 Hogwarts Castle set (LEGO Shop)It is huge in size. It includes 5129 pieces as well as 20 minifigures. LEGO celebrates the launch of the set by hosting a contest offering the chance to win the set. “play, build and stay on a real LEGO Hogwarts Express train.”Below is everything you need to know about Hogwarts Express LEGO set, and the contest. 

The 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition set is built in 1:32 scale, and features a replica of Platform 9 ¾, a buildable engine, coal tender and a 3-room passenger car with light bricks, a steam engine complete with a turning lever to activate the driving wheels, and the ability to recreate four iconic scenes:

  • Movie 1: When the trio meets for the first time
  • Movie 3: Lupin saves Harry From the Dementor
  • Movie 6: Luna saves Harry (from Draco’s curse).
  • Movie 8: Albus Severus Pot goes to Hogwarts

The 20 minifigures that make up the Harry Potter LEGO Set are also inspired from fan-favorite film moments.

  • Movie 1: Hermione Ron and Harry
  • Movie 3: Hermione (Ron, Harry and Lupin), and a dementor
  • Movie 6: Luna Malfoy, Harry and Luna
  • Movie 8: Harry, Ginny, and their three children Albus Severus and Lily Luna, as well as James Sirius and James Sirius. 
  • 2 Hogwarts students Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
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The Harry Potter Hogwarts Collector’s Edition set can be purchased here available to order here at the LEGO ShopGet one now for only $499.99 You can reserve yours now as they will sell out quickly. The previously released 75955 Hogwarts Express LEGO Set is now available. available here on AmazonFor $73.99 Additional images of this set are available in our gallery. 

See the LEGO Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express Set at

For the Hogwarts express contest, there are three families that can each consist of two adults (or more) and two children (or less). “will get to take part in a magical adventure along one of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful heritage railway lines. The one-night experience also includes playing with the new LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set, a movie screening and a luxury stay in a bespoke carriage, peppered with moments of LEGO and Harry Potter magic”. The prize includes:

  • Stay on the LEGO Hogwarts Express train from Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
  • Breakfast and dinner in the Great Station Hall
  • Overnight stay at the Hogwarts Express Common Room Carriage
  • Harry Potter Movie screening
  • Return travel to Yorkshire for the train
  • There are plenty of LEGO Harry Potter sets and LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express sets to choose from.

LEGO notes that the contest remains open to all. VIPs only (free to join) and you can enter the contest via the VIP rewards center until September 4th. 

LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #2



LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #3



LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #4



LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #5



LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #6



LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition #7



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