Toy Review: Mezco 12 Collective Wolverine Deluxe steel Box Edition

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Mezco’If you have the money, the s One to 12 Collection figures are what most collectors would be interested in. As basic mass-retail figures rise to $30, more deluxe figures might look more reasonable at $80-$150. Others may call their figures something else “ultimate”Because they have an alternate head, and a few accessories. Mezco calls this Wolverine simply “deluxe,”All this and more:

And this…

These are AAA batteries which provide enough light to illuminate the Sentinel base. The white lights even flicker like they’re losing energy. Logan even sculpted the base so it looks clawed to death.

Alternate looks can be achieved by popping the left eye in and out.

The first thing you’ll find inside the tin is a disclaimer warning that this is not a toy suitable for children. It isn’t, mainly because it’s too fiddly and easily breakable if not handled carefully. The heads can be removed and put back on quickly; the hands are a source of anxiety for the smallest moment. If the shoulder pads become detached from the shoulders, it takes some skill to reattach them.

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Those arm hairs use such subtle painting that it’s only really obvious in the close-up photos. These figures are renowned for their fine detail. The tiny outfits look as if they were larger, and the intricate tailoring makes them look even more comfortable. The leggings and spandex-y body are just right for any pose. These figures are made for display, posing and photo shoots. Collectors can choose their Wolverine by choosing from a variety of options.

It’s not as simple as just masked or unmasked. This figure’s heads include comic-style unmasked, movie hairstyle unmasked (not a Hugh Jackman face, but his hairdo), first appearance open-mouthed, first appearance closed mouth, classic open-mouth, classic closed-mouth, and battle damaged. There’s also a loose, around-the-neck mask to use with the unmasked heads.

Open and closed hands can be made with claws, without claws, and bone claw hands. There is also a right-hand pointing fingers. Multiple slashing effects attach to all claws, some snugly and some loosely balanced.

It might be a wise decision to leave his belt alone. The default black belt sticks a bit to your rubbery undies because of its packaging. It’s designed to come off, though, replaceable by a red belt with two interchangeable buckles — standard and X-logo. These are less likely to come off. They’re more meant to help you reach your ideal custom and then glue it in place than to switch out regularly. Once removed, both belts can move up the torso. It is best to keep your black belt there, but only slightly stuck by friction.

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The giant “X”The slash effect looks great from the front, and the claws fit into the easily-findable holes.

From the side? Not quite so much.

A note about scale. One: Twelve makes it sound so calculated. It’s almost as if they measured Wolverine’s height and then scaled it down. Not quite — like many figures with cloth outfits, Wolverine uses a more generic body. And Mezco’s 1:12 isn’t Hasbro’s 1;12, for example.

The articulation on both is about the same, with Mezco’s appeal being that they’re under clothes for a more realistic look. As with most Mezco figures, the figure’s sewn into the outfit, which cannot come off without destroying it.

Many Mezco figures come with a zipper bag made of plastic that can be used for accessories. Mezco doesn’t need this as much as most because the figures come with trays that can fit every accessory. A collector tin is also available in this case. Ziploc bags for extras are a great idea.

The Sentinel base allows foot pegs to plug into several ports. However, none of these are included in this set. But the plastic arm, which attaches to Mezco base bases, does. The flat logo base is simply equipped with a foot peg.

Many people may enjoy swapping out Wolverine parts, but most will assemble their favorite. Here, that’s the battle-damaged head, metal claw hands with one fist and one open, and the black belt. Slash effects are fun, but they don’t seem necessary.

It’s a great display piece, with lots of options. It’s a great display piece that should be enjoyed by stop-motion animators. Entertainment Earth’s price tag of $155 may seem steep to some, but that’s partly because diorama base bits cost quite a bit in themselves. Add a multi-port port for waist clips to make an aerial battle with multiple Mezco X-Men. You can get better deals by adding light-up effects with convincing flickering and other attractive features.

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For fans of the yellow and blue comic-based Wolverine, it’s hard to imagine what more a figure would need. One could argue that Mezco are the best at what they do. They do a great job. See the gallery below to see more.

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