DEVAstated parents claimed their children were in tears after they went to Paw Patrol Live, only to find that the show was cancelled minutes before it was scheduled to start.

Jessica Shepherd, 51, drove her grandchild and daughter for an hour and a quarter to see her hero pups perform at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, Wednesday.


Jessica’s three-year-old daughter Amber is pictured with Nancy before the showCredit: Jessica Shepherd
The Paw Patrol fan couldn't wait to see the show and was left devastated when it was scrapped at the eleventh hour


Paw Patrol fan was eager to see the show, but was devastated when it was cancelled at the eleventh hour.Credit: Jessica Shepherd

The gran and her daughter, from Elm, Cambs., splashed £90 on tickets in total and kept the show a surprise from her Paw Patrol-crazed granddaughter Nancy until just days before.

Jessica said the little one knows “all the characters”And she couldn’t contain her excitement as the journey ended.

The family found out about the cancellation of the show after they had taken their seats with Jessica’s friend Zoe and her two children, Zoe, 4 and 13.

“It was absolutely awful,”Jessica shared her story with The Sun Online.

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“We went to the theatre and sat down in our seats. We counted down, trying to guess which characters were coming on. All the children were excited.

“Then, just as the show was about start, there was a tannoy announcement that said the show had been cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances.

“The children were all just devastated. They were all dressed up in their favourite characters and they were crying. 

“There were mothers going crazy at staff. To me it looked as though staff at Nottingham Arena weren’t aware [it was being cancelled]They looked equally shocked.”

Jessica said that their group didn’t believe it when they first heard the announcement, so they assumed the Paw Patrol pups would. “come and save the day”.

However, families remained in their seats until showtime. Staff members were forced to read an announcement on the stage.

Jessica’s friend Zoe, who was also there, said: “The poor arena staff didn’t know, they were still letting people in.

“They just stated that there was a statement to be followed on the website.

“When you go on the Paw Patrol Facebook page they’d announced at 1.10pm it wasn’t going to happen. They just said it wouldn’t be happening.”

A statement on Paw Patrol Live’s Facebook page read yesterday: “Unfortunately, due to cast illness, we will not be able to go ahead with the remaining two performances in Nottingham today. 

Outside the arena it was awful – there was kids crying… I know it sounds ridiculous but when there are children involved, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Jessica Shepherd

“An update will be circulated shortly about the next steps regarding your tickets for the show.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Facebook users were quick to comment, with one mum writing: “Absolutely disgusting. We’ve travelled from Bristol to see this show. We bought snacks, drinks, and merchandise at 1pm. 

“The announcement was made at 1:35pm over a tannoy. The crowd thought it was funny. We could only hear the children crying out of disappointment and booing. Why didn’t you have a back up?”

Amber, Jessica, & Zoe took their kids to a softplay centre and Pizza Express later that evening to help ease the blow.

However, they ended up spending a lot more than they wanted to and ended up spending hundreds for the day.


Jessica said: “For them not to even bring one character on stage to compensate the children.

“We said we’d take them to the soft play because we felt we had to do something with them.

“But outside the arena it was awful – there were kids crying… I know it sounds ridiculous but when there are children involved, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

She added: “On Paw Patrol Live’s Facebook it was announced half an hour earlier than when we were told – so that’s the main thing, they’ve had us all in there spending money when you knew it was cancelled. It’s wrong.

“And if a cast member is that sick that it’s wiped out all the other cast members in an hour, what is wrong with them? We want to know.”

Jessica’s friend Zoe said she has applied for a refund for her tickets, which she spent £120 on in total.

She says she spent around an additional £200 on extras for the day, including petrol, food and drink.

The mother-of-two was informed that a new replacement date has been added to the show, but it falls on the day kids are due back to school. “not ideal”.

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She was also informed that a refund would take up to thirty days.

Paw Patrol Live was contacted for comment.

Jessica's grandkids Tommy and Nancy couldn't wait to watch Paw Patrol Live in Nottingham


Tommy and Nancy, Jessica’s grandkids were thrilled to see Paw Patrol Live in Nottingham.Credit: Jessica Shepherd
Zoe pictured with her two children Mika and Carter


Zoe with her two children Mika & Carter

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