Parents with young children have seen PAW Patrol, the ever-evolving rescue missions of a group ostensibly technology-loaded dogs led by Ryder, a young Bruce Wayne-esque child billionaire.

Until 2021’s blockbuster release of PAW Patrol: The Movie, audiences were only really familiar with the quaint seaside village of Adventure Bay and a handful of its hapless adult residents.

The movie also introduced us to Adventure City, a neighboring city. Vancouver, that is, without any doubt, what we think.

Lions Gate Bridge

For those that haven’t yet watched the movie, let us set the scene for you. It opens with a Canadian truck driver driving a tanker of maple syrup, and he crashes on… the Lions Gate Bridge.

Vancouverites were almost immediately frightened when they saw the truck suspended from cables on the bridge’s side.

Paw Patrol: The Movie. (Spin Master Entertainment/Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. (Shutterstock)

The Lions Gate Bridge was originally built by Guinness (yes, beer people) in order to help develop the North Shore. It is an iconic landmark that is often photographed in Vancouver.

Paw Patrol The Movie Vancouver

Paw Patrol: The Movie. (Spin Master Entertainment/Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

lions gate bridge

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. (Shutterstock)


Two more examples: The Adventure City subway. Although the interior might look the same as any other subway, the blue bottom, yellow line, and grey upper painted for the exterior livery was unmistakably Vancouver’s SkyTrain.

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We have yet to see Vancouver’s mayor attempt to send the train on loop-the-loops. It’s possible that the truth is not far away.

Paw Patrol The Movie Vancouver

Paw Patrol: The Movie. (Spin Master Entertainment/Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

skytrain expo line stadium station downtown vancouver

SkyTrain Expo Line train at Stadium-Chinatown Station, downtown Vancouver (Shutterstock)

skytrain expo line commercial-broadway station

SkyTrain Expo Line Station Commercial-Broadway Station (Shutterstock)

skytrain mark i cars snow winter

Mark I SkyTrain cars during snowfall. (Shutterstock)

Vancouver Art Gallery

Although the subtlety of the SkyTrain’s colours might only be recognizable to Vancouverites, anyone can see that Mayor Humdinger’s fireworks scene is 100% the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In real life, the building has seen many lives. Opened 1906, a courthouseInThe 1980sIt was renovated by Arthur Erickson, who also renovated Robson Square. This made it the plaza and building that many people know today.

Paw Patrol The Movie Vancouver

Paw Patrol: The Movie. (Spin Master Entertainment/Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

Robson Square, view of Vancouver Art Gallery. (Shutterstock)

Vancouver activities

Vancouver Art Gallery. (Shutterstock)

No Fun City

The most convincing is probably “tell” was Mayor Humdinger’s speech about Adventure City, which many people would likely consider spot-on for Vancouver.

“You know, they call this place Adventure City. But what’s so adventurey about it? The truth is, it’s boring. Libraries? Boring. Museums? Boring. Little dog parks? Definitely.”

Vancouver is well-known for its Library Square landmark. There are also a few museums and the designation of being. “adventurey”However, “No Fun City” — a description that’s proven to be very hard to shake over the years — it seems Mr. Mayor’s speech was aimed nearly directly at our fair city.

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We could continue, and we might, if you wish us to.

For now, Vancouverites would like to express their collective gratitude to Toronto-based residents Spin Master Entertainment PAW Patrol’s creators and owners,. We are grateful to them for paying tribute to our beautiful city.

And for their challenge to us (or perhaps a warning) to be more fun, lest Mayor Humdinger jump off the screen at some point in our city’s future.

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