Christmas is fast approaching and many are worried about their finances due to the current cost of living crisis. One money-saving mom shared some ideas for cheap Christmas toys for children she found at her local supermarket.

Beth, the “Budgeting Mum”She has two children and lives in the Midlands. Her blog and social media channels were started by her to inspire other parents to live a better life with a limited budget.

She loves finding deals and saving money and shares these tips and techniques with her followers. Beth has 43.1K followers on her TikTok profile @budgetingmumWhere she has amassed 349.6K “likes”Check out her videos.

The mum shared with me a variety of Christmas gifts that were on sale at Tesco during a recent visit to the supermarket. There are many gifts from brands that children know and love, including Paw Patrol and Peppapig.

One Peppa & Friends Art Club set, full of paints and fun pictures for children to paint is £5 for Tesco Clubcard members and £10 full price. The Paw Patrol set, The Adventure City Lookout, is just £4 at the supermarket with an RRP of £15. A Paw Patrol ‘Magnetic Scribbler’ is £5 for Tesco Clubcard members and £10 full price.

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2022: Most popular in 2022

Every year, toys are coveted by children all over the country and many of them fly off the shelves each year. These were last years’s:

  • LEGO Creator Expert: Santa’s Visit, £89.99
  • Fisher-Price Little People Light-Up Learning Camper, £37.99
  • Barbie 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll, was £54.99
  • Disney and Pixar Cars Showtime Loop Playset, £35
  • Buzz Lightyear Ultimate Mission Sox Robot Cat, £79.99
  • Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck, £133
  • Jurassic World Ocean Protector Mosasaurus Dinosaur, £44.99

Beth also recently discussed a clever tip to save money while doing laundry. She said: “Always was at 20C and use a stain remover before you wash at a lower temperature. This can reduce energy usage by up to 62 percent.”

Proctor & Gamble’s testing of Ariel Gel revealed that olive oil was the only stain that a 20C washing machine could get rid of. It is likely that clothes that don’t have a lot of dirt will be washed thoroughly with this wash.

Which? Which?

You can save 57 percent by turning the wash down from 40C to 30C. Over a year this could save £12.

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