Disney and Lucasfilm have released the official look at Leia’s wedding dress to Han Solo in Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel.

Star WarsThe wedding dress Princess Leia wore to marry Han Solo has been revealed. Star Wars trilogy, Princess Leia’s and Han Solo’s relationship was one of most important romantic storylines in Skywalker Saga. Thirty-two more years later Return of the JediWhen The Force AwakensIn theaters, audiences learned that Leia was married to Han, but that their marriage failed due to Ben Solo’s dark side turning into Kylo Ren.


The gap of 32 years between events in the original trilogy, and the sequel trilogy has created the opportunity for many stories from the Disney+ series.The MandalorianAnd The Book of Boba FettYou can also find a variety of Star Wars comics and books. One of the most recent novels wasStar Wars: The Princess and the ScoundrelBeth Revis is the author. The story is about the marriage of Leia & Han on Endor’s forest moon. Return of the JediThe couple also honeymooned on the Halcyon, a new luxury star cruiser. LEGO Star Wars Summer VacationWalt Disney World offers a $6,000 hotel.

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The book provides a detailed description of this dress and the novel’s cover features the same. However, those who want to see the entire dress will be able to do so in the book. To celebrate the book’s publication, VarietyThe official concept artwork has been revealed for Princess Leia’s wedding dress. Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel. Tara Phillips is the concept artist of this image. The green dress with floral theme evokes the Endor planet, where the wedding takes place. Take a look at the concept art below.

The Star WarsLightsabers, space battles and the franchise’s iconic franchise are two of its most well-known elements. Another iconic element is still the elaborate outfits. This includes the outfits worn in the original trilogy by Princess Leia and the numerous dresses worn in the sequel by Queen Amidala. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The back of Leia’s dress has a subtle floral design that is similar to Padme’s floral dress during Anakin Skywalker’s wedding. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Leia’s wedding gown will likely be remade many times in cosplays. Those planning their own weddings can also get lots of recreations if they choose a Star Wars theme.

Despite Carrie Fisher’s death in 2016, Leia’s story continues. Star WarsThese comic stories and novels continue to grow. Audiences had the opportunity to see a new part of Leia’s past. Obi-Wan Kenobi,Vivien Blair, actress, took on the iconic role. There are no plans to make a Princess Leia Disney+ series. However, those who want to explore more adventures of the galaxy’s favorite princess will find plenty of stories to choose from.

Source: Variety

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