Parents around the globe will groan in harmony when they hear the phrase children’s entertainment program. No matter what the; Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Bluey, In the Night Garden, Paw PatrolThey fill us with fear, or they can cause panic in others. These programs don’t just exist on the screen; they are also found in books, magazines, toys and video games. Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Saves Adventure Bay with Mighty PupsOne such title is “Voyeurs” which aims to make its young audience a player through its intricate story and many missions.

Developed by Drakhar studio S.L. Published by Outright Games LTDThis is a colorful 3D open-world adventure game. The second game in the series, which was released in 2020, follows the highly-acclaimed Paw Patrol: On a Roll. This game is designed for families and younger audiences. There are few aspects of the gameplay that will be challenging for the older player. The difficulty level is just right to allow younger family members to have fun and enough to push older siblings.

Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Saves Adventure Bay with Mighty PupsThe TV series is emulated, but the actor feels flat.

My kids loved the opening scene. Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Saves Adventure Bay with Mighty Pups. The interaction with all the pups, the character models, and the opportunity to explore Adventure Bay. They were at their best, working through the basic missions and collecting every item. Each pup did his/her job. Sadly though, as an adult watching on it felt flat and lacked the energy that buzzes around each episode. It sounded a bit tinny and seemed very lethargic.

It didn’t matter what I thought! My three mini beasts couldn’t be swayed, and they were glued to it until I insisted that the fun had to end. Luckily, because of the simplicity of most of the tasks, I didn’t have to endure the action for very long. Offering my assistance was simply met with sighs and plenty of eye rolls (they must get that from their mother). My assistance was required only a few occasions.

Don’t stop moving.

There is little to tell a story.

I was expecting some strange story to be told by the kids as I loaded in. This wasn’t the case! The Paw Patrol was called in to clean up the debris and assist the locals after a meteorite crashed into Adventure Bay. This is where the ambiguous link between missions begins and ends. You’ll play through seven micro missions and several mini-games solo, or with another pup by your side in couch co-op mode. Each mission requires you to help a character from the TV show with a variety of tasks. Different pups are selected for their expertise. The player must choose the pup that completes each task. Each stage comprises a basic objective, pup treats, 3 badges to find, and a Mighty Pup mini-game.

This small, open-world area gives the illusion that the world is huge. In reality, invisible walls limit your access to the restricted area. You will have to search high and low for each collectable. To reach higher spots, you can use basic platform mechanics. This may be too difficult for the youngest of players, but missing out on anything doesn’t stop you from progressing. This was one element I liked as it allowed older gamers a challenge that could be ignored by anyone it didn’t interest.

Pup Pup Boogie.

Mini-games and Mighty Pups

Once you have completed the objective, you must use your Mighty Pup powers to finish the stage. You must use a series button presses to move and fix objects. The same method was used throughout, which made it repetitive from an adult’s perspective, but for the kids, it ensured that they had simple and familiar mechanics to fall back on.

After completing the mission, you will be able to unlock mini-games that are specific to that stage. These are fun games for both the regular and the pups. Paw Patrol characters. You will play “Pup Pup Boogie”Clear snow with Everest and search for food with Porter. If you want to collect all the treats for your pups, mastering the games is essential. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun trying out the moves. “Pup Pup Boogie”.

Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Saves Adventure Bay with Mighty Pups looks dated and doesn’t have the TV series polish.

Visual presentation has been a problem in TV and film adaptations to games for as long as I can recall. I’m sure there are exceptions, but mostly they don’t live up to the hype. It’s with regret that Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay falls into this trap. The kids didn’t seem bothered by the slightly dated looks and rough edges, yet they got to me instantly. The colourful imagery masks most problems, as do the nice environments you explore, but the finish belongs to an early Xbox One title. It’s fair to say it matched my expectation. I was just a little disappointed that the developers didn’t advance the presentation much further than Torus Games did for Paw Patrol: On a Roll.

The audio is where the game is most true to the TV series. With familiar phrases, the much-loved theme song, and upbeat tunes all coming along for the ride. You will hum along to each song, tap your feet to “Pup Pup Boogie” and hide a chuckle when Marshall acts the clown. Everything about the soundtrack and effects will make you smile, and the developers did a great job with this element.

Soar through the air as Skye the mighty pup.

A kids game needs a simple control setup, and that’s what you get.

My kids are very inexperienced with computer games. I rarely let them play as I have few child-friendly titles. So, when the chance arrived for them to give one a go, they did not know about the controller layout. Gladly this didn’t impact their ability to pick this up and play it. Only a few buttons are mapped for use, and each is clearly displayed on the screen. The mini-games all follow the same pattern, so all they have to do is remember a few buttons, and they can play. It was a relief as I expected to have to help throughout, and it was a joy to see them enjoying the freedom that this virtual world offers.

Depending on the age of the player and their ability, this will either be a quick completion or hours of fun. With many collectables to find, over seven thousand pup treats to collect, and many mini-games to master, there is plenty to keep you playing. The achievement list requires everything to be collected and all mini-games to be finished so this will be out of reach for the youngest players. You can expect to have this completed in a little under four to five hours for older gamers. Once you have everything polished off, there will still be the desire to return to play as your favourite pup. The addition of a co-op mode adds longevity and makes this a fun-filled game for all the family.

Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Saves Adventure Bay with Mighty PupsHits the mark.

Playing a game aimed at younger audiences is refreshing. Your children are safe while playing because of a lack of violence, smut, innuendoes or inappropriate content. With reduced difficulty, you are free to allow gamers of all ages free to try to complete each stage, though very young players will still require some help. Staying familiar with the TV series, Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure BayDoes a wonderful job to please its fan base. It was loved by my kids and I recommend it highly. hereTheir reaction! Help the locals to get back to normalcy by clearing up the aftermath of the meteorite strikes.

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