Officially scheduled to be released in the elusive window of ‘Holiday 2022’Warner Bros., Portkey Games and others are still trying to determine a date. Hogwarts Legacy. If Reddit analysis is correct, however, we could be walking onto Hogwarts grounds at 6 o’clock in December, if all goes according to plan.

First highlighted by astute Redditor, u/Firebird22x back in March, the game’s accompanying artbook, The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World, had its placeholder December 31st date replaced by the auspicious December 6th.

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Redditors have highlighted this fact in numerous places more recent threads, this seems to sync up with WB’s well-worn release schedule. Gotham Knights, DC’s combative co-op crime caper comes out on October 25th, which just so happens to be a Tuesday. Looking back – Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Back 4 Blood, Lego Jurassic World and Mortal Kombat 11 Hitman 2Indeed, Lego Harry Potter games were all also released on… You guessed it! It was Tuesday. Shocker.

While not all WB games launch on Tuesdays, this evidence lends credence the possibility of the December 6th date, particularly in light of Gotham Knights‘ own artbookAs pointed out by u/Aromatic-Adagio2121, which will be released on the same date and time as the game.

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All aboard the HYPE–warts Express

The site has received over 29 million views. Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer is the PlayStation channel’s most watched game trailer. If you’re not one of the nearly 30 million to have already ogled the trailer, I fully recommend checking it out. Whichever genius thought to Avengers-ify Hedwig’s theme is a certified hype harmonist. You thought Thor bringing it with Stormbreaker to Thanos was cool? Wait until you see what you wanton Dobby can unleash a lot of destruction when he stuffs some remembralls into his sock like a magical morningstar.

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Whenever Hogwarts LegacyIt will be able to land in great numbers, bringing with it the power of Potter fans. Authorial controversies aside, if this game is half as good as it looks… Well, WB will likely have to buy some new mattresses to stuff all their newfound gold galleons under.

Are you on the HYPEwarts Express? If it arrives before Christmas, will you be snowballing Slytherins with it? Please submit your quick-quotes-quill comments below.

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