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However fallThe holidays are coming soon! gifts for your family and friends, the better—especially if you’re able to nab a few dealsDoing so will be fun. If you’re a parent, trying to find the perfect toys that your kids will love and continue using into the new year can be overwhelming. You also want to ensure that the toys you’re picking are both safe and age-appropriate. 

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WalmartIt helps shoppers find the perfect gifts by helping them 2022 Top Toy ListThe, which lists the most popular toys of the year for children all ages, is available at a relatively low price. To help you choose gifts your little one will actually love, we’ve sifted through the list and selected 16 of our top picks, including playsets, interactive dolls, scooters and more to cross off your list.

Ages 0-3

1. LeapFrog My Pal Scout Smarty Paws Customizable Puppy 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: LeapFrog My Pal Scout Smarty Paws Customizable Puppy

LeapFrog toys have been a top choice for toddlers for years. They provide safe, educational, and fun toys. This plush puppy isn’t just cute and cuddly. The paws can be touched to activate music, games, and other activities to promote mindfulness. The puppy can be personalized to learn the child’s name, favorite food, color and animal. It’s even programmed to help toddlers learn how to speak, spell and understand feelings and emotions. There’s a special nighttime mode to play soothing lullabies that help put the child to sleep. There isn’t much that this stuffed animal can’t do! 

$24.97 at Walmart

2. Cocomelon Interactive Learning JJ Toy 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Just Play Cocomelon Interactive Learning JJ Doll

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ve probably heard of Cocomelon. The show’s popularity has grown over the years, attracting both parents and children. This interactive learning doll, featuring JJ from the show, allows children to improve their language skills and fine motor skills. The doll is recommended for children aged 18 months and older and helps them learn their ABCs and colors. JJ sings and plays music, making learning fun even for toddlers. 

$24.99 at Walmart

3. Little Tikes Cape Cottage House

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Little Tikes Cape Cottage House

Most kids dream of having their own toy house to play in, and it’s often a popular wishlist item for Christmas and birthdays, making this cute cottage house from Little Tikes a perfect gift this holiday season. The house has shutters and a working door. There is even a place for a flag near the front door. The playhouse can be used by children between 2 and 8 years old. It is lightweight, so it can be stored in a room during winter, and then moved to the backyard in the warmer months.  

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$199 at Walmart

4. LEGO DUPLO My First Bath Time: Floating Animal Island  

Walmart’s best toys to gift: LEGO DUPLO My First Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

This LEGO set of animal islands is perfect for keeping your children entertained while bathtime. The set includes a fish (octopus), lion, and flamenco, as well a floating island which can be used outside of the tub. This bath set is recommended for children aged 18 months and older. It helps toddlers learn about animals and their hands.  

$35.99 at Walmart

Ages 3 and above 

5. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck

There aren’t many kids out there who don’t love Play-Doh. It’s colorful and squishy, making it super fun and easy to play with. The Play-Doh set gives kids the opportunity to build their own play-ice cream truck. It includes more than 25 pieces, including two scoop molds, a sandwich mold, six cones, and four dishes. It also has 12 cans of Play-Doh, so you don’t need to buy them separately. You can customize the desserts with play sprinkles or other toppings. 

$94.99 at Walmart

6. Disney’s Encanto We Don’t Talk About Bruno Collectible Doll Set 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Disney’s Encanto We Don’t Talk About Bruno Collectible Doll Set

EncantoBoth children and adults love the movie, which has become a Disney favorite. The movie teaches the importance of family and helps shine a light on Colombian culture and values, allowing Latino representation that we don’t see often. With this doll set, children can recreate their favorite scenes from The Matrix. The set includes the main characters Mirabel, Felix and Dolores, as well as other accessories.  

$19.97 at Walmart

7. Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden barn 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn

Melissa & Doug’s toysThey have become more popular in recent years. There are many wooden educational playsets available for young children. This barn set includes seven animal figures, a ladder and an animal pen, and it can easily be folded up when it’s time for cleanup. The barn has handles that make it easy to transport for a weekend or playdate with grandparents. 

$42.99 at Walmart

8. Barbie Camper DreamCamper Toy Playset 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn

It’s no secret that Barbie makes great toys and dolls for kids that have been around for decades. The Barbie Dream Camper opens to reveal many sections, including a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen, outdoor fire pit, and a pool. There are over 60 accessories, including bumper stickers, furniture, blankets, and two puppies to personalize the camper.  

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$89 at Walmart

9. Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

This interactive guineapig is a great way for young children to be introduced to animals and to learn how to care for them. It comes with a hutch as well as three baby guinea-pigs. Each guinea pet has their own care package. This includes a birth certificate and hair accessories. The animals make sounds and the Mama guinea pig’s heart even glows to indicate that a baby is on the way.

$59 at Walmart

Ages 5 and over 

10. Magic Mixies Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Magic Mixies Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball

Magic Mixies’ Magic Crystal Ball allows children to cast spells and have their pet do fortune-telling. The crystal ball includes a light-up magic wand, and the ball is able to respond to the wand’s movements. The ball can be taught how to tell fortunes by children. Once the spell is cast, the ball will glow in bright colors and make magical sounds that eventually reveal the Magic Mixies plush toys inside. The toy responds to the wand, so kids can play games with it and even form friendships. 

$76 at Walmart

11. Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Another one from Melissa & Doug’s collection, this toy features eight double-sided boards that teach kids how to spell. The toy is both educational and fun. It shows different three- and four-letter words along with the corresponding pictures. Children can also use the colorful wooden letters as a way to spell the words. The boards can be easily packed into a small case and stored away when not in use.  

$25.44 at Walmart

12. LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Camp  

Walmart’s best toys to gift: LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Camp

This LEGO set is great for encouraging imagination in children who love animals. It includes an elephant and lions as well as monkeys, monkeys and an Eagle. It includes a watchtower and treehouse, a mobile lab and a motorbike. To get an interactive guide to building the rescue camp, download the LEGO Building instructions app.

$99.95 at Walmart

Ages 7 and over 

13. Razor PocketMod Petite 12V Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Razor Pocket Mod Petite Electric Scooter

Razor scooters have been around a while. They provide outdoor fun for children and keep them active. These Razor mini electric scooters will keep your kids busy on warm days. You can ride the scooter around your neighborhood or in your local park for as long as 40 minutes on a single charge. The scooter is available in Petite Blue or Diamond Dust Purple. It has a top speed of 15 mph. It also features a storage compartment, kickstand, and gas and brake control via the handlebars. It even has its very own license plate. 

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From $249 at Walmart

14. Nerf Elite 2.0 Turbine CS-18 Battery Blaster

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Nerf Elite 2.0 Turbine CS-18 Battery Blaster

We’ve reviewed the best nerf gunsThis Nerf Elite Battery Blaster, reviewed by Reviewed, is a model that’s similar to our top picks. It’s great for sleepovers or birthday parties to keep the kids entertained for hours. It comes equipped with 36 darts and an adjustable barrel that can be used to customize them for specific battles or missions. The darts can travel up to 90 feet at high speed and the dart clip can hold 18 darts at a time, increasing the fun.

$20 at Walmart

Ages 10 and over 

15. Eachine Remote Controls Car 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Eachine Remote Controls Car

The remote control car from Eachine can rotate 360 degrees, move forward and backward, turn left and right, and can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be driven on all types of ground and can even withstand snowy, rocky, and sandy roads. The car costs just over $20 and can be bought in pairs so multiple kids can use it together. 

$21.99 at Walmart

16. Nintendo Switch 

Walmart’s best toys to gift: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo SwitchOver the past few years, it has taken the world by surprise. Its small size and portability make it easy to take anywhere. It’s great for long car or plane rides with children or during snow days and rainy days spent indoors. It comes with incredible console gamesFortnite and Animal Crossing are two of the many games that children will love. The Nintendo Switch can be used in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, or Handheld Mode. It has a battery life of over nine hours.  

$293.40 at Walmart

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