The LEGO Group releases one of the most extensive collections of new sets every summer, and 2022 is no exception. This time around we’re getting a collection of all-new LEGO Star Wars sets to go alongside the likes of display-worthy Marvel builds, celebratory 90th anniversary creations, latest from Nintendo, and so much more. Check out the following breakdown of all new LEGO sets for summer 2022.

August 2022: A guide for buyers of new LEGO sets

It’s finally here! The biggest LEGO wave of the year has arrived and we’re diving into all of the new kits. Including everything from the year’s most detailed and display-worthy models to smaller kits and all the models that fall in-between, you’ll find just about all of the most popular themed covered, too.

Check out the entire collection. right here or continue reading our LEGO August 2022 buyers guide as we break down the best of what’s available for the start of the new month. First, check out our breakdowns on the Star Wars MarvelSets to get an idea of the two most popular themes that builders have in-store.

The following sets will go live at midnight EST on August 1st. We’re just publishing a bit early to make sure you have some time to look over and plan out which new LEGO sets are going to be added to your cart once everything does go live.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a popular theme, and the new summer 2022 wave of LEGO sets is one of the most notable. With seven all-new creations now available for purchase, you’ll find everything from builds inspired by the latest live action Disney+ shows to animated series and more. We already broke down what to expect from every set from the new LEGO Star Wars lineup, which you can check out for a better idea of values and what’s included.

Here’s a list of all the LEGO Star Wars sets that will be available starting August 1:

  • The Justifier $169.99 | 1,022 pieces
  • BD-1: $99.99 | 1,062 pieces
  • Inquisitor Transportation Scythe: $99.99 | 924 pieces
  • Ferrix is under siege $69.99 | 679 pieces
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader $49.99 | 408 pieces
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter: $29.99 | 282 pieces
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader BrickHeadz: $19.99 | 260 pieces


Another theme that is very eye-catching is the launch of some exciting new LEGO sets for August 1. Although the Marvel summer wave is not the largest collection of LEGO sets, it delivers on the quality and quantity of each kit. We have already detailed all three new LEGO sets, including the value and what you get.

  • Sanctum Sanctorum: $249.99 | 2,708 pieces
  • Nano Gauntlet: $69.99 | pieces
  • I Am Groot $44.99 | pieces

90th Anniversary

The LEGO Group celebrates its 90th anniversary, in addition to the licensed themes that will be the focus of the summer wave. For the special occasion, we’re getting a pair of all-new creations inspired by old school kits from Classic themes. The first and largest build of the year is the new Lion Knights’ Castle. This huge medieval creation comes with an impressive 4,514 included costs. The LEGO Group has been able to create a detailed castle facade that pairs with a furnished interior to allow the 22 LEGO minifigures to explore and protect it. It is well worth the steep price. $399.99 price tag.

The futuristic approach is still as classic LEGO. Galaxy Explorer also remakesAn old set. This $99.99 buildThis ship stacks up to the larger version launched decades ago. It also comes with four minifigures. The original design was updated to allow for modern LEGO building techniques, but I love the classic cues.


As far as what the Creator 3-in-1 series has in store for builders come August, the summer 2022 lineup is returning to a classic LEGO theme; sort of, at least. The new LEGO theme is a reinterpretation of the 2005 Vikings theme. Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent set stacks up to 1,192 pieces and assembles one of the most detailed longships we’ve seen in LEGO form to date.

You can also make two additional models from the bricks, which will fulfill the Creator 3-in-1 branding. Both are Viking-themed, and you can assemble a menacingwolf to go with a small house and some livestock sidebuilds. That’s all with a $119.99Retail price that is comparable to the rest of the new Creator LEGO summer sets:

  • Downtown Noodle Shop $44.99 | 569 pieces
  • Sunken Treasure Mission $34.99 | 522 pieces


This month’s LEGO Icons lineup includes a brand new set straight from the retro gaming world. The original Atari 2600 appeared on the gaming scene in the 1980s. a brick-built rendition It consists of 2,532 pieces. The console is life-sized and comes with a joystick. There are also some unique side builds. You can also find little vignettes of Asteroids Adventure, Centipede, and Adventure in the LEGO cartridges. It will be available for purchase at the moment. set you back $239.99.

Or if you’re more of a sports car fan, the LEGO Group is also releasing a new Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for August 1. 9to5Toys first reportedYou can find out what to expect when you buy one of the new brick-built vehicles. The kit now hits the shelves with 1,458 pieces.

The new Camaro Z28 measures over 14 inches in length and features a black colorway with interchangeable racing stripes. It is full of authentic details that are as precise as the fuzzy dive in the rearview mirror. This makes the $169.99 price point more manageable, but car enthusiasts will still be impressed by how iconic the Camaro Z28 looks.


The August LEGO sets will be available alongside the Atari 2600. The latest Super Mario kit wave has arrived and includes nine different creations. Ranging from the newest Starter Course set with just-released electronic Peach figure to expansion packs for building out a Mario level and blind bag enemy figures, there’s plenty of icons from the video game up for grabs this time around.

  • Adventures with Peach Starter course: $59.99 | 354 pieces
  • Peach’s Castle: $129.99 | 1,216 pieces
  • Frozen Tower and Cat Peach Suit $79.99 | 494 pieces
  • Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge: $69.99 | 540 pieces
  • Big Bad Island: $44.99 | 354 pieces
  • Yoshi’s Gift House: $29.99 | 246 pieces
  • Fuzzy Flippers: $19.99 | 154 pieces
  • Goomba’s Shoe: $9.99 | 76 pieces
  • Character Packs Series 5 $5.99 | 47 pieces


Disney technically covers the Marvel and Star Wars sets, but there is one set that is actually inspired by the most magical place on Earth. As a follow up to last year’s Disney Castle, another iconic ride is getting the brick-built treatment with the new Haunted Mansion. This 680-piece set features an Architecture-style design, which recreates the park monument’s signature exterior and incorporates cutaways into its interior.

The included minifigure is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the set. The exclusive inclusion of the set brings one of the ride’s butlers into LEGO form for the first time. He has quite the interesting design, even if a little basic, but really nails the classic cues that you’d expect from the Haunted Mansion. You can now purchase the LEGO Mini Haunted Mansion to add to your Disney collection. for $39.99.


2022 is heading to another Wonders of the World on the Architecture side of the LEGO LEGO line-up. This time, Egypt will be represented by the 2022. new Great Pyramid of Giza set stacks up to 1,476 pieces. This set is as display-worthy and impressive as it comes. It primarily crafts a pyramid with a miniature city in the foreground.

While it may only stack up to half of the pyramid thanks to a cutaway design, you can now finally score the new summer 2022 release and see if it’s worth grabbing a second one to complete the full build. Regardless, the Great Pyramid of Giza now sells for $129.99. And if you’re not convinced, our announcement coverage details everything else you’ll need to know about the upcoming set.


Last June saw the Technic lineup expand with the addition of the new Ultimate Concept Series Ferrari SP3, and now those who don’t want to shell out $400 on a brick-built supercar are in luck. For August 1, we’re getting a pair of new LEGO sets in the theme.

  • Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter: $209.99 | 2,001 pieces
  • Material Handler $149.99 | 835 pieces

Speed Champions

The new LEGO sets for summer are now available to Speed Champions fans. The August lineup features two new models after the August lineup was devoid of any new kits for a while. These two models are a departure from the usual additions to this collection. They feature two iconic vehicles that were inspired by pop culture.

  • Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T: $19.99 | 345 pieces
  • James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 $19.99 | 298 pieces


BrickHeadz also sees some of the first August releases! Joining the rest are five different pairs of characters. We’re double dipping with the second mention of the new Star Wars BrickHeadz detailed above, but there are plenty of other brick-built figures to bring home. Including a pair of new Brickheadz Pets creations, there’s also a new series of Go Brick me sets that let Soccer fans reimagine themselves as either FC Barcelona or Manchester United players. These sets are available for purchase below.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader $19.99 | 260 pieces
  • FC Barcelona Go Brick Me: $19.99 | 530 pieces
  • Manchester United Go Brick Me $19.99 | 530 pieces
  • Koi Fish: $14.99 | 203 pieces
  • Poodle: $14.99 | 304 pieces


On top of all of the other kits above, there’s also the new LEGO Ninjago summer 2022 sets launching today. You can read the rest of this article. our announcement coverage of the wave from earlier in the spring, you’ll know that the new Samurai X MECH is a personal favorite from the lineup and now you can score this one ahead of August, too. This mecha is the latest from the Ninjago series and measures over 12 inches tall. the $119.99 price point. The unique X design looks even better when paired with the vibrant color scheme, eight minifigures included, and a unique name.

  • Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon: $139.99 | 989 pieces
  • Nya’s Samurai X MECH: $119.99 | 1,003 pieces
  • Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider: $89.99 | 624 pieces
  • The Crystal King Temple $79.99 | 703 pieces
  • The Crystal King $69.99 | 722 pieces
  • Cole’s Dragon Cruiser: $44.99 | 384 pieces
  • Ninja Dragon Temple: $39.99 | 161 pieces
  • Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet: $29.99 | 258 pieces
  • Jay’s Golden Dragon Motorbike: $19.99 | 137 pieces

You can also check out the in-depth breakdown of all the new sets launched for August at the Star Wars Marvel themes. Which of the following LEGO sets are you most fondly obsessed with in 2022? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter or in comments below. 

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