Skateboarding fans are able to pick up on details that are so small that even casual skaters might not notice. Skateboarding enthusiasts Andrew Reynolds will remember his “madness,”Fans of Alex Olson will remember the phrase “No not never… you should too,”So on and so forth. When it comes to Ali Boulala, there are plenty of tidbits to remember, but a deep cut that’s one of our personal favorites is his obsession with RC toys.

He briefly disclosed it in his Epicly Later’d episodeOther pros have shared stories of Ali stopping by a hobby shop before a skate session and picking up a plane or car to play with all day. You gotta have love and respect for someone that’s as in touch with their inner child as Ali is.

We were visiting Ghost Boys in Stockholm, and we were able to hang out with him. We wanted to recreate that childlike joy and surprise Ali with a toy car. Then we could capture the moment on film.

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