Fidgeting with your feet or tapping your toes is often interpreted as a sign that you are anxious, nervous, or have an underlying disorder such as ADHD. While this can be true, there are some people who just enjoy fidgeting while sitting.

Due to the explosion of popularity of fidgeting, it has become a huge business. fidget spinners. The fidget spinner boom was short-lived. However, it left behind a slew of other benefits. fidgeting toysThey include Pop ItsPop Its are made to replicate the satisfying sensation of popping bubble wrap. Pop Its popularity has brought attention to the fact that they are very popular. Wall Street Journal,The rise of fidget toys among youth was documented in this report.

Fidget toys can be used to reduce anxiety and even increase productivity. physical healthAlthough there aren’t many large studies, it is possible. All of these toys owe a lot to the Tech Deck, the desktop fidgeting tool of yesteryear.

Tech Decks are a bit different from fidget cubes, pop its, spinners, and other similar toys in a few key ways. Tech Decks do require some level of skill to play with, especially if you’re looking to learn tricks, whereas fidget toys are simply designed to be fidgeted with, often while your focus is elsewhere. Tech Decks are similar in that they can be used at a desk. This is why they are so popular among bored students. They’re small enough to be taken anywhere, and they’re an entertaining way to take a break from screen time.

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What are Tech Decks?

Tech Decks, if you’re not familiar, are miniature replicas of your skateboards. “ride” with your fingers — experienced fingerboard riders can perform pretty elaborate tricks. Tech Decks (a trademarked product, the toy is called a fingerboard), have lost popularity and are now considered a nostalgic brand. But, unlike those vestiges of the aughts, Tech Decks are very much still around — Spin Master, the toy brand behind Tech Deck, advertises a line of 2021 releases.

Where can I buy tech decks?

Tech Decks are readily available online from big box stores like Target, Walmart and online retailers like Amazon — you don’t need to hunt them down on bidding sites, though there certainly are rare ones out there. Tech Decks are extremely collectible because they are officially licensed fingerboards from skate brands like Santa Cruz and Blind.

Tech Decks can be used on any flat, smooth surface. Tech Deck also offers more intricate playsets that can be adapted to street skating or skate parks. Even if you’re a grown-ass adult or you’ve got kids of your own, now might be the perfect time to get into the Tech Deck.

Below are a few examples of collectibles.

1. Tech Deck Performance Series – Element

Element is one of the most iconic skateboard brands, and this Tech Deck features the brand’s design on the deck. The performance series boards, made from real wood, are designed to recreate the feel of a real skating board.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Performance Element $12.99

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2. Tech Deck VS Series – Blind

This set features two fingerboards based on Blind brand stakeboards, and there’s a ramp included and challenge cards to compete with others.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Vs Series Blind $7.99

3. Tech Deck – Sk8shop Bonus Pack

Six decks with graphics from top brands are included. This set is interactive and includes all the tools, screws, and nuts required to create your own decks.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Sk8shop

4. Tech Deck Transforming pipes Modular skatepark playset

Tech Deck is a more complex option that includes a deck and a pipe set. The pipe can be folded up for easy storage.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Pipeline $17.99

5. Tech Deck Performance Series Primitive Touchboards

This Tech Deck is part a performance series that is made of genuine wood. It was designed to imitate the feeling of a real deck. It is based on Primitive Skateboards’ design.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Performance Series Fingerboards $12.99

6. Tech Deck Transforming the SK8 Container with Ramp Set & Skateboard

This set includes a fold-out set with multiple ramps and a board. It folds down for easy storage.

tech deck

tech deck

Buy: Tech Deck Transforming SK8 Container with Ramp Set and Skateboard $23.63

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