The 2,863-piece Mountain Cave Lego Minecraft set will be available July 1 at a Lego Store near you. It is the most ambitious (and expensive) Lego Minecraft set yet. The set actually looks like something someone has made.

Last year’s Village set was nice, but it didn’t exactly scream “mine.” Mountain Cave Set is 12 inches high, 20 inch wide, and 11 inch deep. It’s a monument to the removal of cubes from the earth.

The cast includes a variety of characters, each with their own agendas. . .

We were so excited to see the delightful sequel!
20 years later, we finally have more content to explore and 171 more Pokémon to take cute little pictures of as they dance around and eat apples.

. . . These seem like a bad idea. . .

. . . These are much better.

Lego released a video of the set’s unboxing, and construction by Mojang.

And here’s a handy list of features:

● Features a minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator; 2 minecarts; first-night shelter with bed, crafting table and torch; a mountaintop shelter with bed, torch and furnace; plus a light brick, trees, waterfall, lava and extra torches.

● Open up the model to access the detailed interior and remodel with easy-to-connect modular sections.

● Remove the diamond ore elements and activate the lava burst function.

● Activate the revolving cave-spider spawner.

● Trigger the charged Creeper explosion function.

● Jump aboard the minecart and race around the track, and travel to the mountaintop aboard the redstone powered minecart elevator.

● Blast through the mountain with the TNT to extend the rail track.

● Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack o’lantern, first-night-shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance.

● Enjoy easy access to the detailed interior.

● Put on your golden armor, grab your diamond sword and shield, and prepare for battle!

It’s an entire child’s birthday in a box, basically. The Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave Set will be available at Lego Stores and online Lego Shop starting July 1.

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