When it’s time to hit the road with your canine best friend, the right tools and accessories make the trip both easier and safer. This includes the best dog hammocks to fit cars. Amazon has dozens of designs and thousands of products to choose from — but since not all of them are created equal, I sourced a few recommendations from an expert.

The Expert

Nicole EllisShe is a Certified Professional Canine Trainer (CPDTKA) and Pet Lifestyle Expert With Rover. She is also an American Kennel Club CGC evaluator, APDT Trainer, and a Pet Lifestyle Expert with Rover. published author. She has spent more then a dozen years training hundreds, including puppies, service dogs, therapy animals, and animals for therapy.

What to Look For in the Best Car Hammocks To Dogs

Washable: “A washable waterproof hammock is key,”Bustle received Ellis’s letter. A car hammock can be used to keep your dog contained. “protect the side of your seats.” However, that often means it’ll attract mud, fur, sand, and moisture, so you want to be able to just toss the whole thing in the washing machine when you’re done adventuring.

Secure: A dog hammock should be a safe and comfortable place for your dog to rest in. Not It can be used in place of a dog’s seat belt but should still be securely fastened. “Ensure the hammock fits your car,”Ellis wrote. “It should easily line up with the seat belt holes for your pet’s harness to be buckled.”Ellis also finds some hammocks that are made of the material. “too slippery,”which could pose a danger to both passengers and dogs. A material that allows some traction is safer and more practical.

Convenient: Finally, dog harnesses are made to make your life easier — not harder. It is important to choose a harness that fits well. “easier for human passengers to jump in the back without having to remove the hammock,”Ellis wrote. You can also choose additional features, such as “a storage pocket”For “extra poop bags [and] a tennis ball,”Or a “mesh window”So you can see your pet, and they can see you.

Be aware that a dog hammock is great for covering dirt and fur from your car, but they should not be used as a shopping tool. NotIt is the only accessory you can use to secure your dog in the car. Ellis says that Ellis is correct. “It’s important to note they don’t protect your dog and should always be used in conjunction with a crash-tested carrier or harness.”

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Find the Best Dog Hammocks for Cars

Need to get your dog hammock up quickly? Here are Ellis’ top three recommendations for dog hammocks.

  1. The Top Trainer-Recommended Dog Hammock: RUFFWEAR Dirtbag Seat Cover
  2. The Best Value: Active Pets Back Seat Cover for Dogs, Standard
  3. The Best Half-Seat Hammock: Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover, Half

1. The Top Trainer-Recommended Dog Hammock


  • Machine washable.
  • It is easy to attach and take down
  • Non-slip, secure and fits in most passenger vehicles’ backseat


“My favorite, and the one I use in my own car, is the Ruffwear Dirtbag,”Ellis wrote. “It stays in place and my dogs don’t slip on it due to the non-slip fabric.” This option is made from a durable, waterproof material that’s machine-washable, but it’s also designed to clean up well with a quick shake. (“I am always shocked with the amount of sand, dirt, and fur that mine collects from our outings,”Ellis wrote.

What’s more, it’s secure, and its convertible design can be used as a hammock or just over the seat. It attaches to the headrests with webbing loops and to your seat using stuffer cleats. However, you can still access the seatbelts. Side flaps protect your car against dirt, fur, and mud while your dog is in and out.

One reviewer wrote: “This cover is great. I’ve had two similar style covers, cheaper, for about a year until they started flaking and disintegrating. This one seems better made thus far and the huge plus is that it has pieces that go down over the sides of the backseat area, preventing [dirt] from getting down there.”

Dimensions: 55 x 63 inches| MaterialPolyester| Available ColorsGranite Gray and Trailhead Brown| Available Sizes: One size|

2. The Best Value


  • You pay less than $40
  • There are many extras, such as a mesh window, storage pockets, and zippers.
  • A reviewer who is a favorite and has high ratings
  • Available in two sizes, and four colors
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  • According to some reviewers, it’s not the longest-lasting option

The top pick is half the price, but you can get it for less than half the price. Active Pets standard dog hammockThis can be used as a hammock, seat cover, or trunk liner. This one has more that 2,500 reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Ellis recommends it because of its aforementioned 4.6 stars. “mesh window for the smaller pets to see the front seat.” You also get sturdy zippers, a non-slip rubber backing, openings for seatbelts, and a built-in pocket for toys and pet essentials — all of which make it a pretty great value.

The material is waterproof and attaches to the car in six places (four headrest anchors and two seat anchors), and though the brand doesn’t explicitly say that it’s washable, reviewers have tossed it in the machine and reported no issues. It is available in a standard size that fits most vehicles. However, it can also be ordered in XL for large trucks and vans. You can also choose from four colors around its edges.

One reviewer wrote: “Awesome product. We take the dog hiking in mud, snow, rain, whatever, and there’s nothing to worry about on the way home so long as we’ve got this backseat cover. We use the seatbelt features for her too when we’re on highways and they work great. The mesh is nice so she gets airflow from the front and so we can see her easily.”

Dimensions| Material| Available ColorsBlack, blue and orange. Pink| Available Sizes|

3. The Best Half-Seat Hammock


  • Only half of the back seat is used. The rest can be used for storage, child seats, or other passengers.
  • It has pockets and zippered slots for your seatbelt
  • It is stain-resistant and creates a den for your dog
  • Machine washable


  • It is expensive for its size
  • Might not work on larger vehicles

Finally, “Kurgo makes a half hammock, which allows you to leave a passenger seat open,” Ellis wrote — the best option “for child seats or to easily transport human passengers, too.”It protects one half of your car seat, including the floor and back, with its water- and stains-resistant fabric. The piped edges also prevent moisture from rolling off onto the other side. It also has zippered openings so you can still access seat belts and pet restraints, as well as two storage pockets for your dog’s things. This one can also be machine-washed in coldwater and hung out to dry.

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The brand currently has an average rating of 4.5 stars based on feedback from more than 1,500 customers. This cover is available in three colors. You can also get a complete bench seat cover, a floor to bench cover, and a hammock.

One reviewer wrote: “I don’t know why more companies do not make this half hammock but this is awesome! A full hammock leaves so much space for my dog that she gets nervous. Having this half hammock is key because it gives her more of a ‘den’ like space but still allows her enough room to spin and plop down if she wants to. […] The material makes it really easy to clean and vacuum up her hair, drool, etc. The installation was super simple and easy to do.”

Dimensions: 27.5×30 inches| Material: waterproof polyester| Available ColorsHeather Charcoal Gray Heather Nutmeg Heather Black| Available Sizes|


Nicole EllisRover Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Pet Lifestyle Expert

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